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2020.09.27 19:24 blahgarfogar [CYBERPUNK] [NOIR] [SEQUEL]: Artificiality is the new reality in 2070. Welcome to the rolling hills, the beautiful, and the ultraviolent. Welcome to the sinister paradise of Fortuna.

Repeat after me.
Artificiality is the new reality.
The paradise of 𝔽𝕆ℝ𝕋𝕌ℕ𝔸 welcomes you. Stay a while.
de·​cay \ di-ˈkā \
intransitive verb
  • to undergo decomposition
  • to decline in health, strength, or vigor
  • to fall into ruin
Vignettes from Fortuna (A Primer) 
  • It’s a beautiful day at the beach. Palm trees sway above the joggers and street urchins, filling the pier with smells of a time long past. Two kids wander the streets, feeding off scraps, stumbling upon a bloodsoaked assault rifle in the alley.
  • After midnight, an undisclosed body covered in a bloodied tarp is escorted out of the house on a stretcher by a pair of autonomous drones. The nervous homeowner completes the wire transfer to the enigmatic woman in front of him, then heads back inside without another word. He'll later sell the house for an easy 2.9 million.
  • Behind a gated community lies a collector. She sits in front of the canvas, a painting that does not belong to her. The man beside her wakes up and puts his briefs back on, and asks her what she sees in it. She can only grin. She sees everything.
  • A millionaire playboy puts his fast toys to the test in the canyons of the San Camilo Valley. Helpless, he breathes in the fumes of burnt Nitro, blinded by the glare of his shattered windshield. In about sixty seconds, he won’t be breathing at all.
  • He’s in pain. Kneeling above the destruction, the detective closes his eyes to grieve in private. He had known these people for years, and seen them wed in Santa Catalina. His bloodlust only grows with every replay of the sim-hologram.
  • In the seedy part of town, the son of a senator awaits some news. A blonde limps into the bar, her coat singed and stained. She nods toward the bartender, who tells everyone else to leave, until there is only her and the privileged man. He asks her for a progress update. She releases the blades from her wrist and lunges at him with ill intent.
  • The secretary checks her skinwatch, realizing that she will be late. Waving her arms, she calls for a cab, right before immediately flinching when a corpse lands on the roof of the vehicle, crushing the metal. It's her boss.
  • Death is behind him, in the form of four hoverbikes in hot pursuit. Wind rushes through his coarse hair when an avian airship descends over him, boosters charring the asphalt. It releases its cargo bay ramp, the steel edge releasing orange sparks. He guns the throttle, spraying his Uzi at his pursuers.
  • Her screams were heard all over the neighborhood, for they were shrill as can be. Since then, the aristocrat’s daughter has avoided swimming pools at all costs, as mentioned by her therapist.
  • Nothing is as it seems to this particular techie. The recluse tugs harder on his tools, until a small click is heard from his recent victim’s chipware socket. Extracting the small item, he replaces it with something of his own creation. Something vile.


From the creator of Ethera and Aventine 2066, comes another dark descent into a lost future.
Set in the idealistic future of a tropical, coastal city, Fortuna 2070 is an original, semi-linear, narrative-focused, cyberpunk adventure that will explore the dark side of paradise.
Known as the ‘Jewel of the South’, Fortuna is a popular paradise located in the southern coast of the U.S. with a bloated population of 2 million people. It is largely known for its restless nightlife, tourism, vibrant scenery, and beauty. Look past the rolling hills and tiny bikinis, and you’ll see past the illusionary veil. There’s something sinister beneath that shiny exterior of this quixotic, retrowave dream.
The world is still recovering from the anti-corporate vigilante actions of an anonymous activist group of hackers, NEW_SOCIETY, and The Black Sky Event in 2067, a three month global blackout akin to a gargantuan electromagnetic pulse caused by the now infamous tabula_rasa virus, which spread through The Net causing near complete breakdown of modern society and infrastructure.
The year is now 2070, and Fortuna is one of the few cities to continue prospering due to its entertainment productions and tourism. The advent of the Prestige Social Credit system looms in the distance, and the city is in talks of adopting it.
You will play as an up and coming special agent, working for the Colonial Federation, an extremely powerful interstellar organization responsible for off-world colonization, planetary defense, and terraforming development. They have since intervened heavily in Fortuna, focusing back on Earth. They have funded a specialized anti-cyberterrorism division called The Department of Cybernetic Enforcement to combat cybernetic abuse, illegal cyberware smuggling, and dangerous hackers on the Net. Your role may expand beyond this as you progress.
This adventure takes place roughly four years after the events of my previous campaign, Aventine 2066. It is not required to play the previous campaign to understand and play Fortuna 2070, but reading a few responses can give you insight into the style, detail, and world, as well as how gameplay and replying works.


Rated M for mature audiences. Themes will include brutal violence, drug and alcohol use, strong language, and sexuality. This campaign will be semi-linear, with an emphasis on cinematic moments, plot development, and characters that aren't bogged down by nitty-gritty stats and number-crunching. The mood we’re aiming for is a serious one, with moments of levity in between tense sequences, similar to an HBO drama miniseries.
This is a long term, comprehensive campaign not meant for casual players. Assuming three responses per week, expect this to last seven months to a year. I’m fully committed to giving you an experience on this subreddit like none other, and hopefully make it fun and worthwhile.
I will reply at least twice a week, or within 1 to 4 days depending on the player base. There will be dropouts, so I may reply quicker than usual. I'm in this for the long haul, so no worries. If you would like to opt out of the game, or would like to take a break due to life stuff. just say so ASAP through a PM so I can focus on others. Don't worry, I won't take it personally.
Please respond in the first person tense. Long-form responses/Roleplay is absolutely required, with at least a paragraph minimum (five sentences). If that seems too much, this may not be for you. If you want to include lore you’ve made for your character, please do! You can write an entire novella for your character’s backstory or keep it brief but detailed.
Great writing skills aren't necessary (but welcome), I simply want to see you, as a character, respond to the world of Fortuna in a meaningful way. Elaborate on your actions as you breach that corridor, emphasize the pain you feel when a drone zaps your shoulder, voice your feelings about a shady Nightshade dealer.
It’s all about the feeling.
In turn, I will do my best to capture the essence of your character to create truly cinematic and dramatic moments in storytelling. Most all, I wish to be as fair and consistent as possible in telling the story. After all, this is a story about YOUR character and their struggles.
This may feel like a lot, which I deeply understand. I’ll answer any questions you may have regarding gameplay, rules, or general style. Lore-wise, things about the future will get introduced in small, digestible pieces, as to not overwhelm. However if you have any question about this cyberpunk world, feel free to ask.


There will not be D20 dice rolls. Everything you do will be logically based on my Perks system (which I will elaborate further down below), cybernetic enhancements, and choices. I won’t kill off your character very easily… but there are worse things than an early grave. There will be some mechanics I will add as we progress further into the story.
In addition to the writing, there will be a secondary component where you can access your inventory, contacts, and health status.
Pay close attention to environmental and character descriptions, how much ammunition you have, and your inventory. It may save your life.
It's also advised to prepare secondary plans/responses in the event your initial attempt goes awry.
In terms of weaponry and other tools of destruction:
Inventory Limit:
  • One Small Firearm
  • One Large Firearm/Exotic Weapon
  • Two Combat Items
  • Three Ammunition
  • One set of ArmoVest/Shield Node
Any other items of interest you pick up (salvage, cards, HOLOs, junk, etc) have no bearing on your own encumbrance (Unless you're trying to bring back a couch or some crazy shit)
You will have a duffel bag to place excess gear in. Your travel duffel bag has the following slots:
  • 1 slot for a small firearm
  • 1 slot for large firearm
  • 2 slots for combat gear
  • 3 slots for ammo
Any other items of interest you pick up (salvage, cards, HOLOs, junk, etc) have no bearing on the duffel bag limit. (Unless its super big)
However, if you decide to physically carry the duffel bag on yourself with at least 1 of the firearm slots filled, the following Perks will be greatly weakened due to how cumbersome the bag will be during actions:
Agility (Dodging/reflexes will be slower) Brawler (Combat mobility will be limited) Vitality (Stamina will be decreased)
Any more excess gear will be stored in the trunk of your vehicle or at a specified place.


Enjoy a handpicked curated accompanying soundtrack supplied by a wide spectrum of artists such as How To Destroy Angels, Lorn, Izzy Camina, Sofi Tukker, Carpenter Brut, Vince Staples, Trentemoller, Maenad Veyl, GUNSHIP, Trevor Something, Skeler, Electric Youth, and many more. Highly recommended for maximum immersion and mood, for all my writing is very musically driven.


Now for the real star: You.
Think about your role in this cyberpunk paradise, what you would be good at. Are you a clandestine figure focused on remotely hacking, controlling every security network with a few swipes on the holographic screen orbiting your wristwatch? Or are you intent on careening through the windows, guns akimbo?
Also something to think about is your character's demeanor, their hopes and drives, their flaws and processes. Despite the nanochrome, people are still human. Think long and hard about who your character will be.


Perks are specific skills that pertain to various disciplines. They are convenient advantages and proficiencies you hold over average folks during specific situations, making success easier and safer. Decisions that involve skill checks are usually related to each of the Perks listed in my main post. Perks are the main sources of character progression in this campaign.
Instead of a D20, I will be using a ‘Filter System’. Whenever your character makes a decision, I 'filter' your choice through some checkpoints beginning with:
  • Your Perks to see if they provide an advantage
  • Cybernetics and their upgrades
  • The intent or nature of your action
  • Any weapons/tech in play
  • The environment
  • Your health and any status ailments
  • The NPC(s) interacting with you. Special NPCs have their own predetermined hidden Perks to contrast with yours.
From there, I try to logically decide how events progress. Basically, all the 'skill checks' are done by me alone. It's advisable to play to your strengths, too.
  • You’re trapped in an apartment complex that is under assault by disgruntled corporate agents, and need to find a way out. You find a shortcut and attempt to hack into the power grid of the apartment. Your Blackhat Perk gives you full knowledge of hacking techniques and efficiency Your cybernetic arm does not give you any useful tools right now You intend to take control of the power grid and cut off electricity to seal off corridors, blocking entryways You have an advanced CyberDeck that will destroy firewalls There are no hostiles or dangerous environments surrounding you right now You have been shot in the leg, throwing off your concentration No NPCs are with you
  • You manage to ignore the fire consuming your thigh and get through to the mainframe, sealing off the corridors to make your escape.
When in doubt, it is best to declare an initial plan of action, as well as an alternative plan if things go awry. Also keep in mind your cyberware capabilities. They can lend you some creative ideas.
You may choose up to four Perks.
Vitality: The body falls long before the spirit. Make sure that it does not.
  • How much punishment you can take and still function
  • Faster recovery time when exposed to debilitating effects like EMPs, Microwaves, etc.
  • Increased Stamina and Strength, carry an additional small firearm
Charisma: The mark of a silver tongue.
  • It becomes much easier to lie, seduce, intimidate, rally, and persuade people
  • Not completely guaranteed for success, as it will also depend on your phrasing and the logic behind it
Acumen: Nothing slips your eye.
  • Gain heightened awareness of your surroundings and minute details of individuals.
  • Perceive if someone is deceiving you by analyzing microexpressions, speech inflection
  • Proficiency in first aid kits (better effectiveness)
Blackhat: Hack the world. The NetSpace is your playground.
  • Decryption: Break through encrypted or locked systems for access through network penetration and data mining
  • Encryption: Overlay intel/communications/items with high profile protection to ward off prying eyes
  • Sabotage: Delete or replace data in cyberspace, send viruses, or take control of networks
  • Hacking will leave you vulnerable, especially during transfer plug connections (Transfer Plugs will be explained further down) Connecting to another person's transfer plug will not give you control over them; you may only view vitals, cybernetic statuses. You also cannot force a system or mechanism to perform a function that was not designed into it (i.e. command a security camera to launch a nuke)
  • You may face resistance when hacking targets or systems with Shield Harnesses.
Engineer: Make something out of nothing.
  • Fixing/sabotage: Easily take apart something and put it back together, like quickly fixing a gun jam, or disarming a bomb. You may also cause some parts to malfunction on purpose.
  • Crafting: Keener eye for materials such as salvage or lighter fluid.
  • Rectifier: Add additional auxiliary functions to certain weapons, tech, or vehicles.
  • Self-sufficiency: You can operate on or even craft your own cybernetics at reduced cost and time.
  • Proficiency in the operation of Exotic Weapons, aircraft, vehicles, and mechanoids.
Deadeye: Shoot first, ask questions later.
  • Possess expert accuracy and precision regarding firearms. Proficiency in all firearms, including exotics.
  • Reloading is seamless and second-nature.
  • Dual Wielding does not impose accuracy restrictions.
Brawler: Gun or not, you’re a lethal force of nature.
  • Inflict a high amount of damage with your fists/legs/head.
  • Mastery of close-quarters combat and disarmament.
Agility: Fast as lighting makes them crash like thunder.
  • Extremely fast reflexes and movement speed.
  • Acrobatic and flexibility
  • Greater chance at evasion/quick-drawing
Stealth: It's like you were never there.
  • Achieve quiet takedowns easier
  • Navigate areas with a lower chance of detection
  • Not guaranteed to work if you go loud regardless (Ex: Announcing your presence with a triple rocket launcher will alert everyone)


In the world of Fortuna 2070, artificiality is the new reality. Browse from a host of new and advanced body modifications that each have their own upgrade and skill trees. They may grant you an advantage in social situations, in combat, or exploration, but know that all cybernetics are mechanical in nature, which means they are affected by the following Anti-Cyber attacks:
  • Electromagnetic Pulses
  • Microwave Emissions
  • Advanced Hacking
  • Magnetic Weaponry
  • Electricity
Your character comes automatically equipped and registered in the Prestige Database with a transfer plug, a sort of ‘jack interface’ that allows a link between your internal nervous system and a machine or another individual, as well as very basic cyberoptics (These only serve to relay data, you will need Advanced Cyberoptics for more complex functions), which allows you to see and view diagnostics, data flows, and provides a standard HUD. It serves as a foundation for other cybernetics to build off of.
If the Engineer Perk is taken, then you may perform your own upgrades using Salvage or at half the cost. Otherwise, upgrades are done at clinics, tech dens, and other places for a fee. Using an Upgraded Function on certain cybernetics consumes Energy Units, which may be restored after a rest or period of light activity.
You will begin with 6 Energy Units.
When you first start out, you are only able to choose the base cybernetics, and as you accumulate wealth, you will be able to upgrade your cybernetics.
You may choose up to two cybernetic augmentations.
  • Both of your legs will count as one augmentation.
  • Each arm counts as one augmentation.

Possible Cybernetics and their upgrade trees include:

Head: Internal surgery has augmented your skull with durable alloys to protect your vulnerable brain and nerve endings. Through a Vertigo Decoupler, it eliminates any nausea or disorientation from rapid movement or high-G environments, and softens minor bludgeoning damage.

Head Upgrades:

  • Chemical Analyzer: Nanometer thick pads on the tongue and nose can analyze chemical compounds in the air.
  • Fangs: Extendable incisors that can pierce skin and inject neurotoxins that paralyze.

Cyberaudio: Auditory Module. Augments ears. Enhances hearing to a range of 30 ft away, invoking crystal clear audio. Mode lasts three hours. Consumes an Energy Unit.

Cyberaudio Upgrades:

  • Advanced Auditory Module: Range is extended to 60 ft, and can record six hours of audio.

Cyberoptics: Zoom up to 2X Magnification (An object 100 ft away will appear 50 ft), Harsh Light Compensation (Flashbangs and Blinding effects are reduced)

Cyberoptics Upgrades:

  • Advanced Zoom (3X Magnification): An object 100 ft away will appear 33 ft away.
  • Camera: Record events/snap pics, upload images to a computer through transfer plug
  • SmartGun Sync: Allows use of SmartGunTechnology
  • Night Vision: See clearly in dim to dark conditions within 30 ft. Very sensitive to harsh light and can blind.
  • Descrambler: Allows instant reboot of optic field when scrambled by anti-cyber attacks.
  • Thermograph: Detect heat signatures.
  • Sonar: Use sound and echoes to construct a rough estimate of an internal image of a large structure.
  • Tactical Relay I: Lists enemy type and weaponry
  • Tactical Relay II: Lists enemy type, weaponry, cybernetics, and upgrades. Prereq: Tac Relay I
  • SpecterVision: See through walls up to a maximum of 30 ft.

Cybernetic Arm Prosthetic(s): Increased strength, stamina, no pain receptors, high limb vitality, increased melee damage

Cybernetic Arm Upgrades:

  • Stability: Significantly reduces recoil and kick of firearms. Allows precise balance.
  • Dart Launcher: Fire up to three darts of your choice from your wrist with a range of 100 feet.
  • Heat Seeking: Darts will curve around obstacles and target foes.
  • Advanced Propulsion: 300 feet.
  • Expandable Shield: Deploy an eight foot diameter dravarium shield that deflects projectiles and protects from explosions.
  • Advanced Expandable Shield: Dravarium shield now possesses EMP/Microwave shielding and is immune to elemental damage. Prereq: Expandable Shield
  • Grappling Hook: Deploy to climb structures or use in combat. Range 150 feet.
  • Serrated Whip: Deploy a long, 15 feet whip that tears away at flesh. Prereq: Grappling Hook
  • Taser: Provide a small electric shock to target, knocking them unconscious.
  • Retractable Blade/Ax: Reveal a hidden weapon within melee range.
  • Retractable Claws: Sharp talons protrude from your fingertips.
  • Shuriken Launcher: Hurls razor sharp discs at the target. Range 60 feet.
  • Shredder Shurikens: Discs can penetrate armor and go through multiple targets. Prereq: Shuriken Launcher
  • Explosive Shurikens: Discs now explode on impact. Prereq: Shuriken Launcher
  • Explosive Drone: Send a small, sphere-like drone that will rush the nearest target and detonate, or perform recon.
  • Microwave/EMP Shielding: Immunity to EMP/Microwave/Magnetic effects
  • Absorption Shielding: Can redirect the effects of Anti-cyber attacks back at the point of origin. Prereq: Microwave/EMP shielding.
  • Ablative Plating: Immunity to firearms, resistance to explosives.
  • Cybernetic Circuitry Efficiency: Using upgrades has reduced Energy Unit Cost.
  • Bioware Maximization: Have an even larger store of Energy Units.
  • Internal Firewall: Immunity to being hacked/overridden
  • Thickened Nanofibers: Even more increased strength, enough to lift a car. A single punch toward the exposed body is fatal.
  • Rocket-Propelled Fist: Send a rapid-flying fist powered by micro-propulsion pads. Fist will return to cyberlimb after.
  • Gatling Gun: Turn your arm into a hidden gatling gun that fires fifty 9mm rounds in 10 seconds.
  • Flamethrower: Spew a 20 feet cone of pure fire. Causes burning status and high chance of panic.
  • Firecrackers: Toss a fistful of explosive dust that disorients and staggers opponents. Prereq: Flamethrower
  • Acid Thrower: Spew a 60 feet stream of caustic acid that corrodes armor, equipment, and flesh. Causes corrode status.
  • Noxious Gas: Release a toxic gas that spreads into a rapidly expanding cloud of 60 ft that poisons enemies, paralyzing them. Prereq: Acid Thrower
  • Snap Freeze: Spew a 120 feet jet of freezing cryo that will freeze unprotected enemies and surfaces, causing many to slip. Causes frozen status.
  • Improved Snap Freeze: Jet range is increased to 240 feet, will now damage armored targets.
  • Discharge: Within a range of 60 feet, unleash an instant burst of electrical energy to fry cybernetics and destroy Shield Harnesses.
  • Chain Overload: Energy bursts now leap onto the nearest enemy if they are within 10 feet of each other. This also includes you.
  • Micro-Missile Array: Fire five, wrist-mounted mini-missiles that explode on impact.
  • Advanced Targeting: The mini-missiles now lock on to targets and home in. More damage against armor.
  • Reaper Scythes: Blades that erupt from the skin and tear away at flesh and armor.
  • Arm Cannon: Charge up a powerful laser beam that decimates everything in a 250 feet range.

Cybernetic Leg Prosthetic: Increased strength, unlimited stamina, no pain receptors, high limb vitality, increased damage. Jump 10 ft into the air.

Cybernetic Leg Upgrades:

  • Stability: Maintain balance in anti-gravitational environments, or difficult terrain.
  • High Jump: Leap 20 feet into the air.
  • Propulsion Pads: Allows the use of hovering, maximum 20 feet above the ground, and double jump.
  • Advanced Propulsion Pads: Allows limited flight capabilities, hover to a maximum of 60 feet.
  • Silent Steps: Make no noise when you run or walk. (Does not work if you have standard shoes/boots).
  • Stability: Significantly reduces recoil and kick of appropriate mounted exotic weapons. Allows precise balance and steadiness during brawling.
  • Taser: Provide a small electric shock to target, knocking them unconscious.
  • Retractable Blade/Ax: Reveal a hidden six inch blade within melee range that emanates from the front heel of your foot.
  • Shuriken Launcher: Hurls razor sharp discs at the target. Range 60 feet.
  • Shredder Shurikens: Discs can penetrate armor and go through multiple targets. Prereq: Shuriken Launcher
  • Explosive Shurikens: Discs now explode on impact. Prereq: Shuriken Launcher
  • Explosive Drone: Send a small, sphere-like drone that will rush the nearest target and detonate, or perform recon.
  • Microwave/EMP Shielding: Immunity to EMP/Microwave/Magnetic effects
  • Absorption Shielding: Can redirect the effects of Anti-cyber attacks back at the point of origin. Prereq: Microwave/EMP shielding.
  • Ablative Plating: Immunity to firearms, resistance to explosives.
  • Cybernetic Circuitry Efficiency: Using upgrades has reduced Energy Unit Cost.
  • Bioware Maximization: Have an even larger store of Energy Units.
  • Internal Firewall: Immunity to being hacked/overridden
  • Thickened Nanofibers: Even more increased strength, enough to lift a car. A single kick toward the exposed body is fatal.
  • Discharge: Within a range of 60 feet, unleash an instant burst of electrical energy to fry cybernetics and destroy Shield Harnesses.
  • Chain Overload: Energy bursts now leap onto the nearest enemy if they are within 10 feet of each other. This also includes you.
  • Micro-Missile Array: Fire five,ankle mounted mini-missiles that explode on impact.
  • Advanced Targeting: The mini-missiles now lock on to targets and home in. More damage against armor.
  • Reaper Scythes: Blades that erupt from the skin and tear away at flesh and armor.
  • Leg Cannon: Charge up a powerful laser beam at the base of your heel that decimates everything in a 250 feet range.

Skin Weave: Provides Ablative Plating, rigid armored plastics and alloys placed directly over the epidermis for increased protection, but remains porous for breathability. Provides damage reduction and stagger resistance by small firearms. Covers head, abdomen, back, arms, legs.



Make a bold fashion statement with these cosmetic augments. Pick as many as your heart desires.
  • Skin watch: Located on the forearm, displays the time, date, as well as traffic info, weather information and vitals.
  • Animated Tattoos: Takes flesh artistry to another level by allowing limited movement animations.
  • Lumen Tattoos: These can glow in whatever color or lighting pattern you desire.
  • Contact Lenses: Change the opacity of your irises, eye color, shift it from one shade to another.
  • ChemSkins Skin Texture Dyes: Change the color and pattern of your skin tone on command temporarily. Made illegal by the DCE due to a series of toxins found in the dyes.
  • Strobe Hair Strands: Drench your hair follicles with neon colors that light up the dark.
  • Cosmetic Body Plating: Surgically planted over the skin to evoke a particular retro, space age look, often with chrome or iridescent surfaces. Expensive and time consuming. Offers no protection.
  • Glow Nails: Self explanatory. Can also contain little, tiny animations, and cigarette lighters.


Fortuna is home to the struggles of the lawbringers, the megacorps, and the seedy criminals that lie beneath the palm trees and beaches. You are an agent of the Department of Cybernetic Enforcement, specially trained in hunting down augmented individuals and rogue datatechs spreading chaos in the city.
Customize your character to your liking. Draw from personal experience, or not. The choice is yours. Be as vague (but not too vague), or as detailed as you want. In the end, your past will come to light and will affect the story.
///////// //////// INITIALIZING. //////// Welcome. Please enter your username and password after completing your two-way authentication, sent via HOLO or E-Mail. Username: ************* Password: ************ Thank you. UPDATING YOUR PRESTIGE PROFILE... 

What is your full birth name? Any alias? Nicknames?

Any defining physical traits? (Hair color, height, weight, complexion, ethnicity, scars, tattoos, eye color, stature)

How did the global blackout of the Black Sky Event and breakdown of infrastructure affect you three years ago?

Do you have any family, siblings, spouses, lovers, children, or friends here in Fortuna? If so, what do they look like, and what is their personality in a brief summary?

Name someone you are very close to and have a lot of trust in (These can be the same answers as above)

Did you have an easy or rough upbringing? What was family life like?

Why did you want to join the Department of Cybernetic Enforcement in the first place?

Name an impossible task you accomplished in the past.

What is your attitude and motivations towards life? If someone were to meet you, how would they feel?

What event(s) in your past defines who you are as a person?

What are some of your hobbies/vices/addictions (drugs/sex/cyberware/violence/etc..) if any?

What did you do before you joined The Department of Cybernetic Enforcement?

Background: You may also know a few specific things others don’t, and it may open up new contacts and opportunities you wouldn't have had otherwise. Each also have their own NPCs associated with it who may know you.
  • Detective: A sleuth working for the Fortuna Police Department.
  • Sentry: Corporate spy skilled in luring out secrets and wealth.
  • Colonial Agent: Operative of the Colonial Federation, oversees colonial expansion and defense.
  • Artificer: Tinkerers and fixers of man and machine.
  • Journalist: You always had an eye for the truth, exposing the dark corners of society.
  • Enforcer: You’re the heavy hitter in renowned gangs.
  • Privateer: Soldiers of fortune who find comfort in gunfire and warfare.
  • Contractor: You provide safe, security solutions for high profile clients.
  • Datatech: Within the realm of the expansive Net, these hackers are untouchable.
  • Scout: Brave specialists of the Colonial Federation who survey new worlds.
  • Bounty Hunter: When the lawbringers fail, these trackers sniff out the worst of the worst.

Do you live a luxurious or humble lifestyle?

Do you ever feel like you're losing control?

Logout complete. Please exit the browser. Thank you for using Prestige Technologies. For a better tomorrow. 
Once you've chosen your Perks, Cybernetics, Fashionware, and answered the above questions, jack in.
This'll sting a little.


You knew the truth behind all the neon and umbrella drinks. There’s ugliness here. Just peek past the thin lines of hallucinogenic smoke. People are just really adept at hiding it behind social media livestreams, breast augmentations, and tailored blazers.
They say that pain shapes people into their strongest self.
But sometimes your worst self is your best self. Nothing is more true in Fortuna. For your duties demand you hunt the worst of the worst. Your hands are plenty filthy.
Whoever you were, you made your mark, you accomplished the impossible, carving out a decent life for yourself.
It wouldn’t last.
Maybe the world’s getting worse… or people just don’t want to be better.
The city’s always temperate here but you feel so cold, feel so distant to it all.
You have seen its true face, along with its true colors, and if you had to guess, it would still be stained an arterial scarlet across the green leaves of the palm trees.
Fitting, really.
Welcome to paradise.

Somewhere in Fortuna...

Your eyes open to meet the blaring glare of the sun. Sitting up so quickly was a mistake, as a sense of vertigo smacks you up the head.
Something’s off.
All you can see is dust, and as the seconds pass, you realize its simply the fog of your own consciousness warping in and out of existence.
Yet this feeling will not leave you.
Ah, yes. Right.
You remember now.
You're in Bayview, the rotting slums of Fortuna, the place of hookers, outcasts, and junkies. You're here in fucking Bayview of all places, because you and your squad were given a simple mission from Site Command: track down a Harvester fuck-up named Leonardo 'Big Lion' Ramirez who's been kidnapping drunk girls making their way across Union Bridge after the college parties die down on Friday nights.
Two hours ago, you and your team chased him all the way from Historic Havana and into a seedy motel complex called The Grandmaster that should've closed down due to the reports of lice and mold. But it's Bayview. Asking for decency here is laughable.
You recall his dossier.
Long list of priors as long as a drugstore receipt. Plays Madden on the daily. Connections to the Junkrat gang. Been causing problems for 22nd Street racers as well. He's not exactly a people person. Enjoys hentai pornography. The datatechs at the DCE were exceedingly thorough.
Also has a penchant for human trafficking and kidnapping people off the street to steal their body mods to sell on the Black Market. As long as there is demand, there is always supply.
He needs to be taken down. Slippery bastard, though. He had traps prepared. And you fell for it like an idiot.
You taste something.
The copper flavor, the viscosity of it all. Blood seeps from the top of your forehead. Is it yours? Is it someone else’s?
A potent detonation of concussive pain waves answers that question for you. It’s yours. It’s definitely yours. But how? And why? A thousand questions flow through your temporal lobes, and a thousand more pangs of needle-like pain scratches the inside of your throbbing skull.
A big chunk of time is missing. Your temporal lobe doesn’t seem to comprehend it.
There’s a song playing, quietly in the background, from some clipping speakers. You groan as you pick yourself up, the weight of your body cracking shards of glass and debris beneath your feet.
A cloudless sky.
You’re in a motel room, a shitty one at that, one with decaying silver and egg shell tones lined with ambient orbs of light and an infinity pool that stretches beyond the balcony. Floating in the pool is a naked body of a woman, dark red mist encircling her like clouds.
The room itself is nearly destroyed, with an entire chunk of the wall missing, possibly from an explosive. The mattress is upturned and stained with brain matter.
Surrounding the living room are three lifeless men, all in soccer uniforms soaked in blood, bodies torn apart by the cruel physics of shrapnel. Gripped in their hands are heavily modified golden Uzis. Ramirez's men.
The collateral Leonardo left for you is immense.
Where the hell is your gear? Must've lost it in the commotion. That won't fare well with Acquisitions.
One bridge at a time.
Your eyes dart between the bodies and the aftermath.
Remember to breathe.
So goddamn hard to breathe.
Everything hurts.
A voice blares from your wrist mounted HOLO device. It gives you a glimpse at the time. It's not even the afternoon yet.
"Raider One, do you copy? Your vitals went offline for a second. Suspect is fleeing near the southeast fire escape..." shouts an aggravated voice that could only come from the Chief Officer of Departmental Operations, Samson Deakins, your boss at Site Command, and an impatient man made worse by a nasty divorce. The folks at the office say he's checked himself into rehab.
Someone make the world stop spinning...
"Do you copy?" repeats Samson. You can just imagine his face. The way his veins pop out.
What a terrible morning.

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2020.09.27 18:35 nothingfunnytooffer A Long Ass Bangin' Buds

Static starts. THE MYSTERIOUS MAN is alone in a control room that looks like a sci-fi server room from the 1980s. He speaks into a similarly teched-out microphone.
MYSTERIOUS MAN: The following podcast is not real. If it were real, it would most certainly not be dictated by a script written by a fan. Enjoy the show.
Static interrupts the feed and changes the view. MUNDEL THE GRUNDEL starts the musical intro, some bar noises heard in the background. Patrons move around the Vermillion Minotaur as the shot pans to that very table where the human from another world, ARNIE, the shapeshifter, CHUNT, and USIDORE, the Blue Wizard, drink and do their podcast.
ARNIE: Hello from the Magic Tavern!
Mundel trills
A(CONT): A weekly podcast from the magical land of Foon. I’m your host, Arnie Niekamp. If you never listened to the podcast before, don’t worry, this one is inconsequential. About… insert time frame here, I fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King, in Chicago, into the magical, fantastical land of Foon. Luckily, I’m still getting a slight Wi-fi signal from the Burger King, through the dimensional rift and I use that to upload a podcast I record every week here in the tavern, the Vermillion Minotaur, in the town of Hogsface, in the land of Foon! And I’m-
USIDORE: What do you mean “inconsequential”?
A:(stammers) I-I’m-just saying-
U: Everything we do is VERY CONSEQUENTIAL!!!
A:(sighs) And I’m joined, as always, by my co-host, my bud, and my boon companion-You know, I haven’t called you guys my boon companions in a while-Usidore the Wizard.
U: I AM USIDORE! Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos-
A: Spaghetti
U:-CHAMPION OF THE GREAT HALLS OF TERR'AKKAS! The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok.-
A: Feline Zelig
U: The dwarfs know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes-
A: Hooba-
U: Shut up. And I am also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meista-
A: Glass anus.
U:(glares) And there may be other secret names that you do not know about. Aye, names so powerfully, so profound and unimaginable, that if you even utter the words underneath your breath, if that wind passes your lips, it would cause a fervor of murderous emotions within the female populations, destroying all the homes and villages within the surrounding area until it concludes in an orgasmic raging scream. Usually lasting 5-7 days with the last days being much lighter.
A: Wh-what?!?
U: Oh yes, it has happened once before in the tourist town of Cancon. A man found out my name and etched the whole endeavor.
A: That sounds really creepy.
U: It was more dangerous than creepy. It’s not the best to be that close when those Girls Go Wild.
A: I just hope their covering themselves up with a Red Tube, at minimum.
U: Impossible! A Red Tube would be much too small. Also, why would you put these women in a Red Tube? Seems rather impractical to have a singular item to protect them from the elements. But I am not one to judge. Unlike you, Arnold. Hashtag FREE THE NIPPLE!
CHUNT: Hey, are we talking about emails already? I got a new Bangin’ Buds story a fan sent!
A:-oh, and I’m also joined by my other co-host, Chunt, the talking badger!
C: Awww yeah baybee!
A: How are you doing, buddy?
C: Doing pretty good. I met up with a friend, Mrs. Puff. She is a puffer fish.
A: Mrs. Puff?
C: Yup, Mrs. Puff.
U: Oh, how is the Mrs.?
A: Wait, not with Mr. Puff too?
C: No, she’s a widower.
U: Yes, don’t be insensitive, Arnold.
C: So, I was hangout with Mrs. Puff. She’s a sweet little lady with a little blue hat that teaches a carting school. But she’s been a little lonely lately. Coming at me pretty hard. But as a gentle-badger, I kept my boundaries and told her I didn’t want to take advantage of her grief.
A: That’s nice, I guess.
C: Yeah, but she got really mad and made a face about it when I left. Really glad I didn’t stay. Could you imagine? Seeing me as a Huffled Puff?
A: Wh-Was the story really trying to lead up to that?
C: What do you mean? I just don’t see myself as a Huffeld Puff. Although, I think I would probably look adorable in a black and yellow tie.
U: I hear Huffeld Puffs are great finders.
A: Well as long as you don’t end up like Cedric Digory.
U & C: Who?
A: It-uh-it’s a guy on Earth that turned into a vampire. And then made a series of subpar movies. Maybe one good one snuck in.
C: I didn’t know they had vampires on Earth. He should come to Chunt for Red October and we can do an interview with him about what it likes to be a vampire on Earth. You know, make him feel at home.
A: Well I hear he hates it.
U: I would too if I were him, but then I Remember Me.
C: It would suck to be The Devil All the Time.
A: I don’t think I’m supposed to know that reference.
C: What reference? He’s your Earth person.
U:(Whispers to Chunt) I always wonder if Arnold has even a small Light in that House, if you know what I mean.
A: It’s Arnie.
U: Now, correct me if I was wrong, I thought you have told us that you world was devoid of magic and magical beings.
A: There aren’t any.
C: What about those Gatherings on Earth?
A: There’s nothing actually magical about it. It’s more fun at first, then gets really sad when you spend all your money and potential on the cards and forces you to move into your mother’s basement.
U: Ah, so there are magic cards in your world.
A: I could’ve sworn I told you about this before.
U: Arnie, you tell us a lot of stories we only halfheartedly listen too.
C: Sometimes zero-heartedly.
A: Aww…
C: Hey Arnie?
A: What?
C: You’re my best friend.
A: You’re MY best friend.
Usidore coughs.
A(CONT): Oh! And Usidore?(Usidore perks up.) I like you a lot.
U:(smug) Oh, why thank you!
A:(pauses) So you’re not gonnna-know what, nevermind. Hey guys, I actually don’t have any guests invited to the podcast today. I thought we would have a classic Boys’ Night!
C: Ooooooo
U: Wonderful! It has been so long since we had a Boys’ Night here, in the Vermillion Minotaur. Let us start at once!
C: Mmmmm Boys’ Night!
A: Boys’ Night!
C: Bing Bong!
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore start to mumble to themselves about what to do during Boys Night. A HEAD GHOST starts approaching the table.
C: Hey-Hey guys! Check it out.
A: Is that a ghost?
C: It is! It’s a gh-gh-gh-ghost!
A: Jinkies
HG: Yeah, nice read, Velma. Just kidding, I stole that from Archer. You’re Arnie Niekamp, right?
A: Uh, yeah. Do you know me?
HG: Of Course. I know all of you. I’m actually a new fan of Hello from the Magic Tavern.
Mundel trills
HG(CONT) : Awww. Thanks, Mundel; you’re a sweetheart.
Mundel plays vibraslap.
A: Oh, we already did a fan episode, sorry.
CHEST TRÜNKBORN pops up from underneath.
CHEST: Maybe even two if you count when the Cockticklers came to research their play.
HG: Are you even available to talk today?
CHEST: Nope.
Chest pops back down under the table.
A: Hey, we don’t normally have guest asking to be on the show-
HG: I didn’t ask.
A: Okay then. Goodbye.
HG: NO NO NO! Sorry, I have really important questions for you guys. I wanna be on.(pouts) Please.
A: Well, sure. Welcome to the podcast!
U: Yes, thank you for ruining Boys’ Night.
C:(somberly) Aww Boys’ Night…
HG: Oh, Chu chu…sorry.
A: So, um, ghost, come up to the mic and tell us a little more about yourself.
HG:(exhales) Okay! Well, my name is Metabeth-
A: Metabeth?
METABETH: Yeah, Metabeth.
U: Sounds about right.
A: Don’t you mean “Meredith”?
C: Arnie, are you man-plaining her own name? She clearly said Metabeth.
A: Well I didn’t mean it like that! It’s doesn’t sound like a name-I mean doesn’t sounds like a name I expected to hear.
M: As opposed to Arnie Niekamp? Doesn’t even have the word “Knee” in it.
U: Ha HA! Good one! Arnold, you might as well be walking on stubs since you have no knees.
M: No knees? No toes?
C: But he does own elbows.
M: So he can’t be nubs.
C: It helps that he’s not totally rad.
M: It would be fun to call him nubs.
A: Now who’s being insensitive?
M: Hey, that song is pretty body positive. And apparently based on a real person.
A: Really?
M: According to Reddit and Wikipedia, yeah. But who believes all the trivia nerds say on the internet? So yeah, my name is Metabeth. It’s Greek.
A: Wh-what? Like Greece?
M: Yeah, I’m from Earth, too.
U: Oh, really?
C: So, you can tell me what’s a Danny DeVito is and why everyone on Earth wants him to be a pi-ka-chu?
M: Dude, that’s reference is, like, two years old. What brought that up? Oh wait, first, he’s a short, grumpy, loveable old man that would be adorable to play an anime mouse.
C: So if Arnie and Usidore’s love child got lil’ squished.
Chunt uses his hands to show a compressing motion.
U: And what’s an anime?
A: Guys, hold up. She just said she’s from Earth. How did you get here? And why are you a ghost then?
M: Oh, well, about two weeks ago I traveled to Chicago and entered the front door of a Burger King-
C: Who phrases it like that?
M:-I was heading back to my car to go back to my friend’s place when I dropped my phone through a dimensional rift in the parking lot. Not sure if it was the same one as yours, but the size of the portal was fluctuating. I debated how far I wanted to go to get my phone. Started with a finger to slip through the hole, then when I felt I was ready, I put a second one in, wiggling it around until I could feel it.
U: So your phone was on a spot on the ground in Foon, a ground spot or g-spot, if you will.
M: Sure. The portal opened up enough so I could actually see my phone, but it was further away than I thought-
A: Oh, no.
M: Yeah, you’re catching on. By the time I was at a length to reach my phone. Bloop. Dead. My head and arm were on this side of the portal and the rest of my body is at that Burger King.
A: Wow, I am so sorry that happened to you.
U: I’m not. You got a good deal on a beheading. Why, here in Foon it would cost you an arm and a leg.
M: Well my arm is somewhere by the portal entrance if the asshole who closed the portal wants it. The morgue on Earth probably has the rest.
A: And you’ve been here for two weeks?
M: Yup! Two weeks.
A: What have you been doing with your time?
M: Well the first week I have been lying on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably about my death. Tried to hit myself with my own arm to numb the pain.
U: Your arm on this side?
M: No, my ghost arm. I don’t know how ghost work on Foon, but my head got a ghost and my arm got a ghost.
A:(turns to Usidore) Usidore, is that really how it works?
U: Oh yes. Remember Snaken Freshgrave? His foot is a ghost.
C: I think his foot is only part ghost, so everybody would have to cut the Foot Loose to make it a full ghost.
U: That’s right! Let us Hear It for the Boy.
C: Eyyy let’s hear it for my baybee.
A: Hey, stop Holding Out for a Hero.
M: Why bring up Shrek 2? It was subpar compared to the original.
A: That’s in Shrek 2? They made a Shrek 2?
M: Yeah, when I was like ten. You probably know it, right?
A: How old do you think I am?
Metabeth pauses almost ready to count but does not trust that any answer is right.
M: Hmm…that’s a trap.
Arnie looks incredulous. He turns to his co-host, hoping to find some sort of meaning in this response, but they provide no such insight.
M(CONT) : Anyway, this past week I’ve learned that Foon is real and I wanted to find you guys. When I found you guys the first time, it seem like you just finished your podcast and I didn’t want to stalk you for a week, so I’ve been trying to learn how to be a floating head.
A: So you’ve been waiting so you can get your chance to be on the podcast? I don’t know if I should be grateful or weirded out by this. You, kind of, effectively stalked us anyway so you could be on the show.
M: I guess. It’s a little of a “Notice me Sempai” moment for me.
A: A what?
M: “Notice me Sempai”? Like finding your heroes and getting them to recognize you. It’s like a weeb version of that.
C: Arnie, what’s a weeb?
A: What? I don’t know.
U: Arnold-
A: It’s Arnie.
U:-You are supposed to be our guide, our liaison, to the other world that you’ve come from. How can you claim that you don’t know these basic terminologies?
A: Well it could be slang from her generation. I’ve been gone for years now.
M: I guess it could be more slang that not slang. I just chalk it up to me being weird. I feel like I’m being a damper to all this. Maybe I’ll just go.
Metabeth turns away sadly. Arnie starts to jump out of their seats to reach out to the ghost. He does not actually leave his seats, just enough the bend their knees a little so the chairs make a scrapping noise.
A: No, you’re fine! You can stay!
C: See what you did Arnie, you hurt her feelings.
U: There, There, sad Metabeth. Would it ease your pain to hurt Arnie with your words like he has hurt you with his?
C: Or try to hit him with your ghost arm?
A: Hey…
M: I can’t. My arm kind of just does what it wants these days. Hey, if I can’t control my arm and it acts on its own, does it really belong to me? Is it still me? Whoa. Philosophical questions, man.
C: A real Existentialism on Prom Night.
U: I suppose there would not be any relations if the arm has sentient and independent of use. Perhaps if we can find this phantom limb, we can see if it responds to our questions without your assistance.
M: Sounds easier than hitting myself with my own skull.
A: That doesn’t seem physically possible.
M: Well I am a ghost and that reference was just for me. So, I think that’s a great place to start. Find ghost arm and you guys can teach me how to ghost!
A: But we’re not ghosts. Wouldn’t it be easier to find other ghosts to help you? Chunt, isn’t your dad a hunger ghost?
C: EW I’m not trying to set up my dad with someone else.(turns to Metabeth to solely talk to her) Um, by the way, he’s a really nice guy and very funny.
M:(to Chunt) Oh I’ve heard. Not sure if I’m ready to date other ghosts yet, though. So, um, thank you?
C: But hey, this seems like a good opportunity for us. It’s been a while we’ve been on a real quest.
U: We’re always on a quest TO DEFEAT THE DARK LORD!
C: I’m just saying, we don’t have much going on in the immediate future. Arnie even said that we didn’t have guest today. We could head out, leave the tavern, and find Metabeth’s arm.
A: You lost me on leaving the tavern.
C: You lazy shit.
A: Chunt!...(exhales)…You’re a good friend.
C: You’re a good friend.
M: Um, can we still put a pin on finding my arm or my arm ghost?
A: Oh yeah sure.
Arnie pulls out a pen and paper starts to scribble down on a piece of paper.
A(CONT):(mumbles) Find Metabeth’s dead arm.
M: Oh, and ghost arm.
A:(mumbles)...and ghost arm.
U: I wouldn’t put too much faith in finding her physical arm. It has been two weeks after all.
M: Aww…
C: Usidore! Now you hurt her feelings.
Chunt now pulls out a pen and paper and starts to scribble.
C(CONT): Now I have to put your name down for who Metabeth has to hit with her arm. Arnie…. Usidore….
M: But you guys will help me find my ghost arm, right?
Arnie, Chunt and Usidore give wearily looks and reluctantly agree.
M(CONT) : …You didn’t actually write it down, did you?
A: It’s on the list!
C:(sarcastically) Yeah, right above defeating the Dark Lord.
Arnie, glares at Chunt.
C(CONT): What?
A: It’s. On. The. List. And guys, I got a system on the best way to get all these tasks done. Every item is important.
U: Of Course, of course. We will most certainly aid you on your quest. We will always help those who need it because it is good. And I am devoted to defeat evil. FOR I AM USIDORE THE BLUE! And I swear on the conspiracy of wind, fire, earth, and birds, and lightning, and rocks, and frogs, and mud from which I was born from, FULL FORMED AND STARK NAKED, to be champion of Foon and return your missing limbs to you because that is what was right and just in this land!
M : It’s really only one arm.
A: Why are you focused on just finding your arm here? Wouldn’t you want to return to Earth where the rest of you and your family is?
C: Weird to hear that come out of your mouth.
M: You see…I never really believed in ghost until I became one. I guess I’m a little scared that if I go back to Earth, I may not exist. I mean the portal was still open when I died and I didn’t see my body produce a ghost.
C: ARNIE! The portal is still open, you can return home!
M: Oh no, it’s gone now. At least I didn’t see it open while I was crying on the ground. Such an ugly cry.
A: Well you probably couldn’t see through the tears in your eye.
M: So, yeah, no, the portal is gone. And I still don’t know if ghosts exist on Earth.
C: Yeah, I would hate if you broke the show with that revelation. UGH.
A: I love to return to Earth to-
C: No no no no, I just remembered I described your and Usidore’s love child and I threw up in my mouth.
A and U: What?
M: It was a bit and a half ago. Eyy the power of editing.
A: So, Metabeth, can I call you Beth?
M: No.
A: So, Metabeth, it seems like you’ve learned a few ghost tricks like floating in the short time you’ve been here in Foon. That’s pretty impressive, even if you’re just a floating head.
M: Yeah. It did take some time. I rolled around a lot. Got some dirt and shit up my noncorporeal head. So, the transparency was nice. Once I learned how to float, the world did open up more.
A: Have you been traveling a lot then?
M: Uhhh kinda. I was a little lost when I first came out. And no one could fucking see me for a while since I haven’t learned how to be visible yet.
U: You should see Germ then. She’s a makeup artist that can highlight ghosts.
M: Is she still alive? I’m not caught up yet.
U: Then I won’t ruin it for you.
M: Might’ve helped. I was kicked in the face a whole lot. I wanted to ask around for directions and actually learn where I was.
A: Then how did you know that this was Foon?
M: Mostly assumption. Travelers love to say “Here in the land of Foon”.
U: Ah, yes. People here in the land of Foon are known to say that thing.
M: I’m still 70/30 that this is all a dream of my dying mind though.
C: That’s very M. Night of you.
A: What’s M. Night here in the land of Foon?
C: It’s between L. Nights and N. Nights where everything ends is a twist. At first it was amazing, but now its predictable.
M: It’s a whole Shama Lama Ding Dong.
A: I had a dream that I was Delta at a toga party.
M: What?
A: Shit, are you too young for that reference?
Everyone gives a puzzled look to Arnie.
A(CONT):(whimpers)…Animal House?
Metabeth hesitates, then blows raspberries.
A(CONT): Oh god…
Arnie puts his hands on his face in depression. Chunt and Usidore holds off giving a similar aged face but are still relieved that they are not as old as Arnie is in comparison.
C: Metabeth, let’s get to know a little more about you. How old are you?
M: I’m mid 20s.
Arnie slumps lower into his chair in sadness.
M(CONT): I’m actually a little curious about you though, Chunt. You said your age fluctuate with the shapeshifting, but how old are you actually? You were born in a Foon year, how many Foon years ago was that?
C: I rather not kiss and tell.
M: I don’t think that’s how that phrase works?
C: Are you sure?
M: Pretty sure.
C: Well it might be different on Earth than it is in Foon.
M: So what’s “kiss and tell” on Foon?
U: “Kiss and Tell” is when two being, man, woman, child-
A: Don’t say child.
U:-rock, bird, elf, etcetera agree on when they were blessed by the kiss of life. Then they tell people about it.
A: So you need two people to determine an age?
U: Don’t you need two people on Earth to determine the age? At the very least it can be between the person who was asked and a complete stranger.
M: That does make sense, I guess. And not that far off from Earth “Kiss and Tell”.
C: So what’s Earth’s “Kiss and Tell”?
A: Don’t bother with more Earth stuff Metabeth.
M, C, and U: Aww….
A: Oh fine, you can talk about Earth stuff if you want.
C: Awesome! So, Metabeth, what’s “Kiss and Tell”?
M: Ehhh…I don’t wanna talk about Earth stuff right now.
C: Dammit.
M: Nah just kidding. I always wanted to say that. It’s like your “Kiss and Tell” but more actually kissing than telling.
C: Ew.
U: Gross.
M: Oh, I suddenly regret the phrasing of that statement. Can I explain it again?
U: No. It’s too late. You already said it.
M: God dammit.
A: Alright let’s take a quick break-
M: Really? You want to put in your sponsor after that mess of an explanation. It just included children in kissing and telling.
The group talks at the same time.
A: Jeez
C: Nooo…
U: Boooo
A: Well now I can’t shift it over like that. We’ll lose our sponsorship.
U: Dear Listeners of the podcast, the opinions of our guests do not reflect the opinions of the hosts.
M: So, I get a redo?
A, C, and U: No!
C: It’s funnier this way, trust us.
M: Are you sure? It mostly feels like a One Person Amateur Hour? Like you think you’re being funny but it’s really jokes you’re writing to yourself?
C: Mmmmm…no.
A: It doesn’t have to be funny.
U: Maybe your jokes are just overtly meta.
A: Okay, now should be a good time take that break.
C: I’m going to grab a drink from the bar. You guys want anything?
U: I shall take an ale, of course. Why thank you, Chunt.
A: I’m feeling a little bloated-
U: Little?
C: Feeling?
A: …I’m good with water.
M: OH! I can finally try a rainbow bowl! No hallucinogens though. Does not work well with me.
A: But ghost can’t eat anything, right?
M: Really? Fuck.
U: Haven’t you noticed that you weren’t hungry during the last two weeks? That you didn’t eat or drink anything or felt the need?
M: Well, once again, that first week is a little of a mulligan. So what things…can I have at the bar?
C: Well you don’t have to get anything.
U: I believe that during the Dark Lord’s reign over Hogsface, there may be a stash of tingle in the back. If you consume it, the that should protect the mere mortals of the tavern and take the power away from the forces of evil.
M: And what would that do to me?
U: You should be more ghostly and see your brain.
M: Would you guys still be able to see me?
U: I’m pretty sure.
M: Then I will try that!
C: Well Usidore, that will on your tab then.
A: Okay let’s take a break for real.
The scene changes and Mundel plays the sponsor theme. A spotlight shines on a single vendor, PODLEY, in fairly peasant garb ready to talk.
PODLEY: Hello, my name is Podley. I am a temporary work for my company until I pay back my master, which is a large sum. I am here to offer the services of me and my compatriots for several odd end jobs. So, if you have been having trouble paying close attention to details or difficult tasks, constantly lose things, and cannot perform structured tasks, come find us with RIDALIMB. With RIDALIMB, you can get the assistance you need with simple task like finding your way home, locating your child, remembering you have a child, cooking food without leaving the fire on for too long. We understand that even easy tasks are hard. We’re in Foon; living is hard. So, hire us. My family is in desperate need for food. Our master asked paid for this advertisement in hopes to make up for my incompetence. If you don’t hire me or any of my peers, my master will get rid of one of our limbs in order to offset the debt. Ask my master if RIDALIMB is the right choice for you. But I hope it is, and I hope it’s me.
The music stops and the scene rolls back to the Vermillion Minotaur. Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore are back at the table with their drinks while Metabeth is floating around and rolling in the air.
A: And we’re back. I hope everyone had a good break.
M:(still rolling) WooOOOooo
U: Do not worry. I will go contain her.
Usidore stands up from his chair and his hands meet up with Metabeth’s head to grab her. He brings the head down to the table and paces the head on the table.
M: Aww…
A: How are you feeling, Metabeth?
M:(sadly) I mean, I’m sobering up pretty quickly.
C: Yeah, and you went through the whole tingle stash all at once.
M: Yeah, was that really safe? It was my first time doing all that.
A: Well it’s not like you can overdose on it or anything.
M: I’m already dead, asshole.
A: That’s what I mean! I mean, realistically, what’s the worst thing that could happen as a ghost?
U: You can get addicted to it. It’s still a drug by the way.
C: I think my dad was in rehab for his tingle addition.
M: Yeah, why did you guys let me take so many at once?
A: Hey, when you say stuff here, foresight is 20/20.
C: Isn’t it hindsight?
A: Alright, 60/40.
U: You didn’t even change the term, just the number.
A: Oh, you know how bad I am at math.
U: Is that really the crux of the argument?
A: But hey, we still have a guest. Normally, we just ask how they spend their time in Foon, but since you already summed up your experience before the break, I guess we can ask about your life on Earth?
C: So is this technically an Earth Stuff Episode?
A: We already had an Earth Stuff Episode and we’re halfway through this one.
C: But it’s been decades since we did an Earth Stuff episode.
A: It’s more like years, not decades. What was the time I said in at the top of the podcast? It’s about that amount of time.
C: But we got a score to settle with the time between Earth Stuff episodes!
M: Are these just year puns now?
U: Oh, pointing out the theme of the banter. Such a millennial move.
M: Oh, OK Boomer. Wait, what’s a millennial here in the land of Foon?
U: Someone that lives within a single millennium. Easy enough. Now what’s a Boomer on Earth?
M: A crotchety, nasty old man that won’t let me do what I want.
U:(gasps) How DARE you!?!?
A: Alright, lets focus up again to the interview.
C: Arnie focusing us up?
U: That doesn’t seem right. Did you get a free sample from Ridalimb?
A: What’s that?
U: And he’s back.
C: Yup, no need to go back to the marketing for this.
U: Unless it’s for BETTER HELP!
A: Anyway, Metabeth
M: Yup.
A: If it’s not too much trouble, can you tell us your life while you were alive?
C:(gasps) Arnie, you can’t just ask what people did when they were still alive?
U: So not fetch.
M: Shit, now I’m struggling with what today’s date is.
C: It’s October 3rd.
M: Nice.
A: There’s got to be a limit to how many times we can get off track.
U: The limit does not exist, Arnold.
A: It’s Arnie.
M: I’m sorry, are we still doing this?
A: Oh right! So Metabeth.
M: Yup.
A: What was your life like back on Earth?
M: Oh yeah, so I was born in New Jersey-
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore give a collective groan.
M: You have a problem with Jersey, Ohio?
A: There’s just a bunch of jokes about New Jersey.
M: I’ve heard almost all of them.
A: That people live there to commute to the better states.
U: And the people are Orange and full of trash.
Arnie and Metabeth stare at Usidore.
U(CONT): Are we not talking about Old Jersey?
A: No, there’s a New Jersey on Earth, and probably an old Jersey.
C: Oh, and what’s Jersey like on Earth?
A and M: It’s about the same.
M: And to make fun of where you came from, I see why you left.
A: I don’t know what you mean. Just because the last place I lived on Earth was Chicago, doesn’t mean I don’t have fond memories of my home in Ohio.
M: Well most of the astronauts came from there and the left to get away.
A: They were astronauts! They left the entire Earth!
U: She’s got a point.
C: Does she? I mean the whole thing seems forced.
U: That’s true.
A: Well, we can talk about something else-
C: No more Earth Stuff?
M: I mean, what do you need to know?
C: Why are all the adults on Earth tired of hangout out with their kids this year?
M: Jesus Christ. If I had control of my hand, I would palm myself on the forehead.
A: Then you could’ve had a V8.
U: And why are people trying to flatten the curb? Surely curves are supposed to have their peaks.
M: This might be where I have to pull the “I don’t want to talk about Earth stuff” card.
A: Then now that you’re dead, what are you gonna do next?
C: Is that your “What’s next?” version for other Earth people?
M: I think I’ll settle down by the city of fish.
A: The city of fish?
U: Like Fish City?
A: Fish City?
C: Fish City.
M: Yeah, keep going.
A: Fish City.
C:(giggles) Fish City
A: Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fish City. Fi-OH GOD DAMMIT!
M: Ah HA! Gotcha! Yeah, I don’t know what I want to do. Maybe I’ll do something I always wanted to do on Earth that now I have all the time for.
A: What’s that?
M: Screenwriting. Well I guess it would be play writing since you guys…don’t have movies.
C: Ooo any stories you have in mind?
M: That’s the thing, I’ve always been an outline person. Coming up with a compelling story is not really in my wheelhouse. Same with improv and causal, lighthearted conversations that last more than 30 minutes. I just write ideas and then never come back to them again.
U: I guess you do have all the time in the world to practice the craft.
M: Exactly! Although I did explore other options. Like there is an actual science community here. I have a rudimentary understanding of math and science, and sanitation, and hygiene that I could share with this world. Prevent diseases here common on Earth and the abundance of child death. So, so much child death.
A: Yes, so much child death.
M: But, you know, I just want to do entertainment.
U: Oh sweet child-
M: I’m in my mid 20s.
U: You can use your gifts that you have acquired here in Foon and develop the world closer to how it is on Earth. But with Magic! Is it really worth abandoning this knowledge? You have so much potential.
A: I’m from Earth, too.
U: Well, you have such little potential.
M: And I do have a plan when I’m here longer. I still need to grasp how to grasp things as a ghost. I plan to go to that science center, write down small tidbits of science on a piece of paper, put that paper in an envelope, and write down “magical revelations” on it. That should confuse the shit out of them.
Chunt finishes his drink loudly. A ghost of the drink starts to float up.
M(CONT): Oooooo can I drink that?
C: Yeah, go ahead, it’s a ghost after all.
Metabeth rushes to the ghost drink and tries to chug it like there’s no tomorrow.
A: Chug chu-oh she’s already finished.
C: Damnnn
U: Don’t get too overzealous about it or you’ll be forced to go to AA.
A: AA?
U: It is-uhhh-Ad-Adventurers in Abbeys.
C: Yeah, that’s when you go to an abbey drunk, find a pipe, and collect all the coins and mushrooms.
U: And you can’t return to the surface until you sober up.
A: Do you get to keep the coins and stuff?
C: Only if you make it back to the castle. You will have to start over if you trip or fall or get hit by a hammer.
U: Unless you ate one of the mushrooms beforehand.
A: And which castle would you have to return to?
C: I’m pretty sure it’s the castle with the peaches. Oh, and it has a flagpole you have to touch.
U: Try not to be on the adventure during the wintertime. I knew someone who got their tongue stuck on it.
A: Why would you use your tongue?
U: It wasn’t me. It was Chris.(sinisterly) I dared him to do it.
C: I know this. This is A Chris-Must Story I have to hear every year.
U: I tell it all day at Tavern Be Salty.
C: The TBS?
U: That’s the one.
C: Well, I know what I’m doing next Chris-must. Arnie, you should come with.
A: Well I would like to B-B with you, but I might shoot my eye out.
M: Booo
A: You better be practicing your ghost.
M: Sure, why not.
Mundel trills
A: So guys, this would be the time that I would read out the emails sent to us. As always, you can reach me at [email protected], yes it’s a real email address. And you can continue to email all of us there, but right now I don’t have any emails to read out today.
U: Really?
A: Yeah, don’t read too much into why I don’t have any. Hopefully, we’ll have more emails to read next podcast.
C: Wow, you didn’t come prepared for a guest, you don’t have any emails, you ruined Boys Night-
U: Actually, Metabeth ruined Boys’ Night.
M: Still here by the way.
U: You heard me.
M: You wanna fight, mate?
U: What’s with the accent all of a sudden?
C: I think Metabeth is still on that tingle buzz.
A: Tingle. Not Even Once.
C: Well sure, mortals will die when they take it.
Chunt shuffles some papers around to find his emails.
C(CONT): Luckily for you guys, I have an email with me. You can email me at [email protected]. That is Chunt with six T’s. You can also reach me at chuntttttt, also with six t’s, on Twitter.
U: And you can reach me on Twitter at usidoretheblue.
C: Okay, the email is from OP: “Hi Chunt, Arnie and Usidore. I started listening to you guys around the beginning of September 2020. I was the one that asked you to bring Clayton and Chris from Hell to be on the show.-“
U: Who are they?
C: Baby don’t know. I guess people from Hell she wants you to summon.
U: Well if they are evil, they will go back to the depths where they belong.
C: Alright, okay. Um: “I’m not sure when you read these emails, so I wanted to give a frame of reference…. besides the timestamp of the email, I guess. Anyway, around halfway of my binging of Season 2, I started to write a fan fiction script. Note: I am not a writer, this is still a #philthevoid type of amateur content, but I hope that when you read this, you’ll get a good chuckle on the overload of meta jokes and how much fans, even recent ones, appreciate what you do. Even if you can’t read any of this on the podcast, I’ll see if I can put the full form on reddit! Hopefully when you read this, I’ll be completely caught up to the whole series. I’m excited to see what you guys do next. All the Best, OP” And then there was a Bangin’ Buds attached, and oh boy, it’s a fucking novel.
A: Let me see?
Arnie takes the papers, including the script from Chunt.
A: Holy shit, how fucking long is this?
U: It seems to be the length of a standard podcast episode.
M: Or at least an attempt to be. One pages doesn’t necessarily equal one minute. Even during edits, you can’t really gauge how long scripts could be.
U: Spoken like a true novice of the art of writing.
A: Is there even a bit you can read off?
C: Well, I started to try to find something we can say, but the beginning is weird: “The Mysterious Man is alone in a control room that looks like a sci-fi server room from the Earth’s 1980s. He speaks into a similarly teched-out microphone. The Mysterious Man: The following podcast is not real. If it were real, it would most certainly not be dictated by a script written by a fan.” Like why include this “mysterious man” in the first place?
U: That is strange.
A: Well we do get some emails directed to him. I always thought that people were referring to another podcast but maybe she included that part so we don’t confuse it with a transcript of the podcast.
U and C: What’s a transcript?
A: Oh geez…um okay, it’s like if someone took our words and wrote everything down from start to finish.
C: Like every time I say “Baybee. Making Baybee. Nasty boi”?
A: Uh, yeah. If you said it would be written out for other people to read.
U: Wait, we do have that here in the land Foon, but you really think someone is listening to the words I speak at this very moment and writing each individual word?
A: Yeah, that’s how it works.
U: Waste of time, but okay.
Usidore creeps up to the podcast equipment as if to sneak up to the mic.
U(CONT): Dear listener on the other side of the microphone. I am not sure why you wish to write all that I speak, but do not be misguided FOR ONE SECOND that you can control me with your words. STOP. YOUR. RECORDING. STOP IT! I alone dictate my words and you cannot predict anything for you are, most likely, a powerless human with nothing special about you. I am a wizard of awesome power that CANNOT BE CONTAINED! For this magic you are performing, this Dark Magic, must not continue whist the Dark Lord ruins amuck in all dimensions. Try to stop me with these words. Pineapple. Storks. The ale filled with spiders. Dicks and Balls. Squizzle nugget. Moist. Dosodorph. Hungry, Egg shells
Usidore shifts his tone from his threatening voice to his sensual recipe reading voice.
U(CONT): Ham Sandwich. Slow dried Jerky. Deviled eggs, seasons with the most exquisite spices. Carefully laid on top of some crisp lettuce and carrots. Served cold with a side of rooster feet imported from Fingeria. And smothered wit-
Arnie snaps his fingers in front of Usidore.
A: Usidore! Usidoore!
C: I think he’s in the Recipe State again.
U: Uh UH AH! Ah, what was I saying?
A: I think it was just random nonsense.
U: Do you think the audience could follow that?
C: Usidore, we couldn’t even follow that if we tried.
U: Ah, good. Suck on that TRANSCRIPTOR!
M: OH, I almost forgot! Usidore! I have a secret name for you from Earth!
U: I would like to know one of these names.
M: The average human knows you as Matt Young.
U: I will add it to the list.
M: Just only use it when you want one less wall.
A: Alright, so Metabeth, thank you for being on the show.
M: Yeah, thanks for having me.
C: Maybe we’ll see you again and help you find your ghost arm.
M: Ehhhh, it might be a one-time deal. But hey, I’m always open for if you need me. Well….kinda. Maybe I’ll figure out this ghost thing first.
U: You should also find the Cockticklers to collaborate with them and train yourself to the art of playwriting.
M: Even I’m just a head, I can probably still be a good Cocktickler.
C: They could benefit from a good head.
U: Just try not to use too much teeth.
M: But I can still use my tongue, right?
A: Oh God Dammit.
The scene zooms out from the table. Mundel starts to play the outro, but static cuts in and shifts the scene back to the bunker. Different blips and bloops are played in the back and we focus on the Mysterious Man again in his broadcast room again.
MM: Well isn’t that a fan’s wet dream. Ugh, I’m so glad I don’t have to humor that dribble anymore. You can even tell that the script was just a random stream of thought. But then again, that makes it no different than the garbage made from the improv nonsense we’re all used to by now. Arnie Niekamp was played by Arnie Niekamp, because I don’t mention it enough that all of this is even faker than it usually is. Usidore the Wizard was played by Matt Young, who wasn’t sure any of his monologues was long enough. Chunt the Shapeshifting Badger was played by Adal Rifai, which the screenwriter had to look up to make sure his name was spelled right. It’s easy, it’s R-I-then you let google autofill the rest. Metabeth the Head Ghost was played by Special Guest OP. She wrote the entire script instead of studying for her licensing exam. Shame on you! She doesn’t really have any sharable social media in fear that she will fall back into depression when she sees all her friends are having fun without her. Podley is played by whoever wants it. And Chest Trunkborn was briefly played by Travis McElroy, in hopes we can get two snip bits from him. It also says the Mysterious Man is played by Tim Sniffen, but I play myself. Go back and fact check your actors. Produced by Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and Adal Rifai. Edited by No One since OP does not believe in the concept in proofreading. Theme music by Andy Poland. Logo by Allard Lamban. Whew. One fan script down, about hundreds more to go. Have any of these newbies taken an English Class in their life?
Static shifts to Mundel starts to play the outro music again.
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2020.09.27 18:06 laur3en Advice from a Canadian Immigration veteran - Do your research

Hi guys,
I've been lurking around this sub for months and I couldn't help it but notice a series of common mistakes many of you make when gathering information and resources to move to Canada.
I'm 21, but I consider myself a veteran when it comes to Canadian immigration. I started to look at how to move to Canada since I was 14 years old. Before Express Entry existed and LMIA's were called LMO.
Now, I graduated from a Canadian college a couple of months ago, and if everything goes well, I'll be applying for PR next month. With 0 work experience, a bachelor, or having taken the IELTS. How is that possible? Because I did my research, and hopefully by creating this post I'll convince you to do yours before resorting to an immigration agent.

For most people Immigration is not a straight line
Immigration doesn't mean you're in your home country, get PR right away, move to Canada and live happily ever after. Unless you have a killer professional profile, chances are that you'll need either to study in Canada, gain more work experience or get a Canadian work permit.
Many newcomers that use the "straight line" paths struggle for years before getting settled, while people who come with Study/Work permits have a very smooth transition to PR and don't deal with issues such as credit history, landlord references, credit checks and the famous "Canadian Experience" excuse.

Do not use Immigration agents
Seriously, unless you have a very complicated case (criminal record, having lived illegally in other countries...) you should be able to do EVERY. SINGLE. THING on your own.
I took care of my own study permit when I was a clueless teenager, if you're a grown up adult you don't need an immigration agent to manage your application as IRCC makes it extremely easy for you to get the right documents. An immigration agent/consultant will just be a middle man between you and IRCC and you could be using those funds to buy a car, pay rent and your initial expenses when you land.

Don't forget PNP programs
I'm surprised at how many people don't know what PNP programs are, especially considering obtaining a PNP via Express Entry can give you up to 600 points or even better, can help you to avoid going through the Express Entry system at all.
Paper-based PNP programs have signifincatly less requirements than Express Entry, so people who have NOC C or D professions, don't speak English very well, don't have a bachelor's and are over 30 - 40 years old still have a chance to obtain PR without competing with younger and more educated applicants.
British Columbia:
/New Brunswick:
Nova Scotia:
/Prince Edward Island:]

For international students, think it twice before choosing a province
If you plan to come to Canada as an international student to obtain PR you should know all of your possibilities to stay permanently BEFORE coming to Canada, not after graduating. Why is this a problem?
I have a friend who studied in Ontario, got a NOC C job and worked until his PGWP was almost up (3 years). When he checked his immigration options he was horrified when he realized his NOC C job didn't give him any Canadian Experience points. He had to leave, and the money he invested on his education was wasted.
If he had done his research, he'd known a NOC C job wouldn't give him any Canadian Experience points towards Express Entry, but would have made him eligible for PR under a PNP in certain provinces if only he had lived and worked there for 6 months.
My advice if you want easy PR, is to consider what province you'll move to and what province-specific immigration a job prospects you have. Is it known that Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Atlantic provinces offer easy permanent residence for people who commit to the province by working or studying there, while Ontario is more picky as most international students end up here.

Know your work permit options
The US, Mexico and some South American countries have NAFTA agreements with Canada, which means obtaining a work permit is way easier than it is for people who need LMIA's and regular work permits.
Europeans, Aussies and Kiwis also have IEC programs, and can obtain a Working Holiday Visa (1 year open work permit) which can be changed to a Young Professionals visa. If you're smart about it, you could easily get 50 extra points towards Express Entry + 2 years of Canadian work experience totally hassle-free. This is, of course if you do your research beforehand and don't "waste" your WHV.
The program is not just for Europeans, Aussies and Kiwis. There are a range of other countries that participate in this program too. Some South American countries and Asian countries can take advantage too.
A WHV can be 6 months to 2 years, depending on country of citizenship.
Not all allow you to switch between WHV and YP, or even offer all options to participants.
If you are not a citizen of one of the countries participating directly in the program, this doesn't mean you can't take advantage of it still, you instead need to go through a Registered Organisation.
Seriously, PGWP and WHV are a once in a lifetime opportunities, don't waste them and make sure you know all your options BEFORE your permits expire.

Immigration consultats can be great or terrible
There are some cases where I recommend using an immigration consultat, especially if you have a difficult case. But they are also a good resource if you have very specific questions that the IRCC website can't solve.
I myself found some immigration loopholes that would have made my CRS score skyrocket if I had gone through with them, and to double-check I asked an immigration consultant.
But some immigration consultants will give you false hopes and waste your time and money, in the Canadavisa forums there are many cases where immigration consultants "promise" PR and all they do is to set up an EE profile...knowing the applicant's score is not going to be enough with current cutoff scores.
If you decide you want to hire an immigration consultant's services, make sure they're ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) approved because at least, that means they're legitimely approved by IRCC to give immigration advice.
Here you can check if your representative is authorized:

Keep your EE profile dynamic
Learning French, getting a 1-yr diploma either in your home country or Canada can make the difference between getting an ITA or not. Keeping your NOC up to date or even changing it if your duties align better with a NOC that falls into a PNP target stream can give you up to 600 points.
Don't let your EE profile idle and just hoping scores will drop, try to actively increase your score by learning French, studying, finding a job in Canada or getting an IEC permit if you're eligible.

Have a plan B
As you must know by now, Express Entry is the quickest way to get PR in Canada but it's not the only option. Studying in Canada, PNP, NAFTA and IEC can also lead to permanent residence. If you can, try to write down all of the possible immigration pathways you could use.
The "Come to Canada" tool is a good resource to get started, but it's too basic and doesn't really give personalized answers in the same way you could learn on your own. If you want to immigrate permanently it's just going to tell you Express Entry, but won't mention studying and working as PR pathways or PNP programs.
That's all I wanted to say, it's a bit discouraging how many people post here without having done any research or taking the effort to go through the IRCC page, expecting to get easy answers while the truth is Canadian immigration is extremely complex and the different options to stay permanently in the country vary from one person to another.
submitted by laur3en to ImmigrationCanada [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 18:05 ThrownAwayInOntario Do I qualify for literally anything? At all? Anywhere? Do I matter?

I am a giant bundle of confused and angry, and honestly this probably belongs in /offmychest too, but I'm not going to get any solid (read: local) answers there so please bear with me. My primary question is; do I qualify for any manner of CERB, EI, or any kind of financial assistance so I can stop feeling like a burden in my household? Here's my predicament.
I was a PSW who willingly resigned because the mental abuse that came along with covid was too much to take. I became the enemy to my clients, I became the one that was screened before I entered houses, and any manner of training and knowledge I had to help my clients through this was tossed out the window. It became increasingly difficult for me to do my job being needed but not wanted, and in some cases verbally abused by my clients and their family WHILE PERFORMING CARE. I brought this up with my employers who gave me the typical sympathetic shoulder pat and nothing more. My hours got reduced because people would call the office after my screening call, and cancel the visit on me, if they did not approve of where I'd been (OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES, DOING MY JOB). The position I had with this company was an on-call position so I was "the fill-in lady" and most of my clients knew this. This was called a "guaranteed hours" position and worked in the manner of: I was "guaranteed" x amount of hours per check so long as all my ducks stayed in a row; my stops were met, I did not cancel them, I accepted every on-call alert I received during my on-call hours, etc. This became hard to do at the beginning of the pandemic because of the PPE shortage and I HAD to decline some stops because I did not have enough/proper PPE to go to all of my stops. You see where this is going, right? My guaranteed hours got slashed, meaning my pay went from the guaranteed hours I was used to, to 15-20 hour paychecks. So now I was making less while still being treated like the enemy, while qualifying for zero mental health leave, zero kinds of resources while still working (because apparently a lot of essential workers got left out of this loop), nothing.
I mulled over it for MONTHS. I reduced my availability to zero as a first step instead of completely resigning (In April), hoping that we'd get through covid and see an end to it and I could go back to work as we're all approaching more of a normalcy, but clearly that's not going to happen. Late last month I turned in my work phone, nametag, etc and resigned. When I did I saw that half the office staff I knew had left as well, which did nothing but further press the idea that my company had nothing they would do about any of this.
The CERB page specifically states I do not qualify because I left my job willingly, but did I really leave willingly? Does this not fall under some kind of mental abuse or unsafe work environment that would justifiably drive someone to want to leave? On top of all this, that was my only employment history in Canada as I got my work permit in August 2018 and was employed with only them from day one of that work permit (I walked from the Service Canada straight to them with a recruitment paper from the local employment services building). I am now a permanent resident, but my work history is limited in this country (just that employer) and I don't even know if telling people on a resume right now that I'm from America is even a good idea. I left that out, honestly, and hoped that the names of my previous employers wouldn't give it away on the resume's I've handed out recently.
And to add another layer to this damn onion, I am now pregnant and have no idea if I would even be worth being employed prior to having the child so I can TRY to help contribute to this financially. Yes my PSW job said they'd willingly take me back, but how can I do that job and be that close to covid risks while pregnant? And my hormones are already kicking in, if I couldn't take being yelled at over the phone 8 times a day earlier this year I certainly wouldn't be able to do it now. Also, I did reinstate myself in August as an attempt to come back, but I was immediately filled with clients all covid positive, not a single stop without it. I had reason to believe I was showing signs of pregnancy but did not want to jump the gun, so I politely asked for any other stops to try and reduce my chances of catching it, but I was told straight up "if you decline these stops we're going to have a hard time scheduling you" aka we're not gonna do this. The only other option they offered was putting my availability back to zero.
I've been facing what looks like zero financial assistance possibilities, my "career" is either long-term sidelined or completely pointless to continue pursuing now, and even though I've tried looking into other employment the only jobs I'm finding that are available are other essential jobs that literally no one wants (fast food, grocery store). I am eternally grateful that my husband has a stable job that supports us, but for a long time I was a participant in this marriage and I've not felt right since April. And though he can support us, we were in a significantly better position when I could work, especially now that we have a child to start preparing for. Yes I understand a lot of things are closed, suspended, or straight up cancelled right now, but it's very disheartening to see everything closed while trying to make appointments, find classes, support groups for new parents, etc. Do I qualify for literally anything at all right now, or will I only matter when I get closer to having this child? CERB states I have to have a due date/be closer to said due date for maternity benefits, but that's if I even qualify to begin with for having left my job "voluntarily". Help.
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2020.09.27 14:37 minkam VINCIT (빈시트) - Official SNS Accounts & Streaming Links
2) VINCIT 빈시트
3) VincitOmnia
YouTube Music
1) VINCIT - Topic
2) VINCIT 빈시트 - Topic
3) VincitOmnia - Topic
Social Media/Social Networking Service (SNS)
VINCIT 빈시트, VincitOmnia (VINCIT OMNIA, 빈시트 옴니아)
Band Members
Song Jia (송지아) - Vocal, Guitarist
Mo Gyuchan (모규찬) - Guitarist
Gu Taeil (구태일) - Bassist
Sim Drum/Sim Hyeongseok (심형석) - Drummer
South Korea Streaming
Strike Out (들어봐)
I Don't Wanna Die
Stop It
I Don't Wanna Die (Loud Carnival Concert Film)
Let Me Introduce - Mini Album Release Date: August 25, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Vacation Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
02. Stop It Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
03. Strike Out (들어봐) [TITLE] Noh Joo Hwan (노주환, No Joohwan) Noh Joo Hwan Noh Joo Hwan
04. Seriously Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
05. I Don't Wanna Die Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
06. Let Go To Hold On Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
I Don't Wanna Die - Single Release Date: February 18, 2020
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. I Don't Wanna Die [TITLE] Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
Vacation - Mini Album Release Date: January 25, 2018
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Vacation [TITLE] Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
02. Shout Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
03. Stop It Song Jia Song Jia VINCIT
04. Let Go To Hold On (Instrumental) Song Jia VINCIT
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2020.09.27 11:42 yogendra05 Key points of Inspection of Induction Motors

Key points of Inspection of Induction Motor
We are a leading Third-Party Inspection Agency in India has vast experience in Third Party Inspection services in Engineering products – Including the Mechanical and Electrical Products.
In this Blog – we are providing the Third-Party Inspection of Induction Motor – the key points to be covered during the Inspection of Induction Motor by our Team of Competent and Expert Engineers.
About Induction Motor
Induction motors are the most frequently used type of motor used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. In an induction motor, the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained via electromagnetic induction from the rotating magnetic field of the stator winding.
There are mainly two types of induction motor on the basis of power supply, Single Phase Induction Motor and Three Phase Induction Motor.
Single Phase Induction Motor - It may be classified on the basis of their construction and starting methods.
· Split Phase Induction Motor
· Capacitor Start Induction Motor
· Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Induction Motor
· Shaded Pole Induction Motor
The single-phase induction motors are used in low power applications. These motors are widely used in domestic and industrial applications. Some of the applications are:
· Pumps
· Compressors
· Small fans
· Mixers
· Toys
· High-speed vacuum cleaners
· Electric shavers
· Drilling machines
Three Phase Induction Motor – It has two major components, Stator and Rotor. The stator is the stationary part whereas the Rotor is the rotating part. The load is coupled to the rotor shaft of the motor. Three-phase armature winding is wound on the stator. When balanced three-phase current flows through this winding, a constant amplitude rotating magnetic field is created in the air gap. This armature winding is connected to the 3 phase power supply and carried the load current.
Based on the rotor construction, it can be of two types: Squirrel Cage Rotor and Wound Rotor. On this ground, Induction Motor is also classified as:
· Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
· Wound Rotor or Slip Ring Induction Motor
Three-phase induction motors are used extensively in domestic and industrial appliances because these are rugged in construction requiring little to no maintenance, comparatively cheaper, and require supply only to the stator. Applications of Three Phase Induction Motor:
· Lifts
· Cranes
· Hoists
· Large capacity exhaust fans
· Driving lathe machines
· Crushers
· Oil extracting mills
· Textile and etc.
Electrical faults in three-phase Induction Motor
Single Phasing Fault: Single phasing fault occurs when any one phase of the supply voltage is getting lost because three phases of the voltage supply are must require for the normal working of a three-phase induction motor. Due to this fault, the motor could be burned or heat up.
Reverse Phase Sequencing Fault: Reverse phase sequencing fault occurs when any one phase of the three-phase voltage supply is reversed means the phase order of supply voltages is swapped. Due to this fault, the direction of rotation of the motor has changed.
Under or Over Supply Voltages Fault: This fault occurs when supply voltages are under or over the specified limit. The limit of three-phase ac supply voltages is 380 to 440 so when supply voltages have crossed this limit then the motor could be burned or heart up.
Over Load Fault: This fault occurs when the motor is overloaded means the higher load is connected at the output side of the motor and due to this load motor could be heating up or excessive vibration.
Earth Fault: Earth fault occurs when anyone phase of supply voltages is connected to the housing of the motor then the motor is totally shorted. In this condition when anyone will touch this motor then he will feel the heavy shock beside this, the motor would take over current that could be dangerous for induction motor.
Inter Turn Short Circuit Fault: Inter turns short circuit fault is such type of fault when two turns of the same phase or different phases are short-circuited. During this fault, the motor could be totally damaged, or coils of that specific phase could be damaged.
Crawling Fault: Crawling fault is basically an electromechanical fault in a three-phase induction motor. This fault occurs when the motor is fully loaded with full supply voltages then it does accelerate but it runs nearly one-seventh of its synchronous speed. This specific phenomenon of induction motor is called crawling.
Mechanical faults in three-phase Induction Motor
Mechanical Faults: Mechanical faults are such types of faults which are generally occurred in the internal housing of a three-phase induction motor. These faults are further sub dived into three types such as,
Broken Rotor Bar Fault: The squirrel cage induction motor consists of rotor bars and a shorted end ring. If these bars are damaged or partially cracked, then this type of fault is called a rotor broken bar fault. There are so many reasons for occurring this fault, but it has mainly observed that this fault is occurred due to manufacturer defect. Because during the brazing process non-uniform metallurgical stress may occur in rotor bars which may lead the rotor bars failure during the rotation of the rotor
Rotor Mass Unbalance Fault: If we concentrate on the construction of the induction motor then we can easily know that the rotor of the induction motor is placed inside the stator bore and it rotates coaxially with the stator. In heavy motors, it is centrally aligned with the stator and its axis of rotation is also the same as the geometrical axis of the stator. So the air gap between the inner of the stator and the outer of the rotor is the same. Similarly, if this air gap is not the same then the situation which is referred to eccentricity would occur. In this eccentricity situation, the rotor fault would occur which is called rotor unbalanced fault.
Bearing Fault: In three-phase induction motor two sets of bearings are installed inside of motor housing, for supporting the motor shaft. The main purposes of these bearings are, to rotate the motor shaft freely and reduce the fiction. They consist of an outer and inner ring which is called races and a set of rolling elements which is called balls. The balls are fixed in an inner and outer side of the ring and they reduce the friction of the shaft. The fiction could be further reduced by the lubrication of these balls. Sometimes the balls, outer or inner ring of the bearing are damaged due to any physical problem then the fault occurs. This fault is called bearing fault and due to this fault, the motor totally jammed or struck.
Environmental faults in three-phase Induction Motor
Environmental Fault: In three-phase induction motor different faults could be occurred simultaneously and, in these faults, the environmental fault is also so much important. Induction motor surrounding environments such as ambient temperature and moisture etc. affect the performance of the induction motor. These factors reduce the performance of the induction motor. Besides this, the vibration in the induction motor that could be due to any reason such as, not properly installed also affects the performance of the induction motor. So during the installation of three-phase induction, this factor should be kept in mind.
Motor specifications are key to matching load and operating conditions with motor protection and efficiency. Nameplate provides important information relevant to its selection and application. Manufactured AC motors generally are hp-rated / Kw rated. Base speed is the nameplate speed given in rev/min (rpm) at which the motor develops the rated horsepower at the rated voltage and frequency. The service factor is a multiplier that may be applied to the rated power to allow a motor to be operated at higher than its rated hp. AC motor efficiency is expressed as a percentage. It is an indication of how much of the input electrical energy is converted to output mechanical energy.
All induction motor inspection and testing are done against the approved drawings, purchase order specifications, purchasers or company standards, and within the practices and rules of the country, state or province, and any government decrees, laws, ordinance, or regulation as may apply.
The applicable codes and specifications for an induction motor that is under the construction process are:
· Design code and Standard
· Purchase order specification
· Purchaser's standards
· Approved drawings
The applicable codes and standards may be based on any international standards. This content is general and can be useful for all recognized standards. Ref. some of IS Standards as:
· IS 325: 1996 AMD 3 2011
· IS 12615: 2018 ‘Line Operated Three Phase a.c. Motors
Third-Party Inspection Document Review for Induction Motor
These are the list of documents that are normally agreed upon to be presented to the inspector:
· Induction Motor Purchase Order or Contract
· Induction Motor Manufacture Proforma Invoice
· Induction Motor Manufacture Quality Control Plan
· Induction Motor Inspection and Test plan
· Induction Motor Data Sheet
· Induction Motor Approved Drawings, (arrangements, schematics, wiring, single line)
· Induction Motor Raw Material Test Reports
· Weld procedures and Procedure Qualification Records (if applicable)
· Induction Motor Calibration Certificates for Test Equipment
· Induction Motor Special Procedures
· Induction Motor Special Qualifications
· Induction Motor Preservation, Packing and Shipping Procedure
· Induction Motor Packing List
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Material Inspection
The review includes checks on:
· Maker’s name and location
· Certificate number, grade
· Batch number
· Chemical composition
· Mechanical properties
· Cast or Heat number (for metal parts)
· Heat treatment condition
· Surface finish (if required)
· Structural observations, notable defects
Ancillary items may be supported by test certification, or by certificates of conformity. It is necessary for the content of certification to be appropriate to the required scope of the items.
It is also necessary to check material identification with the induction motor drawing datasheet, material list, and other specifications as appropriate.
When the third party inspector carries out the material inspection, then provides the inspection visit report, the report contains the following items:
· Confirmation of satisfactory document review
· Record of the endorsement of certification reviewed/witnessed
· Record of all non-conformities
· Record of any tests witnessed and the result
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor Construction:
The inspection scope is determined in the Inspection and Test Plan. Some purchasers prefer to have stringent controls and assign the TPI for more “hold or witness points” for inspection and test activities, and some others prefer less “hold or witness points” and assign the TPI much more work in the “review document.” Inspection and Test Plan - The IEC, ISO, IS standard requirements normally are applied for inspection and test plan of induction motor in the manufacturing shop.
These are some of the inspection points which need to be witnessed, checked, monitored, and reviewed by third party inspector in the induction motor manufacture shop.
Important Points
· Visual and dimensional check
· Dielectrically and insulation test
· Measurement and calculation of no-load and short circuit characteristics, efficiency, power factor, current, slip, losses, torque etc.
· Measurement and control of alignment, air gap, bearings
· Heat run test
· Noise and vibration measurement
· No-load test
Third-Party Inspection of Induction Motor -The inspector (TPI) checks the following in accordance with approved drawings and applicable standards:
· Paint using specified color swatch, measure thickness if specified
· Nameplate
· Outline dimensions, interface dimensions, bus bar dimensions, and clearances, and other specified dimensions
· Tightness/torque of terminals
· Degree of protection
Third-Party Inspection -Induction Motor - General Arrangement Check
The inspector checks that all instruments, compartments, control switches etc. are correctly rated and are correctly located, with specified labeling. The inspection is carried out in accordance of approved drawings.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Winding Resistance Test
Induction motor resistance between terminals of each winding is measured by means of a double bridge method. The test would be acceptable if the imbalance value is within + or - 3%.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - No Load Test
Each phase current and input power are measured in operating under rated frequency, rated voltage, and no load. The test would be acceptable if the Imbalance value of each phase current is within + or minus 5% of the mean value.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Locked Rotor Test
While locking the rotor, the voltage, current, and input power are measured under the rated frequency and the rated current. The test would be acceptable if the measured values are in specified ranges.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Low-Frequency Locked Rotor Test
While locking the rotor, the voltage, current, and input power are measured under half-rated frequency and approximately rated current. The test would be acceptable if the measured values are in the specified ranges.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Determination of Characteristics
The following characteristics are calculated by the induction motor manufacturer and are reviewed by a third-party inspector.
· Current, efficiency, power factor, and slip
· Maximum output power
· Maximum torque
· Starting current
· Starting torque
The obtained values from the calculation would be acceptable if they are in the range of specified values.
Third-Party Inspection Induction Motor - Temperature Rise Test
The temperature rise is measured for the following parts operating for a rated time by means of equivalent load method.
· Stator winding
· Stator core
· Bearing (Coupling side and free side)
· Centre of frame
· Inlet air
· Outlet air
The test would be acceptable if the measured values are in the specified ranges.
Induction Motor - Resistance Test
Induction Motor Insulation resistance is measured between winding and earth (using 1000V Megger) and between Accessories circuit and earth (using 500V Megger). The test would be acceptable if the measured value between winding and earth is over 10 Mega-ohm and between the Accessories circuit and earth is Over 1 Mega-ohm at the normal temperature.
Induction Motor - Dielectric Test
It is necessary to confirm that the voltage provided in the applied specification is withstood between stator winding and earth. The test would be acceptable if withstood without any damage.
Induction Motor - Vibration Test
Induction motor vibration is measured in operating the motor at no load condition with rated voltage and frequency. The location of vibration measurement is at both bearing housings. Measuring directions are in horizontal, axial, and vertical positions. The test would be acceptable if measured values are within the specified values.
Induction Motor - Noise Test
Induction motor noise is measured in the motor at no load condition with rated voltage and frequency. The 4 points at every 90 degrees are measured, where the height of the points is shaft height for horizontal motor and one-half of motor height for the vertical motor. The test would be acceptable if measured values are within the specified values.
Induction Motor - Visual Inspection
The induction motor is visually inspected for outside views such as rust, scratch, and bruise, coasting color and finish, description on the nameplate, mounting direction of the terminal box, and Protection type of frame.
Induction Motor - Dimensional Inspection
The induction motor is dimensionally controlled for shaft end diameter, shaft length, key and keyway, the pitch of bolt holes including bolt holes, the height of the shaft center, and principal outer dimensions. The test would be acceptable if measured values confirm drawing values.
Induction Motor - Packing, Marking, and Shipping
The following points are checked by the third-party inspector for packing inspection:
Verify that the packing materials conform to specifications and accepted practice for the mode of transport
· Verify protection against humidity, abrasion, distortion, and other damage.
· Verify shipping marks to marking instructions and records.
· Verify handling marks.
In general, it is good to conduct complete engineering tests on new designs to evaluate all motor performance parameters and commercial or routine tests on duplicate designs.
Routine Test - Testing usually performed by the vendor to ensure the motor operates to accepted specifications. Commonly called “commercial test” by most vendors.
Complete Test - More extensive testing which usually includes a full load heat run test, efficiency, power factor, full load and locked rotor currents, breakdown torque and percent slip, stator and bearing temperature rises, speed-torque characteristics etc.
Optional Test - Special testing specified by the customer such as surge comparison, stator winding immersion, dielectric absorption ratio, bearing housing natural frequency test, coast down test etc.
Observed Testing - The vendor will notify the customer about the date of inspection or testing; however, the test or inspection shall be performed as scheduled, and if the customer is not present, the vendor will continue so as not to impact the production schedule.
Witnessing - Testing or inspection that places a hold on the production schedule and that the test or inspection will not be carried out until the customer is present. Requires a successful pretest of the motor in most cases.
Inspection or Hold Points - A point specified by the customer to ensure various stages of the motor production meet their specifications. Such as rotor balancing, surge comparison testing, an inspection of the stator before vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), or welding before final assembly.
Being a leading Third-Party Inspection Agency in India – we assured that during the inspection of the Induction motor our expert Inspection Team – prepare the prior Inspection Checklist – Considering the Inspection requirement Inputs received from the Client. Develop the Final QAP submit to the Client prior to Inspection. So that Client and Supplier have a common understating of the outcome of Third-Party Inspection of Induction Motor. Accordingly, we provide the Third-Party Inspection Services – So that by delivery of Third-Party Inspection services our Clients feel satisfied with the outcome of Inspection Results.
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2020.09.27 10:02 MacaulayKahkin He cheated but says it wasn't cheating, broke up with me, got nudes from someone else, but wants to be with do I do?

I feel so stupid and crazy at this point I don't know what to do, I need advice. This is going to be a long one so TLDR at the bottom. Also possible trigger warning light talk of r*pe.
Background: My(20f) ex-boyfriend(28m) and I were together for 9 months.
He got "kidnapped" as he says by his ex girlfriend/ex FWB and brought from FL to NC a few months before he and I met. We will call her "The Ex" and him "Sam" for this post in an attempt to make things clearer. Sam says that after The Ex kidnapped him (She told Sam he'd be in this state for two weeks for vacation then he could go back) that she refused to take him back to his home and he had no way back, later The Ex got a girlfriend of her own and eventually the two girls were using him for cooking, cleaning, watching the kids (that aren't his), and would occasionally abuse him and by the end of it kicked him out causing him to be homeless. I never saw any of this for myself it's just what he has told me.
After The Ex kicked him out Sam ended up living with his then boss at the time, which is where he was when he and I met. TMI- The day we started dating we walked from my retail job where we went to the park and later back to my house where he swiped my Vcard. Fast forward four months and I realize that at his current home he is still being used and treated VERY poorly by everyone living there (there were 4 grown adults and two children living in a 3bed 1bath house, Sam and the other two adults slept in the living on the couch/chair or floor while the boss man and his two daughters each had there own room) once again he was doing all the cooking, cleaning, watching kids that were not his, and being bullied by another person living in the house so I tell him to come live with me. Stupid.
Eventually he moves in with me after saying he didn't want to multiple times, i kept asking when he would tell me about the problems in the house. He still says it was too soon and my fault.
Okay, since then we had a lot of problems but over the last few months things have been getting worse and worse.
Currently here is a short timeline:
  1. Sam sees The Ex at Walmart and ignores her.
  2. That night The Ex reaches out to him on FB messenger.
  3. He says he wants closure and invites The Ex over to our home while I was at work (that he didn't have a job and wasn't paying for at all at the time, and I had blatantly told him no females here when I was gone.)
  4. They end up sitting on his bed to pet our kitten and one thing led to another. This is how he says it all went down: The Ex kept rubbing on his pants and trying to unbutton them, he said no multiple times but eventually she got it out, put a condom on it and started giving him head. At first he says he enjoyed it but started feeling guilty 4mins in and made her stop then leave. He made sure to tell me it was only head and he didn't cum.
  5. The next day he doesn't tell me but breaks up with me because he needed time to get professional therapy and help for his autism and communication skills.
  6. It hurts but he says he still wants to be friends, he loves and cares about me and that I'm the only girl he would date or fuck. That unless it was me he'd rather stay single forever.
7.Over the next two weeks I swallow my pride and try to help him the best I can, I'm not talking to anyone else and he knows that. He continues to ask for hugs everytime one of us leaves the house and still cuddled with me on the couch when I asked. I thought that we'd do the bare minimum in a cross between friendship and dating so there wasn't pressure on either of us but neither of us were lonely either.
  1. I got a bit tipsy on Friday night and he and I end up spending a few hours having...uh relations...this is after I said no four times but eventually gave in because he wouldn't take his hand out of my pants and I was intoxicated. Stupid.
  2. Saturday I get up and he goes to Walmart and a few other places to pick up some things everything is fine between us and at this point I still don't know about The Ex.
  3. While he is gone his second phone (no service but was connected to hotspot off my phone) started ringing off messenger. I know what you're thinking and NOPE not The Ex but instead another girl who still lives in FL has started messaging and calling him Friday night and by the time I woke up on Saturday he was getting nudes. (I thought it was a friend or family member trying to get in contact over FB and I was going to tell them to call back later)
  4. While on his phone I saw, also on messenger that he had been planning on meeting The Ex at Walmart and inviting her over while I was at work today(I didn't end up going to work so he cancelled.) The exact messages were "Is she gone yet" "No she decided not to go or I would have invited you over"
  5. I texted the nude girl chat (where he could see on his other phone while at Walmart) that it was messed up to be getting pics from her after sleeping with me.
  6. When he got home there was a lot of yelling obviously and his explanation to everything ended up being that: The Ex basically rpd him, and he changed his mind about inviting her over and was going to go to her house where The Ex and The Ex's current gf are in order to end things and get closure today. The reason he invited her over the first time was to rub it in her face that he had his own house and was doing fine without her. As far as the nudes girl goes he was going to come home and when he had alone time end things with her as well because he wants to reconnect with me and that pics or a 10second video doesn't do anything for him anyway "that's what I have porn for" but he asked for my nudes when we started dating because they meant something else to him.
Everything was chalked up to an accident and bad timing.
He still is saying that he doesn't want to date anyone but me. He deleted and blocked both The Ex and the nudes girl, gave me his phone to go through and deleted all other pics and numbers that werent work related, family, or males.
He keeps switching between wanting closure from The Ex and needing someone to talk to that he has history with but says it'll never happen again and that he feels like crap for it.
He is saying that he still wants to get professional help and be with only me. That he loves me and that I matter more to him than anything else.
I told him that he has 6months to save up enough money to move out and that there is to be no other people on my property that isn't blood related. And he is to not talk to any other females and must send me pics of his whereabouts if he is gone longer than 15mins unless he's at work (the last part was pretty much just to test him but he said he'd do it.)
I still have love for him all things considered but everytime I see him look at his phone I can see those nudes from the Florida girl and everytime he mentions leaving the house I think he's going to see The Ex. TMI- The bed she gave had on is the same bed he took my vcard on, in our spare room that also has our bathroom in it so i see that now and almost puke.* to put a pretty red bow on top my period is almost a month late and pregnancy tests have been giving me mixed signals.
He still wants to work things out with me. I still have love for him but sometimes he makes me feel sick just looking at him now. I don't know what to do. Follow my heart and trust him/work things out or completely ignore him or just try to make the best of it until the 6 months are up.
Help me please. I feel so distressed and heartbroken. I know it all sounds stupid but my emotions are all over the place and I do t know what to do.
TLDR: My Ex BF cheated on me with his EX the day before he broke up with me but says it was basically rp. Then got nudes from another girl who he was going to end it with that night. He says everything can be summed up to bad timing and accident but he still loves and wants me. I told him he has 6 months to find somewhere else to live, that he can't talk to anymore girls or have anybody over to my house that isn't family. Also I may or may not be pregnant. He still wants to work things out with me and says he's sorry.
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2020.09.27 09:32 StanleyBolten QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

QAnon supporter Praying Medic @PrayingMedic was right: Justice John Roberts deserves Presumption of Innocence but so does ALL AMERICANS – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News
by Laurie Azgard
Justice John Roberts is being accused of possibly being on the serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein flights on the Lolita Express due to a “John Roberts” name appearing two times on the flight log as well as “Bill Gates” Virginia Roberts, and “President William Jefferson Clinton” or Bill Clinton. However Praying Medic @prayingmedic a QAnon supporter is right in response to my last article. Justice John Roberts as well as ALL American citizens deserves the right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt when accused of committing a crime. That constitutional due process right does not just apply to Supreme Court justices. It applies to all.

Screenshot thanks to Twitter user Stanley Bolten u/BenGate61221661
Praying Medic said “I would be careful of making assumptions. There are thousands of people with that name“. Still the former U.S. President’s name and title “President” is on the flight logs referring to Bill Clinton, and so why not the Chief Supreme Court Justice? Let the allegations begin and then the rights of the defense John Roberts in the court of public opinion.
Logically it would make sense to suspect blackmail and compromise when the Justice is making anti-republican decisions in favor of abortion, DACA which is not a law but only an executive order created and signed by former President Barack Obama but John Roberts treated it as a law, and made a decision in favor of mandatory payments to health insurance in favor of the forced mandates to buy health insurance which is SLAVERY. No free country should ever force payments to private health insurance against your will. No law or executive decree shall force a private citizen to be indebted to a private corporation, private business, or company as it takes away the civil liberties and freedoms of each individual of the United States of America. It is corporate fascism, not freedom. It is slavery, not responsibility, treating everyone as children and punishing them by taking away their allowance by not wanting to do what BIG DADDY wants. Also the chief justice of the Supreme Court also has the power to appoint officers over the Administrative Office of the United States Courts [AOUSC], a agency over the oversight of federal probation, federal courts, and over federal court security. The AOUSC is over the appellate and district Article III courts and judges, and has a certain amount of power and discretion. So the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the most powerful position of the U.S. Constitution’s federal Article III judiciary. The power to interpret the Constitution and laws passed by Congress as well as executive orders and actions under the executive branch of government. It is logical to assume that Jeffrey Epstein would compromise John Roberts or anybody even associated with the chief justice position of the Supreme Court. To those who worry about political corruption and judicial corruption, it is logical to assume and fear that John Roberts may or may not be guilty of being compromised by the pedophile rings and the deep state swamp intelligence operations. This ain’t referring to the CIA when talking about the Deep State swamp , but networks of Deep State shadow government [second national and/or state government acting as the US government but not under the Constitution and lawful confines such as the separation of powers] and ShadowNet operations being conducted with connections with different positions of government including the FBI, NSA, CIA. DHS, DIA, and any other position within a government agency or branch of government.
Now let us hear John Robert’s side of the story in his defense as he is entitled the right to defend himself against a criminal allegation as he is a lawyer and a judge/justice and he knows that. More than likely he will definitely deny being part of the Jeffrey Epstein flights, so in other words he will highly likely deny involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. Unless videos, photographs, or any credible witnesses come forth against him and say under oath or affirmation that they had witnessed John Roberts hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein and actually engaging in child sex acts or any sexual activity with children, he is to be presumed innocent as what is deserved of all American citizens regardless of what stature or what position or office held inside or outside of government, even if never involved in government or only involved in private business. It doesn’t matter whether somebody works for the government or the courts or even law enforcement. All Americans are entitled by law to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. That right to such position should not just be reserved to federal judges or justices of a Supreme Court or of any court or office. That right to such position should not just be reserved to police officers, FBI agents, and any other law enforcement.
Praying Medic is right, all American citizens are entitled to the due process right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Before I make any further arguments in John Robert’s favor, this week will be the deciding week as to whether the Supreme Court will grant the petition for “Writ of Certiorari” in the case of “Brian David Hill v. United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina”.
Both associate justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas were falsely accused of sex allegations in an attempt to either bring them down so that they could never hold public office or to be used as a way to compromise them whether the sex allegations were true or false. Something to hang over their heads even if it ain’t true. With both of those justices as US citizens, they are also presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Brian David Hill, aka Brian D. Hill formerly of USWGO alternative news from 2009-2012 was never given the same right as John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, or even Clarence Thomas, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Those rights cannot be protected with a corrupt judge, corrupt lying prosecution, or ineffective assistance of counsel. Fraud upon the court allegations were never responded to in the district court record. Three motions for sanctions and the US attorney assistant Anand Prakash Ramaswamy who was accused of defrauding the court and using perjury and misconstrued facts or evidence was never contested on the district court record where those three motions were filed.

Meet Brian D. Hill!
Brian was accused of a computer sex crime [which can easily be fabricated with hacking tools such as PRISM and Vault-7 and Galileo Remote Control System], a crime similar to the allegations being thrown at Chief Justice John Roberts by those reviewing over the Epstein flight logs and any other investigative evidence, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Clarence Thomas. It isn’t their positions in government which affords them the right to the presumption of innocence when accused of a crime. That right belongs to every single American citizen no matter what skin color, gender, office held, political background, personal background, professional background, or any background for that matter.
Brian D. Hill was never given any such right throughout his federal criminal case even though his entire criminal case is tainted in fraud and due process deprivations including ineffective assistance of counsel. He alleged in his 2255 brief [part 1, part 2, part 3] that he was treated as though he was guilty before the jury trial and his lawyer would not investigative anything and wouldn’t let him see his own entire discovery material before the false guilty plea agreement. That John Roberts should understand if he is innocent of the crime of being involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile blackmail conspiracy. In regards to Brian, his family could not bond him out while Brian’s medical issues such as type 1 brittle diabetes were neglected by multiple county jails because there was going to be strict bond conditions and stipulations against him like for instance Brian was not going to be allowed to use a telephone and neither would his family in the four apartment complex that is interconnected at that time. Brian’s entire family and all of their apartments would be subject to searches and seizures without a warrant and without any rights just for bonding out Brian D. Hill. So his entire family would not allowed to use a telephone at all. Even jails and prisons have telephones and even the prison counselors guarantee attorney phone calls for prisoners who need to speak with their attorneys or allow them to mail out legal mail. Brian was also given stipulations of home imprisonment, no telephone and no way to contact his pretrial services officer to even get permission to leave the residence for medical reasons and legal visits with an attorney, Brian would have died in his apartment if released on bond because he would not even be allowed to see his doctor while out on bond which can last for months to years. Brian was given less rights and was already treated like he was guilty of his computer possession sex crime. After Brian falsely plead guilty for being given a promise of a time served prison sentence, Brian was placed immediately on supervised probation. On that conditions, Brian was allowed to text message and he was allowed to use the telephone. Brian was given more legal rights for falsely pleading guilty which is a perjury charge risk. That itself is a sheer deprivation of due process and deprivation of Brian’s constitutional right to being presumed innocent of his crime until he is proven guilty by a jury of his peers beyond a reasonable doubt, that never happened with Brian. Why was Brian given more rights by falsely admitting gilt and accepting responsibility for his charge rather then be given rights until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Brian’s only crime was possessing computer files when anybody can hack a computer to plant child porn which can be as easy to plant or modify any computer file as long as you know how to reverse engineer? Why was Brian treated like such a dangerous violent criminal in Federal Court when there was no allegation of violence and no actual sexual misconduct ever alleged against Brian except just possession of computer files when possession is easy to fabricate?
Until the Jeffrey Epstein situation and investigations is sorted out, should John Roberts be treated as bad of a sex criminal defendant as with Brian David Hill? Should he be treated guilty until he proves his innocence? Should John Roberts be treated like a violent animal placed on permanent home detention and no phone calls allowed to anybody even his pretrial services officer if charged? Should John Roberts be barred from calling probation and not allowed to visit the doctor? Should John Roberts be treated like he is guilty until proven innocent because that was how Brian David Hill the poor autistic man was treated? Brian D. Hill was not given the presumption of innocence before he had falsely plead guilty under oath due to the Rule 11 colloquy. So should John Roberts also be treated as guilty of the Epstein connections of pedophilia until John Roberts spends million of dollars of his own money and be forced to apply for loans and mortgages trying to prove otherwise? They did that to a lowly poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendant with Autism Brian Hill so why not treat John Roberts with disdain and dishonor and mistreat him the exact same way they mistreated Brian for simply being accused of a crime? WHy not treat John Roberts as a VIOLENT ANIMAL until he proves that was not involved with Jeffrey Epstein because they treat lowly federal inmates as VIOLENT ANIMALS. The US Marshals treated Brian D. Hill as a VIOLENT ANIMAL as alleged in his book: “The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill” and in some cases due to his deteriorating health Brian was forced to get violent in jail against the jail guards when his diabetic blood sugar as low as the guards refused to get the medical staff involved until the next day and he would have died had he not gotten violent in Orange County Detention Center in Hillsborough, NC. So Brian was forcefully treated like a violent animal and his health was failing until he had to act out as a violent animal because he was already treated as one by the US Marshals. Brian was never charged because Brian’s violent uprising led to him being dragged with blood pouring out of his nose screaming “I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, I AM BRIAN DAVID HILL OF USWGO ALTERNATIVE NEWS AND I WAS SET UP WITH CHILD PORNOGRAPHY,” etc etc. The violent uprising led Orange County to be forced to make a night phone call with a medical nurse and showed up, and treated his wounds, Brian had a broken nose. The nurse found that his blood sugar went back up in the 70’s range after he screaming and fighting back against the jail guards after he was caught eating sugar packets which led to his violent uprising. The nurse had to instruct the jail guards not to do this ever again and to give him a diabetic snack when his blood sugar was low, and because of that Brian was never charged for that violent uprising as his blood sugar was low and he could not think logically due to being medically deprived by the jail staff. If this is what Brian had go through when he should have been presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, This is what should happen to John Roberts since criminal defendants with type 1 diabetes are mistreated as violent animals. So John Roberts should be treated with the same disdain by the Marshals until he can prove his innocence. Right? Right? Right? NO every American is supposed to be given the presumption of innocence. Praying Medic needs to understand why we are taking an harsh position of arguments against Chief Justice John Roberts for not protecting poor and mentally handicapped criminal defendants rights to due process.
Praying Medic, we welcome you to respond to this entire article with your comments. We aren’t attacking you Praying Medic but some very good points are being made here. The Federal Court mistreated criminal defendant Brian David Hill and other average inmates until he and other criminal defendants admitted to being guilty of their charges and Brian was given a lot of reprieves for lying under oath about being guilty of a crime that he may not even be guilty at all. We want to hear what you have to say about this Praying Medic, about Brian David Hill being given virtually no rights and medical neglect to the point where he was forced to act out violently against the jail guards to get medical attention while John Roberts and other high government officials are given more rights than the average poor and disadvantaged citizens that cannot afford a good lawyer and have never been given the privilege of going to law school to become a good well trained lawyer.
So Praying Medic answer this: Does Brian David Hill deserve less constitutional and legal rights to the presumption of innocence than Justice John Roberts who may or may not be guilty of being involved with serial pedophile child rapist Jeffrey Epstein?
John Roberts does have the right to the presumption of innocence as he is in fact a citizen of the United States of America entitled to the same level of rights and medical care as everyone else, he is not any better than Brian David Hill or any other citizen of this great country. John Roberts, if you are reading this blog, consider my and other people’s allegations against you to be something of the court of public opinion and even in that arena you are given the right to be presumed innocent of the crime of pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Remember whose petition you are voting on Tuesday at the conference scheduled on September 29, 2020. Remember John Roberts by denying criminal defendant petitions alleging deprivation of due process rights such as the presumption of innocence until proven guilty as well as proven allegations of fraud upon the court by the prosecutor in federal criminal cases, we can very well say that we believe to the best of our knowledge that you may be guilty of being associated with serial child molester Jeffrey Epstein and treat you the exact same way that the Federal Court in North Carolina had treated Brian David Hill here, that is our right as it is equal protections under the law. Either we all have rights or none of us do and that includes John Roberts. If you feel that Brian’s petition should be denied and not be entitled in any court to any constitutional rights, then you John Roberts are a traitor and deserve no rights and no right to the presumption of innocence. John Roberts in that instance will have failed to protect the average citizens constitutional rights when accused of federal crimes and should be treated the exact same way as federal inmates and should be caged like a violent wild animal and treated as such even if he did nothing wrong. We need to address whether rights apply to only judges and justices or to ALL OF US.
Even QAnon shows the picture of the heading words at the Supreme Court building: “Equal Justice under Law”. Remember that John Roberts if you read this article or any articles of Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. God bless America, Where We Go One We Go All.
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2020.09.27 09:04 orange0401 [Store] 34 Knives, 5 Gloves, Skins, Cash (methods listed in post), 61 Arcanas, $10000+ Cash >> MW Spearmints, Falchion Ruby/Sapphire, Butterfly Doppler P3, .007 Bayo Ruby, .25 Vice, M9 Lore FN / MW




Please note that float rankings may be out of date. Keep them in mind as general rankings, and check for yourself if you so wish.
Reddit DM is not a good way to contact me. Instead, add me or send a trade offer through steam.


Screenshots are unreliably hosted on csmoney. If you'd like to see screenshots, message/add me to ask for them.


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Bayonet Ruby FN .007x $2400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore FN .05x $1400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore MW .07x $1090 -
Falchion Knife Sapphire FN .007x $700 -
Falchion Knife Ruby FN .008x $580 -
Butterfly Knife Doppler FN P3 .02x $590 -
Butterfly Knife Slaughter MW .09x $530 -
Karambit Tiger Tooth FN .03x $460 10/2
Skeleton Knife Blue Steel MW .08x $440 -
Karambit Doppler FN P1 .008x $430 -
Bayonet Marble Fade FN .02x $405 -
M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN .04x $350 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web FT .37x $360 -
M9 Bayonet Doppler FN P1 .008x $335 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW .10x $330 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel FT .23x $310 -
Karambit Vanilla $320 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web BS .60x $275 9/30
Butterfly Knife Rust Coat BS .65x $250 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .05x $240 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .04x $240 -
Survival Knife Vanilla $210 -
Huntsman Knife Fade FN .007x 98.3% $220 -
Paracord Knife Case Hardened FT .23x $210 -
Karambit Stained FT .26x $210 -
Bowie Knife Marble Fade FN .007x $195 -
Flip Knife Doppler FN P4 .01x $197 -
M9 Bayonet Blue Steel .26x $185 9/30
Huntsman Knife Doppler FN P2 .03x $185 -
Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN .04x $163 -
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M9 Bayonet Night FT .30x $143 -
Falchion Knife Ultraviolet BS .51x $65 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Moto Gloves Spearmint MW .12x $3000 -
Sport Gloves Vice FT .25x $1180 -
Driver Gloves King Snake FT .25x $550 -
Sport Gloves Omega FT .21x $450 -
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[H] B/O Screens Notes Trade Lock
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$10000+ Cash (methods listed below) Skins, keys, gloves, etc. Stiletto Blue Steel .433298824x PI 999 for $65 - Various services may incur fees (I do not pay them). -


(please note that certain methods may incur fees that I do not pay). I offer and accept payments through
I am interested in buying for cash, usually cashouts and knife/glove/skin sales.
If you're interested in cash trades, I won't go first unless you have some form of rep greater than mine.
If an item is on trade hold and you want to guarantee its purchase, you can
  1. Pay 5% of the value to reserve it and pay the other 95% once its tradeable or
  2. Pay a full (sometimes slightly discounted) price on the item.
Otherwise I will trade the item normally, as if the offer did not exist.
CSGORep Cashrep
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2020.09.27 08:13 helloworddd Secure and Quick Way of Hosting — AGC Cloud Services

Secure and Quick Way of Hosting — AGC Cloud Services
Hello everyone! Today i will try to introduce you AGC Cloud Hosting Service.
I will start by asking a question is What is Hosting?
Hosting provides developers with full-hosting services for static and dynamic web page content. With a single command, websites can be easily deployed and users can access web page content securely and quickly.
How its become easy, secure and quick?
With the Cloud Hosting service, you only need to focus on developing the UI interaction, website style, and service logic, without concerning about cloud-side deployment details, for example, domain name application and certificate management. In addition, you also do not need to concern about the website distribution in the CDN(Content Delivery Network). This allows you to build secure websites that can be accessed quickly.
You can provide in-app websites and static websites for users without any cloud devices.

What is Core Functions of Cloud Hosting?

  1. Full hosting of dynamic and static web pages: integration with Cloud Functions to provide dynamic content access.
  2. Configurable access rules: The error page, rewriting rule, response header, and cache rule can be configured
  3. Multi-version management: supports multi-version management and one-click rollback.
  4. The one of the crucial feature for users of this service is Customized Domain Name, it will be available in Q4 2020.
Why do we need to use AGC Cloud Hosting?
Cloud Hosting has four major advantages, those are;
  1. Fast Deployment
  2. Smooth Access
  3. Secure Access
  4. Dynamic Web Site Content
Fast deployment helps you quickly deliver a website. This is includes several different functions.
Fast Deployment
  • One-click Deployment : Allows the Cloud Hosting portal to quickly deploy different versions of your website while it is live.
  • One-click Rollback : Enables Cloud Hosting to roll back your website to a previous version.
  • Built-in domain name : Hosting provides a uniform base domain name which is “”. Under the base domain name, you can allocate an access domain name for your web-site. This frees you from buying an independent domain name.
  • Custom Domain Name : You will have an opportunity to exchange build-in domain name with your custom domain name in the Q4 2020.
Smooth Access
Cloud Hosting provides a CDN(Content Delivery Network) acceleration capability for each hosted website, and ensures smooth access to your website through abundant CDN nodes.
Secure Access
Another advantage of Cloud Hosting is secure access. In addition to domain name access and CDN acceleration, Cloud Hosting provides a CA certificate for each hosted website to implement HTTPS-based secure access.
Dynamic Web Site Content
Cloud Hosting can be used together with AGC Cloud Functions to provide dynamic website content.

Smooth Access

Cloud Hosting provides a CDN(Content Delivery Network) acceleration capability for each hosted website, and ensures smooth access to your website through abundant CDN nodes.

Secure Access

Another advantage of Cloud Hosting is secure access. In addition to domain name access and CDN acceleration, Cloud Hosting provides a CA certificate for each hosted website to implement HTTPS-based secure access.

Dynamic Web Site Content

Cloud Hosting can be used together with AGC Cloud Functions to provide dynamic website content.

How to use it?

I thought, a sample application would be helpful to be more familiar with about AGC Cloud Hosting. You can also have a try to this demo application and share your ideas with in comments.
Before using AGC Cloud Hosting to host your website, first you need to have a Huawei Developer Account and then develop your website and package your website files into a hosting package.
You can refer to following document if you are creating an app on Huawei Developer Console for first time.
Article to show how to integrate with HMS Core
You need to enable Cloud Hosting service from your project settings on App Gallery Console.
Your website files must meet the following requirements:
  • File type: Your website file types must be supported by the browser.
  • Access entry: The index.html file in the root directory of the hosting package is used as the default home page of your website.
  • Hosting package format: The hosting package must be in ZIP format.
I have planned to publish a web site that shows current weather conditions of a city(i.e. Istanbul) by sending get requests to weather API.
Web site will;
As you can see in above we can consider to design folder structure as below;
  • /js/yourjsfile.js
  • /css/yourcssfile.css
  • index.html (must have)
If you want to use additional sub-folders like “utils” or “images” you just need to create them according to file structure above. (Those folders can not be empty)
const app = document.getElementById('root') const container = document.createElement('div') container.setAttribute('class', 'container') app.appendChild(container) var request = new XMLHttpRequest() var cityName = "istanbul"; function updateWeather(param) {"GET","" + param + "&appid=d7f**************64d2&units=metric",true) request.onload = function () { if (request.status >= 200 && request.status < 400) { var data = JSON.parse(this.response) const icon =[0].icon const url = "" + icon + "@4x.png" const logo = document.createElement('img') logo.src = url const card = document.createElement('div') card.setAttribute('class', 'card') const h1 = document.createElement('h1') h1.textContent = //City name const p = document.createElement('p')[0].description =[0].description.substring(0, 150) p.textContent = "Weather description : " +[0].description const temp = document.createElement('p') temp.textContent = "Temperature : " + data.main.temp const sunrise = document.createElement('p') sunrise.setAttribute('id','sunrise') sunrise.textContent = "Sunrise : " + convertTimestampToTime(data.sys.sunrise) const sunset = document.createElement('p') sunset.setAttribute('id','sunset') sunset.textContent = "Sunset : " + convertTimestampToTime(data.sys.sunset); // Append the cards to the container element container.appendChild(card) card.appendChild(h1) card.appendChild(logo) card.appendChild(p) card.appendChild(temp) card.appendChild(sunrise) card.appendChild(sunset) } else{ console.log('error') alert('Oops! something went wrong! Please check province name') } } request.send() document.getElementById('search').value = ""; } function convertTimestampToTime(unix){ let unix_timestamp = unix var date = new Date(unix_timestamp * 1000); // Hours part from the timestamp var hours = date.getHours(); // Minutes part from the timestamp var minutes = "0" + date.getMinutes(); // Seconds part from the timestamp // Will display time in 10:30:23 format var formattedTime = hours + ':' + minutes.substr(-2); return formattedTime; } function takeSearchInput(){ cityName = document.getElementById('search'); if (cityName.value == null cityName.value == undefined) { cityName = "istanbul" }else{ cityName = cityName.value; } updateWeather(cityName) } updateWeather(cityName) 
* { box-sizing: border-box } html { -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; font-family: 'Dosis', sans-serif; line-height: 1.6; color: #666; background: #F6F6F6; } #root { max-width: 1200px; margin: 0 auto; } h1 { text-align: center; padding: 1.5rem 2.5rem; margin: 0 0 2rem 0; font-size: 1.5rem; color: white; background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #ddcc00, #b4d544); } h2{ text-align: center; padding: 1.5rem 2.5rem; margin: 0 0 2rem 0; font-size: 2.5rem; } img { display: block; margin: 1rem auto; max-width: 100%; } p { padding: 0 2.5rem 1.0rem; margin: 0; word-break: break-all; white-space: normal; } .icon-bar { -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%); -ms-transform: translateY(-50%); transform: translateY(-50%); text-align: center; } /* Style the icon bar links */ .icon-bar a { text-align: center; padding: 16px; transition: all 0.3s ease; color: white; font-size: 18px; display: inline-block; border-radius: 60px; box-shadow: 0px 0px 2px #888; padding: 0.5em 0.6em; margin-right: 8px; } /* Style the social media icons with color, if you want */ .icon-bar a:hover { background-color: #000; } .linkedin { background: #007bb5; color: white; } .github{ background: #000000; } #footer { margin: 0 auto; height: 50px; /* the footer's total height */ padding: 60px; } .temp { padding: 0 2.5rem 2.5rem; margin: 0; } .container { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } .card { margin: 1.2rem; background: white; box-shadow: 2px 4px 25px rgba(0, 0, 0, .1); border-radius: 12px; overflow: auto; transition: all .2s linear; float: left; width: 35%; } .card:hover { box-shadow: 2px 8px 45px rgba(0, 0, 0, .15); transform: translate3D(0, -2px, 0); } .search-bar{ width: 268px; margin: 0 auto; } .fa { padding: 12px; font-size: 30px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; margin: 5px 2px; border-radius: 60px; } .fa:hover { opacity: 0.7; } .fa-linkedin { background: #007bb5; color: white; } 
   Weather Forecast       

Weather Forecast

Our folders are almost ready. Now, we just need to zip all those as shown in below.
If you didn’t enable Cloud Hosting from your console page. You can do this as shown below.
Select a prefix domain name for your web-site, i choosed “enskcmn” and my web site url will be : “”
Upload your zip file into hosting.
When you see status as Released it means you can visit your web site right now. Normally it takes a few minutes to be published.
Here is final result
I hope this article helps for you to gain insight about what is Cloud Hosting, advantages and usage scenarios. I am planning publish a new article on this topic to demonstrate how to Customize Domain name when this feature is available in EU site.
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2020.09.27 01:58 thefallinleaf Aster Multi seat / My Dual User PC
This is my experience with Aster for over a year now.
My PC uses Aster multiseat from and can support two users at a time.
About this rig:
It's a combination of used and new parts, dating back to my history of when I first started getting into PCs. The case and PSU are the oldest. It serves three functions: as 2 PCs, an air filter, and as a heater (thanks to [email protected]).
  Some advantages over two separate PCs:
To elaborate on playing the same game:
Epic Games Store allows at least 2 instances, so Aster works perfectly. Playing Remnant, WWZ, or Totally Reliable Delivery Service gets me the most out of this rig. Any game without anti-cheat should do.
Steam does not allow two instances, so I’ve been using Sandboxie. This is much more of a PITA compared to EGS, as I have to duplicate Steam files as shown here:
Also if the game is GPU intensive, Sandboxie wont have as nearly as good performance compared to running games natively. Only recommended for easy to run or old games. I honestly wish Steam would support multiple instances. Some games that work well with Sanboxie:
Overwatch works flawlessly too, just have to click play at the same time. Not sure about other Blizzard games.
Would I do this again? Probably, since I already paid for Aster lol.
If you want to use Aster for productivity reasons, there is also no reason not to. Only 1 GPU is required for two monitors / users.
The gaming side of things might get tricky, but the type of person reading this can probably handle it.
Personal Opinion:
It is probably better to have 1 single ultra powerful GPU if only 1 person plays games, and if / when 2 people play the GPU processing power gets cut in half.
Whereas it’s better to get 2 GPUs that excel at price/performance if both people game often.
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2020.09.27 01:12 Stoaticor Victoria records 16 new cases and 2 new deaths

New cases reported in the last 24 hours

15 are linked to known outbreaks:
1 new case under investigation.
2 new deaths recorded: Two men in their 70s. One death occurred prior to yesterday.

Statement from the Premier - 27 September

Other helpful info/links

14 day numbers

27 September:
Total cases New case average Unknown*
Metropolitan 309 22.1 31
Regional 8 0.6 0
26 September:
Total cases New case average Unknown*
Metropolitan 330 23.6 31
Regional 11 0.8 0
*Rolling 14 days number of cases of unknown source of acquisition.
For previous available numbers, please refer to the wiki here.

Cases to date

Last 24 hours TOTAL
Confirmed cases +16 20,145
Active -45 399
Recovered +59 18,901
Deaths +2 784
Aged care (deaths) +1 621
Community transmission +3 4,273
Test results received +10,680 2,661,989
Hospital -2 51
ICU +0 9
Ventilated +0 5

Active cases breakdown

Last 24 hours TOTAL
Active -45 399
Metropolitan Melbourne -43 389
Regional Victoria -1 9
Colac Otway -1 1
Greater Geelong +0 1
Greater Bendigo +0 0
Ballarat +0 0
Unknown/Under investigation -1 0
Interstate +0 1
Overseas +0 0


Last 24 hours TOTAL
Total aged care active -22 209
Healthcare workers active -8 64
Healthcare workers total +2 3,523
Disability accom. residents +0 0
Disability accom. staff +1 5

Aged care outbreaks with 1 or more active cases

The information below was extracted from the DHHS website and is correct and up to date as of Sunday, 27 September 2020 at 3:56:38 pm AEST. Please view the DHHS website for the most up to date information. Any further changes made are as per the DHHS media release/information found on the aged care website.
27/09 - Changes in the last 24 hours:
  • Aged care outbreaks: 34 (-3)
  • Total cases: +12
  • Total active: -22
  • Total staff: +0
  • Total residents: +0
  • Total other: +12
  • Total deaths: +1
Facility name LGA Suburb Total - cases Total - active Total - Staff Total - Residents Total - Other Total - Deaths
Estia Keilor 2 Keilor Downs Brimbank 45 (+3) 42 (+1) 15 24 (+1) 6 (+2) 3 (+1)
Opal Hobsons Bay Altona North Hobsons Bay 41 (+3) 28 (+3) 12 (+1) 22 7 (+2) 4
Embracia Moonee Valley Aged Care Avondale Heights Moonee Valley 78 (+2) 25 28 26 24 (+2) 7
Edenvale Manor Aged Care Facility Keilor East Brimbank 22 (+1) 16 (+1) 6 14 2 (+1) 3
Baptcare Wyndham Lodge Community Werribee Wyndham 260 (+1) 15 (+2) 131 (-1) 101 28 (+2) 29
Doutta Galla Aged Services Woornack Sunshine Brimbank 60 (+1) 15 (-8) 22 20 18 (+1) 6
Mercy Place aged care Parkville Melbourne/Moreland 104 11 (-3) 37 58 9 20
Sutton Park McKenzie Aged Care Melton South Melton 83 10 31 46 6 7
Glendale Aged Care Facility Werribee Wyndham 108 6 46 45 17 17
Princeton View Aged Care Brighton East Bayside 84 (+1) 6 43 27 (-1) 14 (+2) 7
Epping Gardens Aged Care Epping Whittlesea 220 5 (-1) 87 103 30 37
Twin Parks Aged Care Reservoir Darebin 127 5 46 79 2 22
Estia Aged Care Heidelberg Banyule Heidelberg West 121 5 68 29 24 10
Baptcare Brookview Community Westmeadows Hume 21 5 (-1) 10 10 1 1
Japara Goonawarra Aged Care Facility Sunbury Hume 122 4 (-2) 49 53 20 20
Churches of Christ Care Arcadia Aged Care Essendon Moonee Valley 22 4 12 10 0 3
Bluecross Aged Care Facility Ruckers Hill Northcote Darebin 132 3 (-1) 60 48 24 12
CraigCare Aged Care Facility Pascoe Vale Moreland 104 2 47 47 10 15
Kirkbrae Presbyterian Homes Kilsyth Yarra Ranges 140 1 55 61 24 20
Cumberland Manor Aged Care Facility Sunshine North Brimbank 124 1 (-8) 54 53 17 10
Kalyna Care Aged Care Delahey Brimbank 108 1 44 57 7 26
Doutta Galla Aged Care Yarraville Maribyrnong 90 1 43 41 6 17
Bupa Aged Care Edithvale Kingston 85 1 34 44 7 17
Jewish Care Hannah and Daryl Cohen Centre Windsor Aged Care Facility Windsor Port Phillip/Stonnington 75 1 34 33 8 2
St Georges Benetas Organisation Aged Care Facility Altona Meadows Hobsons Bay 75 1 37 32 6 12
Japara Elanora Aged Care Brighton Bayside 72 1 (-1) 31 31 10 11
Glenlyn Aged Care Facility Glenroy Moreland 68 1 23 40 5 4
BlueCross Autumdale Cheltenham Bayside/Kingston 55 1 30 24 1 13
Japara Central Park Aged Care Facility Windsor Port Phillip/Stonnington 48 1 22 18 8 3
Villa Maria Catholic Homes St Bernadette's Sunshine North Aged Care Sunshine North Brimbank 19 1 13 4 2 3
Arcare Maidstone Maidstone Maribyrnong 7 1 6 0 1 0
Mecwacare John Atchison Centre Hoppers Crossing Wyndham 96 0 (-2) 39 44 13 19
Arcare Sydenham Aged Care Facility Sydenham Brimbank 52 0 (-1) 26 22 4 6
Estia Health Aged Care Facility Keysborough Greater Dandenong 28 0 (-1) 13 8 7 3

Active cases - other

Type Outbreak Suburb LGA Last 24 hours TOTAL active TOTAL cases Reported by DHHS
OTHER Springvale shared accommodation Springvale Greater Dandenong +0 5 5 Sept: 27, 26, 25
HEALTH Alfred Hospital - - -2 7 11 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19
HEALTH Footscray Hospital Footscray Maribyrnong -2 12 20 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 16, 15
OTHER Casey community Hallam/Narre Warren Casey -2 11 44 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 14, 11.
OTHER Dandenong Police Station Dandenong Dandenong - 3 18 Sept: 23, 20, 19, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.
EDU Wydinia Kindergarten Colac Colac Otway - 5 16 Sept: 22, 21, 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12,
OTHER Vawdrey Australia Truck Manufacturer - - - 7 64 Sept: 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.
OTHER Bulla Dairy Foods Colac Colac - 6 20 Sept: 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.
HEALTH Frankston Hospital Frankston Frankston - 6 90 Sept: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7.
HEALTH Royal Melbourne Hospital Royal Park campus Parkville Melbourne - 10 unknown Sept: 7.
OTHER JBS Brookyln Brooklyn Brimbank - 19 unknown Sept: 6.

⚠️High-risk locations as of 27/09⚠️

The table below was last updated on Sunday, 27 September 2020 at 3:27:48 pm AEST. Please view the DHHS website for the most up to date information.
  • Woolworths Altona North, 302-330 Millers Rd Altona North
  • Werribee, Shearwater Village Park, Tundra Esplanade
  • Coles Hoppers Crossing, Old Geelong Road
  • Sunshine, Baby Mode Sunshine
Points to note: None.
Location Site Exposure period Notes Date
Altona North Woolworths Altona North, 302-330 Millers Rd Altona North 18/09 - 8am, 19/09 - 8am, 20/09 - 8.00am Case visited for approx. 10 mins each time Sept: 27
Burwood East Burwood One Shopping Centre Sep 13, 2020 → Sep 14, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 17
Carrum Carrum Foreshore SLSC Sep 18, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24
Clayton Sarawan Spices, 335 Clayton Rd, Clayton VIC 3168 Sep 19, 2020, 6pm Sept: 27, 26, 24
Clayton Coles Clayton, Centre Rd &, Cooke St, Clayton VIC 3168 Sep 19, 2020, 6pm Sept: 27, 26, 24
Clayton Clayton Supa Wash Coin Laundrette, 1298 Centre Rd, Clayton VIC 3168 Sep 20, 2020, 6pm Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24
Dandenong South FacadeX, 3/433-435 Hammond Road, Dandenong South Sep 17, 2020 → Sep 18, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24
Flinders Street Train Between Ringwood and Mitcham 23/09/2020, 2pm Sept: 27, 26, 25
Hoppers Crossing Woolworths Hoppers Crossing. Morris Road and Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing 3029 Sep 19, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22
Hoppers Crossing Pacific Shopping Centre Werribee, 250 Heaths Road, Cnr Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing 3029 Sep 17, 2020, 10am-12pm Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22
Lilydale Lilydale train between Mitcham and Ringwood 23/09/2020, 12.15pm Person travelled on train from Mitcham Station to Ringwood station at approx 1215 and back at approx 1400 Sept: 27, 26, 25
Melbourne Victorian Market Communications, Queen Victoria Market F Shed Sep 16, 2020 → Sep 17, 2020, 9am-3pm Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24
Melton Woolworths, Coburns Central Shopping Centre, 523-531 High St, Melton, VIC 3337 Sep 16, 2020 → Sep 17, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23
Melton Primary Medical and Dental Centre, 247-251 Station Road, Melton VIC 3337 Sep 16, 2020 → Sep 17, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22
Mitcham Bus 907 to/from Mitcham Station 19/09/20, 3pm and 3.30pm. 23/09/20, 12pm and 2.30pm Person travelled on bus to Mitcham Station from home at 1500 and returned on bus from Mitcham Station at 1530 - each trip approx. 7 mins Sept: 27, 26, 25
Mitcham Coles Mitcham, Victoria Avenue 19/09/2020, 3.15pm Person was grocery shopping Sept: 27, 26, 25
Mitcham Coles Mitcham, Mitcham Shopping Centre 23/09/2020, 2pm Person was grocery shopping Sept: 27, 26, 25
Niddrie Woolworths Central Shopping Centre, Keilor Road Sep 18, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22
Oakleigh South Woolworths Oakleigh South, Cnr Warrigal Rd &, Centre Rd, Oakleigh South VIC 3167 Sep 14, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21
Sunshine North Dan Murphy’s Sunshine, 47 McIntyre Rd, Sunshine North VIC Sep 14, 2020 Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21
Tarneit Coles Tarneit West, Tarneit Rd, Tarneit 3029 Sep 20, 2020, 20/09/2020, 12pm-1pm Sept: 27, 26, 25, 24
Werribee Shearwater Village Park, Tundra Esplanade 20/09/2020, 4.30pm - 5.30pm Case and siblings attended the park for approximately 1 hour, met friends of case during park attendance. No indication of activity whilst at the park. Sept: 27

The department is investigating cases linked to

Outbreak Suburb Reported by DHHS
None reported n/a Sept: 20th - 27th
BlueCross Riverlea aged care facility Avondale Heights Sept: 19
Commercial Fitout Solutions Eltham Sept: 18
Alfred Hospital ward - Sept: 17
Uniting AgeWell Camberwell Community Condare Court Camberwell Sept: 17
None reported n/a Sept: 14th - 16th
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2020.09.27 00:28 JustAnEvoledMonkey Years later and I’m still terribly affected by everything but not sure if there is actually anything to be affect by.

I wrote this because after 2 years I’m still impacted greatly by it, with the most recent event being the worst. I’ve tried to be as objective and coherent as possible, and it is long. In all honesty, spending the time to write it out kinda helped, kinda sorted out the mess in my brain a little. I’m curious as to ways people have over come this, or what an outsiders point of view is. I want honesty, just remember I’m kinda delicate right now lol
Alright, lets start with a little context first and then we’ll dive in. Buckle up. I dated this girl for 6 years. I’d say they were pretty great years. We generally got a long very well. Never fought as we managed to talk things out as adults and neither of us intentionally did things that would cause problems. We enjoyed being in each other company. She was a recovering addict who had been clean for a year or so when we started dating. I smoke a bit of weed, but could easily go for a week or two without it. I never did it around her or if we had planned to hang out. It wasn’t her drug of choice so she had always been fine with it regardless but I didn’t want to be inconsiderate. I’m also not much of a drinker, which helped keep things pretty good between us since she didn’t either. We essentially had a pretty good, stable relationship that I saw being my last one. I fully adapted to seeing the opposite sex as strictly another person. Anything else was pointless since I only wanted who I already had. I also absolutely trusted her. She had never given me a reason to otherwise after all this time and my default response was that she was doing whatever she thought was best and it wasn’t ever malicious.
Over the course of 6 years we had moved in together, enjoyed the perks of having two incomes and no children, and eventually bought a house. During this time I had also started a business doing something I had been doing for some time and was fairly good at. We had focused our financials to be able to be covered by one income so any income I had was extra money for debt, etc. The idea was that we would still split expenses, but this gave us an exit strategy or wiggle room just in case if i had a slow month. I started up in 2016 and we bought the house in 2017.
To share both sides, I definitely could have provided more financially during the last two years after starting up. Previously I had a job that I would give her the amount in $100s and keep whatever left over was left ($600 out of $645 type thing). I wanted to reinvest heavily into what I was doing to both be a complete service for what I do and get to a more stable profit margin and stable work sooner. I wanted to avoid unexpected expenses, or buying tools in order to complete it. I would get larger payouts every couple of weeks anyway which I generally dumped on debt when possible or in combined sums to help pay bills. The inconsistency may have been annoying but we had planned for this. For example, I wouldn’t get paid for 3 weeks, but would get say $4000 when I did. I might get paid $700 the next week, I might get paid $2000. It might be two weeks. It’s contract work and depends on the work. Keeping this in mind, I would have to plan out expenses, giving her so much in a lump sum to cover my share, add some to any debt, and keep enough on hand to make sure I see the next job and can cover any expenses that come up. I also have truck payments, insurances, government stuff, etc. I refused to ask her for money, especially if I was basically asking for it back. Part of the lump some I would give her would include future payments. We both knew it would take time (turned out to be two years) before I was more steady and predictable. I also spent an obscene amount of time working/traveling in order to make it work.
She handled all the house financials. This is why I would give her most of my income. I didn’t really need money since she made sure I had everything and if I did want something it wasn’t a problem to discuss it. She didn’t hide bills or anything from me, she just like knowing the situation since she worried a lot. The house was also boughten under her name without mine because I had just started my business the previous summer so I didn’t have much history to add. She co-signed with her dad so we could get a higher end limit within our range. We each had our own personal accounts, etc, nothing was joint accounts. I could log on and look at bills if I wanted type thing. Everything between us was pretty transparent. We weren’t having problems paying bills or buying anything.
However, when we first started dating, we both had some pretty bad spending habits. She would gets expensive coffees and I would get energy drinks. We ate out, bought stuff. We both smoked name brand smokes. We accepted this though and it wasn’t a problem since we were both doing it well within our means. This continued on until we bought the house. She did eventually quit most of those things at random by the end. Getting a coffee maker, having to quit for a trip and running with it afterwards. I’m a little more stuck in my ways because they’re also coping mechanism. Realistically, I could understand some resentment because I didn’t follow her lead and quit as well, even if it was potentially unfair.
Everything as far as I knew was fine. We still got along great, still had a pretty decent sex life, and enjoyed any time we spent together. We always talked and dealt with things as they came up so there was no suspicion that anything as being left off the table. She had kept herself busy with her meetings, yoga, etc and when we were both home it wasn’t unusual for us to be doing our own things. Basically, unless we made plans, your time was your own, but we did spend a fair amount of time together.
Then during the second summer, my last summer at the house, things changed. There was a shift in the wind after a trip (explained later). She started going to more meetings in the next town (20 minute away, 10x larger). Started going to movies and dinner with her boss (who’s female, more on her later) more often and seemed to be dolling herself up more to do so. Even just generally hanging out with her boss more. She started to ask me to do things less, like hanging out, and talked to me less in person. Not enough to make me think anything of it, just slightly less and less. If I asked her what was going on she’d reply it was just stress from work, or she was worried about debt. That was her answer, not much more to say. She had this weird way of looking at a mortgage like it needed to be paid of ASAP. Like people were going to see that amount and think super poorly. It was the end of the world if we didn’t pay it off yesterday. I believe that some debt is a part of life, like mortgages, so it never bothered me. Again, we weren’t having problems making payments or anything either. I’ll admit though, I maybe should have taken her concern with debt a bit more seriously during that last summer. The problem? She would poke her head in my office occasionally for a few seconds and mention we need to pay more towards debt, or somethings gonna have to change. Yes we do, I agree. I knew that things were working out business wise and before we knew it we’d be more than fine. She didn’t try to hard to actually sort out any details, like we both understood what would happen if it needed to be done. If i had to, I would go back to a regular job and whatever happened we would get through it. I didn’t hide how much I made or how things were going but she rarely asked about it either. In my mind, that’s not a serious conversation, but maybe the pretext that causes a serious conversation to happen so you can really bring things home. I’m not saying a yelling match or anything, but like sitting on the couch together or taking a walk and sorting things out till you both can agree. Where you both are giving each other your undivided attention cause it’s important. We were fortunate to already agree on most thing and how we would handle it. Apparently I had said to never give me an ultimatum, by which I would have meant don’t make me do something or you’re gonna withhold something type thing. She may have taken it too seriously since an ultimatum could have been justify in this case, even just to give me a chance, as you’ll see.
Context: Boss: Her boss and her were legit friends who would do these things and hang out pretty often. Even I had hung out with them on occasion. I had no reason to ever question her saying she was doing it. Her boss is sorta vain though so I could easily justify any time she dolled herself up. Her boss lived in the same town as we did.
Carrying on. I suggested a date night so that we can plan some time together, try to see each other more. We were both home more often before if we decided to do something so maybe planning some time is what we needed. I was now at the point where I was home most days by 5 and where I wanted the business to be. This was easily doable for me and was planned to work with her schedule. I could always leave work early. She had filled her time with quite a bit at this point. It happened once and then I was stood up every time so she could hang out with her boss or stay late at work. They were always working on something or she had been asked to do something and just couldn’t say no. Always had plans already if I asked to do something on a Saturday, etc. I ate it up because I trusted every word. Even as things got progressively worse I believed her. I didn’t want to be mad at her for standing me up either, I wanted to believe that it’s normal. That she should be allowed to do this if she needed to. I trusted that if there was a problem, she would have brought it up. She would make sure that I was well aware of what was going on with her and I’d know what I needed to do, or if I needed to do it sooner than later.
Now, to expand on how much I trusted her. She would go to camp outings for her group meetings every summer. Some summers it’d be for the day and she’d come home, some it’d be for the night and head back in the morning. This summer (“the trip”) she had opted to stay there the three days and camp. I wasn’t able to go cause I’m not in the group. No problem, have a good time. It’s a legit things where hundreds of them meet and listen to speakers, etc. Most people went for the whole time anyway. I wanted to give her 100% support cause I knew this was important to her. No where in my mind did I think she would do anything. I have multiple examples of how I knew, to myself, that I did trust her and not just at arms length. Now an example of blindly I trusted her. There was this time she went to someone’s house, a guy in the group, because they were all having a pot luck there. It made sense cause it was close enough for the group to all walk to the meeting after and the sorta thing they’d do. Over the years I never felt the need to question anything she said, nothing came up that would suggest she wasn’t being honest. Except she never leaves and stays there till late at night.
Uh, Let me explain. We used to share locations on our phone. I was on the road a lot and if something happened she’d be able to see if I was traveling and couldn’t respond or if I stopped moving and something happened to me. It’s kinda weird, I know, but we were pretty transparent about everything with nothing to hide. We weren’t going to keep tabs and grill each other about it either. Half the time we’d forget about it. She had to go to random houses to do inspections as well so it was a type of security for her too if she stopped responding to me or didn’t come home. That said, any where she was could be for a legit reasons so there was no point keeping tabs anyway. The same goes for me. It wasn’t uncommon for me to work late at random houses. This could change daily too. We had to trust that whatever each other was doing, where ever we were, it was for legit reasons. It was meant to help in case of emergencies and the only route was trust. I had no intentions of ever being some where I wasn’t suppose to be so I didn’t care. We never stopped each other from going any where or doing anything either. I could travel home if I wanted and she didn’t need to worry, she could do whatever and I was sure it was everything was fine.
In my mind, she probably just left her phone in the car. She hadn’t been responding but it’s not unusual since your not suppose to be using them during the meetings.
Anyway, when she gets home she says everyone decided to hang out there instead and stay late. I hadn’t ask but good to know I guess. At the time, these and many other things seemed perfectly normal. Even the potluck during the midpoint of all this story, before things got much worse but had already begun. Looking back it’s suspect how quickly she explained something I wasn’t going to inquire about, and of course a lot of other things. We did have an amazing relationship for years so it was hard to see it any other way. It was easy to believe everything was ok and we were still going strong.
We’re now coming to the end of 2018, the last month or so of the year.
The indifference has grown obvious now to where I only get a few text every couple of days. Usually more menial stuff like asking about the dog or if I’ll be home and if I can do something for her, etc. Occasionally they’ll be about things she wants to do around the house in the future. Something that isn’t immediate and nothing solid. Like maybe putting in a new door the next spring. She had regularly started coming home late after hanging out with her boss, either having dinner or whatever, and then would go to bed without saying a word. If she didn’t run into me, she didn’t look for me or text me either. She would get up and leave in the morning without saying anything as well. On occasion this is fine, but week after week? How do you live in a house with someone and almost never speak?
We had almost no physical contact by now, even to the point of her putting the dog on the bed so I couldn’t sleep next to her. We hadn’t gotten intimate in a weeks and it had been months before. I didn’t even want to try because the only thing worse then not doing it is having the other person not be into it.
At this point I’m am getting desperate. I was inches from her but I couldn’t be with her. I could put my hand on her, that’s was the most I received. I wanted to lay next to her. I wanted to cuddle in the morning. I wanted to do all those things she was always doing with other people when she went out. I just wanted her to know I existed again, and show me she cared like she said she did. I just wanted to spend time with her, and be apart of her life. It killed me inside, every single day. I wanted to talk about it, say something, but couldn’t.
I would go and sit with her in the living room when she was home and hadn’t just gone straight to bed. She wouldn’t look up from her phone, or say anything directly. I would sit there for 45 minutes or so before I’d give up. She would barely respond. We likely hadn’t had a chance like this in days and yet it seemed like the last thing she wanted to do. It tore me apart inside to watch her constantly doing things with other people, things I wanted to do with her as well, but never given the chance to even just sit and hang out with her and have her attention. She could smile and be happy while talking to other people or looking at her phone but never seemed that way towards me. She didn’t seem to hate me or have an obvious problem, like be verbally mean, but than again she wasn’t really talking to me on any personal level either. I think I preferred to be yell at if someone is mad now, it’s nice to know where someone stands.
As I mentioned though, I did ask her if anything was wrong multiple times during all this and tried to find out what was going on. This was obviously something I needed to know as I was clearly being more and more affected by it. It felt like i was being punished. She would usually respond saying she was stressed about work, or debt, and dismissed the conversation. She was in insurance and this was year end for them. This is part of why I was so blind to so many things. I believed her. I believed when things cleared up at work a bit things would maybe go back to how they were. I couldn’t see any other reason. She had been stressed about work before but never acted this way.
It felt like my life was slowly falling apart and I didn’t know why,how to stop it, of if it was even happening. All I could do was helplessly watch. It felt like it I tried to do something, if I acted out about it, it’d be over reacting. I just needed to be patient. I was getting worried about nothing. When I’m at the point I’m actually worried, you probably should be too. I felt I was just over thinking things.
Then new years. I had been home since 6 and ready to go enjoy the night with her. She had decided to get ready at her bosses place instead and then go to her meetings New Year’s Eve party. This is actually something I’m allowed to go to and usually do. I don’t make other plans because it’s nice to get to be included in this side of her life occasionally. Except this time she told me to stay home. Alright, I guess. I legit had no other plans but maybe she was helping at the event and didn’t want me stuck hanging around. She sporadically would text me through the night, which is fine since she’s out with people.
Then I saw it. The picture that would eventually change every thing. It was her tagged in a photo with another guy. They were close up and hugging, which wasn’t exactly unusual since they all were generally huggers and it’s a support group, but oddly super cozy in the same sense. They looked like a couple. How arms were placed, etc. But like I said, I trusted her. The picture was deleted soon after which was suspicious but it’s also suppose to be an anonymous group. I had 100% confidence she would never screw me over and I was just being jealous. Any time I had been around, I was on the receiving end of a slew of hugs from those people so I learned to accept it. I believed I should forget about it. I had no idea the significance it would have or how blinded I had become.
I messaged her saying happy New Years as the clock ticked over. She responded only to say she was heading home soon, and also almost 2 hours later. It was as if I hadn’t messaged her at all. I was heartbroken and forgotten about. I know those events end by 12:30 or so and typically when she helped with events it usually wasn’t so late. At this point I knew very little of what she was doing on a day to day basis. I just existed but wasn’t included on a personal level anymore. Didn’t get invited to family events, or anything. I only knew If I asked and the answer was always “... with her boss”. I was a ghost. What could I say? I didn’t want to be interrogative or jealous. I still wanted to believe that we were ok. That she still loved me. She continued to tell me if was just stress about work.
Over the next couple of weeks things became even more strained. On her birthday she had stood me up to go have dinner with her boss.
Context: These dinners and movies were always in the next town during the last few months, never local anymore. However, to be fair, they had better options for both. She was also ALWAYS with her boss for these things now. She knew if that’s what she said I wouldn’t question it. I had no way to confirm it either nor am i the type to go digging.
When she arrived home and saw I had gotten her flowers and gifts she looked uncomfortable. Like she wanted to be anywhere but there, having to pretend she was happy to see me. Like I had just ruined an otherwise incredible night.
All this indifference to me, just pure avoidance cause me to have zero self worth after so many months. She was my everything and I was just nothing. I wasn’t worthy of being with someone. I had a hard time focusing on anything. I was blowing up on my friends. Nothing interested me. Just basic daily requirements became achievements. I was mentally exhausted. I was at the point where if I could get a life insurance pay out for her, I wouldn’t avoid it if that’s what it took to make her happy. These last few months got pretty dark for me.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I work up the courage and say we need to talk and we were actually going to sit down and talk. I couldn’t just sit idly by anymore believing what she said. There had to be more.
In my mind we’re about to have our first serious talk about our future that isn’t cheerful. We would figure out what was going on and how’d we’d get through it. As I said, we had gotten along and dealt with things extremely well in the past. I had no signs that things would end any time soon or that it was even a thought in her mind. She may have been acting poorly, but didn’t express an actual hatred or anything. she wasn’t snarky or mean when we did talk, just indifferent. As far as I knew she could have been really depressed and if that was the case we would figure it out.
We sit down. She immediately breaks up with me. Saying she had been feeling this way for 6 months or so and she doesn’t think she can come back. She’s too far gone. Keep in mind that I’m still oblivious to everything I’ll eventually find out at this point. She says she had been talking to people in her group about it and her parents, etc for months and it’s what she wants, and hopefully she doesn’t regret it. What about talking to me? If there was an issue, why didn’t we have this conversation sooner? This is my life too. She says she’s sorry, but doesn’t offer any reason to what happened to make her feel this way.
The rest is kinda fuzzy. I basically blacked out trying to figure out what went wrong. I had no idea what would have drove her to this. I couldn’t understand how it wasn’t something we could at least try to work on. I was hysterical.
It gets worse, for me anyway.
I don’t handle this well. I was 100% sure I’d spend the rest of my life with her and I was 100% happy with that. Until the changes anyway, but even then I was more than willing to do anything. This was just a rough patch, at most, after all. I woke up one day like any other day, completely confident of what tomorrow would bring and then just never slept in my bed again. She barely got upset and basically carried on with life like nothing changed. Almost relieved not to have to pretend anymore.
The worst part? Her saving that we didn’t really try that hard anyway. It’s not really a big deal. She was free and I was destroyed.
I 100% blamed myself. I spent the next two weeks not even being able to think. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I was lost. I would blankly stare at walls. I was about to lose everything. I couldn’t accept it. I prayed every moment that I’d wake up. This couldn’t be real. What happened? What did I do? Was it cause of money? Why couldn’t we fix it? Why wasn’t it worth trying? How could I make this all go away and go back to how things were? Was it something I said? I couldn’t understand what happened that wasn’t fixable. I hadn’t slept with anyone, I was sure she hadn’t. What could be so bad to just give up? I’m not perfect, but I have to be far from the worst at least.
I finally pull myself together enough to move to my moms, close my business and pick up a factory job. I needed something that didn’t require too much focus. That wouldn’t suffer if I didn’t show up for a day. I also thought that maybe having a regular job might be enough to make her reconsider.
I unfollow her on Facebook, but we remain friends. She insisted we silently change our relation status when I move out. Seemed a bit weird but maybe she didn’t want people asking questions or every guy on the block in her DMs. I would’ve done anything that she wanted if i thought it might bring her back.
I then proceed to never check in on her or try to communicate unless needed. Too afraid of what I might see and I didn’t want to bother her. The fear coming from my gut as my shattered brain battles between whether there was someone else or not, but not wanting to actually know, while madly trying to figure out what I did to cause all this to happen so I could believe it was me. This goes on for 5 or so months. I’m still in my fantasy that maybe this is just temporary. Still wishing there’s some way to make it all go back to how it was. Im a total mess the whole time. Half the time not sure if I’ll be able to keep myself together. I stayed home any time I had a choice so I didn’t risk having a melt down in public.
During this time I drop from 165 lbs to 120 lbs. Even to this day I struggle to break 130. I obsess with finding out my flaws and fixing them so she’d want me back. I felt everything about me wasn’t good enough and I needed to change everything. I needed to kill who i was and start over.
On a random occasion I decide to go out to a friends. I needed to get out, this will be good for me. Someone mentions she has a boyfriend. No one knows any of this and assumes we broke up on friendly terms so not a huge deal saying anything.
What? My heart is immediately pounding.
I check Facebook. It’s him. My heart drops and I almost puke. The guy from the picture on New Years. Attends the meetings and lives in the next town. The house where they had the potluck. I remembered the name. Facebook says they started dating just over a month after we broke up. Someone a little bit closer to them mentions he moved in a week or so after I moved out. That they had been pretty close in the meetings for a while now. Everyone in these meetings isn’t suppose to talk about anything in the meetings, but he had left so he didn’t care anymore. It was basically against the rules for anyone to tell me, or say, what she was doing. Perfect.
My mind races. Those dinners? Those movies? The sudden change to doll herself up? Her behaviour towards me? Telling me not to come to New Years? Her smiling at her phone? Everything. Was she going on dates or to meetings looking her best to see him, and I was complimenting her on her way out the door cause I thought she just wanted to look prettier, maybe to make herself feel better? I wanted to be nice and showed her I cared and paid attention. That I noticed her. With how fast they moved, it was impossible to think they never hung out or talked before hand. I couldn’t help but speculate. I had to immediately leave, I bawled the entire drive home and in my driveway until I was exhausted.
I was in a daze for the next few days. The worst was actually true? I couldn’t handle it, again. I started having panic attacks, again. I fell deep into a depression period. It felt like I was reliving the whole experience and I was drowning. I felt like she had destroyed me while setting up her future, making sure she would be fine. What did I do to deserve that? How long would she had done this if I had never said anything? She had moved on and had a plan for when I was gone. She just needed to pull the trigger. Made sure no one would notice. No one would question how soon they were together. Everything was about her looking good and making sure no one knew what she had done. She left me looking like the bad person. The one she had to leave cause I wasn’t good enough. It left me too broken to move on. She didn’t want to work things out, she wanted to end things as quickly as possible before I found out the truth when the time came. She let me take whatever i wanted, which I minimized because I didn’t want to deprive her. I would never had agreed to some things if I had known. Looking back on some of the things she said, it almost seemed like she was hinting at there being someone else, like she wanted me to know but never being able say it. Was her feelings for him the feelings she couldn’t come back from? I did ask if there was someone else at the very end, while packing things, but quickly interrupted saying there couldn’t be. I wonder what she would’ve said if I had let her, and if I would’ve jumped out that window.
The hatred I had for myself, for fucking something so great up, turned into hatred towards her. I hated and tortured myself because of what I thought I had done and now, perhaps I wasn’t the bad person after all? Was it by chance they met and something clicked and she just didn’t know how to break it off until she had no choice? Did I do something to drive her away? Did she plan this out before meeting him? Why did she wait and treat me the way she did instead of just ending it? How could she have abused my trust? I wanted to burn her house down. Some intensely strong feelings. Nothing worth realistically acting on, that’d be crazy, but you know what I mean. The worst part, of course, is not knowing for sure. Or having this need inside me to still give her the benefit of the doubt.
To add to my frustrations I randomly get emails addressed to her. Sometimes it’s food (but I had let her use that email way back when), sometimes it’s clothing. Like she’s wants to shove it in my face she’s lost weight (Something I never complained about. She wasn’t fat but a bit heavier than myself. This didn’t affect our sex life. I thought she was perfect. ) Or anything that seemed to show her doing better without me. Like I was holding her back some how. The most recent one, and the most confusing, is when she shared a house she was looking at with her now BF. For some reason I was CC’d. It took days until I finally straightened up again. Why does this happen?
I spend a lot of time trying to forget she exist. I don’t watch shows or go places that either remind me of her or where I might see her. I blocked her on everything. I don’t even drive on streets that connect to the street she lives on. Every time I get something tho, or hear even just her name brought up about something it is almost an immediate panic attack. Some are more intense, like if I physically see something as oppose to hearing it. It takes days before my mind stops racing through everything, again. Questioning everything. I don’t sleep. Barely eat. I want to die. Eventually it goes away and I move on. Sorta.
I feel terrified at the idea of being with someone. Afraid to let anyone even remotely close. Even just meeting new people can be a stressing experience. Convinced that I’m worthless and I’m not worth getting to know. I won’t amount to anything. They’ll eventually find out how pathetic I am and leave. Probably a regret if something more were to happen. I haven’t been with anyone since because of this. Even on occasion that I’ve been around people and a girl has seemed interested I just can’t help but ignore it. I don’t believe it. How could I be worth anything if after spending 6 years with someone it meant nothing?
I try to rationalize. Move past it as something that just happens. That sometimes people are just shit individuals. Tell myself I’m not worthless. My business is back up and booming. I’m in shape. I don’t think I have a lot of negatives. No crazy addictions or criminal background. I still smoke and drink energy drinks conservatively but I really have no reason to feel like this. To harbour such hate towards someone who isn’t in your life and feel so bad.
I am strongly considering therapy of some type. This is just to help me vent and perhaps help push me to do it. I want to feel alive, not just be alive.
Also, I’m not going to kill myself. I make dire claims but am consistently resilient. I might absolutely dread life, but it’s always worth seeing what tomorrow brings. I did have a friend come back into my life and she’s helped in more ways than she’ll probably ever know. We’ve always just been friends but the effort she puts in to remind me I’m not alone, even without knowing any of this is priceless to me. There are weeks where she’s the only person I talk to outside of work and I’m grateful for it. She has a boyfriend and he knows we’re just friends.
I’ve never told anyone about any of this before. I never said anything to anyone while it was happening. I thought it was temporary and didn’t want to throw shade for no reason. I didn’t want my friends to think poorly of her. Afterwards it felt like there was no point because it was all my fault and no one cared to hear about it.
The reason I wrote this is because it’s been almost two years since it happened. It still affects me. I’m still so angry and yet I’m not even sure if I should be.
Is it normal to have this reaction still after so long? To still be struggling with it? Are my emotions just over reacting to the whole event? Am I making excuses? Am I brushing off or minimizing a serious event in my life in the face of daily struggles? Am I reacting to nothing? I feel i should just get over it but i feel like I have no control.
If you have gone through something like this, what strategies did you use to cope? What finally help you move past it?
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2020.09.27 00:09 Laddimor The humans and the Raflexian scouts

This one is a continuation of " The Raflexian scouts " from the perspective of the humans within the same timeframe. It is my hope that I manage to write this one out with better formatting, I've been watching youtube videos trying to learn how while I also juggle how I want the story to go. Sorry if this ends up not being up to par either. Please let me know how to improve in the comments once more.
Date: July 4th 2040.
Location: Washington D.C., Earth, Sol system.
President Miller of the united states of America
Miller was at a press conference trying to secure his next election when a secret service agent interrupted his speech. " I'm sorry sir, this is urgent. we need you at the white house ASAP." He said, at nearly a whisper.
Miller felt his chest tighten, "Is it the Russians? or maybe the Great Asian Alliance? What is going on?" he asked. The agent remained silent however, as he pushed President Miller along to the limousine. Miller now alone with his thoughts began to think about what could have possibly been so important. Was it Russia breaking the Accords of 2026? he thought. Maybe its the Great Asian Alliance preparing to nuke us, or worse yet, what if they put aside their differences to fight us? he thought. Tired of running useless depressing scenarios in his head, he jokingly said " God i hope its just aliens."

Miller arrived at the white house and was rushed inside by what felt like forty people. The closer he got to the conference room the more his chest tightened and the more butterflies he got in his stomach. Finally he arrives at the door to the Virtual conference room. Miller steps inside the room to see only a single large chair with four guards stationed on each side. Miller walks over to the chair and sits in it, as it begins to recline he feels a pinprick in the base of his skull and then, in a snap he is in a massive conference room with not only his staff but the leaders and staff from every major nation.
Miller takes in the surrounding faces of each country and now, he had a truly sinking feeling. " What is goin on? does anyone have a sitrep?" Miller asked.
" We only just arrived ourselves Mr. Miller, so no. we don't know." President Vladimir Putin of Russia said with only a drizzle of sarcasm.
" You really should know already Mr. Miller, after all, it concerns your country the most." Grand Chancellor Liu Cixin said.
A woman cleared her throat so as to get everyone's attention " I believe we have a guest who wishes to speak regarding this very incident gentleman. please allow her the floor." British prime minister Lillian Taylor said.
" Thank you Ms. Taylor. as she said, i am here to deliver the news, both good, and bad. as of thirty minutes ago we got a communications from an extraterrestrial race of sapient beings with extremely advanced technology. they are currently waiting to speak with all the major leaders of this world. namely, all of you." Chief of staff Tiffany Wiles said.
Everyone in the room seemed shocked, there were gasps, murmurs to their respective subordinates, a few seemed frozen, still processing the news. " Good news first ladies and gentleman." she said. " They are willing to bring us into their fold and teach us new technologies. bad news? they really don't like the fact that we have our religions and they are threatening the use of deadly force if we do not worship their god " Raflexus". They are called the Raflexians and based on the trajectory they came in at we estimate that they came from the Coma Berenices star cluster." she said. Then a holo-projection appeared in their virtual space.
" Human leaders, we are the Raflexians. We see that you worship many gods and it disgusts us. There is only one true god, and his almighty name is Divine god king Raflexus XLVI! If you are willing to discard your fake gods in place of our god king then you may join our empire and become, Raflexian! However, if you wish to continue the worship of these false idols then we will take it as a personal attack upon our kings name. Make your choice humans, and make it now.
The room erupted into a cacophony of inarticulate screams and plea's all melded into one within this virtual space. Each country vying for the Raflexians attention at the same time as the others. Finally the Raflexians had heard enough of it and pointed at President Miller. " You, Human leader Miller. you may speak first as we are above your city currently. Not theirs.
The whole room froze, but none more than Miller. His mind running wild with not only being put on the spot like that after hearing such troubling news, but the implications. The implications of them being over his city. The implications of deadly force upon his people. He started to tremble. there was no way he could possibly convince the entirety of America to drop all of our religions, do away with our religious materials, and texts. it simply wasn't possible. Miller knew that most of his family even would sooner die than forsake god. Miller gave in too the panic that had been building inside of him since the agent had pulled him aside.
" We cant possibly promise to stop the worship immediately, there are too many people, religions, and places! It just cant be done! Please gives us better terms, I beg of you! PLEASE! Be reasonable!" he said.
Everyone in the room looked at Miller with some part pity some part anger. They watched as he shook and turned red while screaming his plea's to the aliens who were no doubt going to be angered over this, and then, the Raflexians spoke.
" It seems you need to learn your lesson."
The holo-projection of the Raflexian scout disappeared and in its place a holo-projection of a ship descending from orbit appeared. The Raflexians were heading to Washington D.C.
All present within the room sat frozen in time within this space, all frozen with fear as a ship that was about as big as an aircraft carrier hovered above the American capitol. Then, Several lasers shot out at once destroying every single mosque, church, and any other religious places of worship.
The Raflexian appeared once more in place of the screen and said one thing. " We will show you true might, go ahead and strike at us as much as you wish. your primitive weaponry will amount to nothing." he said.
The Raflexian scout disappeared as the screen came back to reveal thirty one F-53 Lightning jets flying in at Mach 11.7 before engaging the enemy vessel with everything they had. The room watched as the worlds most powerful military engaged a single alien ship. The jets opened with Vulcan .50 caliber guns which bounced of the scouts shielding. Then the jets launched a volley of EMP missiles at the ship which the ship didn't even attempt to shoot down. This proved to be the downfall of the Raflexian scout as the missiles impacted the shielding and tore it to shreds, the jets then fired H.E. missiles which the scout ship attempted to intercept this time. Lasers shot out at our missiles and destroyed most of them but two got through and struck the engines causing the ship to list before falling to the ground with a thunderous crash.
The Citizens who had just witnessed this slaughtering of their religious sites, friends, and family, then congregated at the wreckage of the fallen ship beating at the hull and screaming with everything they had. Finally a hatch opened and the Raflexians stepped out plasma casters in hand, They unleashed searing plasma at the crowd of enraged humans killing several on the spot. This only served to enrage them further causing them to scream what could only be called a war cry before charging the dozen Raflexians. The Raflexians shot as fast as they could but there were simply too many angry humans, soon the crowd had reached them and when they did they beat and bludgeoned the Raflexians to death with nothing but debris from the wreckage.
A crowd of humans then drug off the dead or unconscious bodies of eleven Raflexians putting them into a pile and setting it alight, while another mob of them went inside the ship to search for surviving crew to kill and burn but all they found were the personal effects of the twelve they had already fought. They couldn't go back empty handed so they grabbed the holographic image projector that showed Raflexus from a table and left the ship. The man who had taken the projector then walked through the mob to the one remaining Raflexian who was being forced to watch his crewmates burn. He squatted down in front of the Raflexian and asked who the projector was displaying.
The scout saw the projection of his god and felt at peace, he looked at the human in front of him and said, " He is your new god, you will worship him. My ship was over 5 millennia old so it is so outdated that you wont even be able to glean any relevant secrets from it. My people will come, High commander Trikx will come, and he, will destroy you." he said
The human looked at the Raflexian scout and said " your god looks like a piece of shit. what's his name?"
The Raflexian scout seethed with anger as he heard the human say that his god looked like a piece of fecal matter. " His name is Divine god king Raflexus XLVI and you will burn for daring to slander our lord!"
The human chuckled. " Ya well my names Gabriel and it looks like you're the one whos gonna be burnin'." he said. Gabriel then hefted the Raflexian to his shoulder and then tossed him into the flames and ash that were once his crewmates. "Did ya hear that boys and girls? ET just came down from the heavens and killed our families because we wouldn't bend the knee to this here piece of shit!" he then thrusted the projector above his head so the whole crowd could see the god king that was the cause of this.
The World leaders had just sat there in silence as the projector played, They could do nothing but watch as their warrants for death were signed. Finally Liu Cixin spoke up. " I would like to propose a global alliance at this point to partake in joint research of that vessel so that we may reverse engineer it and create a fleet that may be capable of defending our world from the coming fires. All who agree raise your right hand."
The first hand to go up was Lillian Taylor of great Britain, followed by Vladimir Putin of Russia, and now they were just waiting on President Miller who was still just watching the screen, frozen. Finally Miller looked away from the screen and just looked down before yelling. " Why the FUCK! did I hope it was FUCKING aliens! FUCK!" he screamed as he thrust his right hand up with as much force as a virtual projection of himself could.

Sorry this took so long, I had almost completed it yesterday and then it didn't save so I had to rewrite it from memory today. Ended up changing a little bit anyways. Felt like it was getting too long so I tried to cut it a little shorter than I had intended. Do let me know how to improve in the comments. Constructive criticism always welcome.
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2020.09.26 21:35 orange0401 [Store] 34 Knives, 5 Gloves, Skins, Cash (methods listed in post), 61 Arcanas, $10000+ Cash >> MW Spearmints, Falchion Ruby/Sapphire, Butterfly Doppler P3, .007 Bayo Ruby, .25 Vice, M9 Lore FN / MW




Please note that float rankings may be out of date. Keep them in mind as general rankings, and check for yourself if you so wish.
Reddit DM is not a good way to contact me. Instead, add me or send a trade offer through steam.


Screenshots are unreliably hosted on csmoney. If you'd like to see screenshots, message/add me to ask for them.


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Bayonet Ruby FN .007x $2400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore FN .05x $1400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore MW .07x $1090 -
Falchion Knife Sapphire FN .007x $740 -
Falchion Knife Ruby FN .008x $580 -
Butterfly Knife Doppler FN P3 .02x $590 -
Butterfly Knife Slaughter MW .09x $530 -
Karambit Tiger Tooth FN .03x $460 10/2
Skeleton Knife Blue Steel MW .08x $440 -
Karambit Doppler FN P1 .008x $430 -
Bayonet Marble Fade FN .02x $405 -
M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN .04x $350 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web FT .37x $360 -
M9 Bayonet Doppler FN P1 .008x $335 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW .10x $330 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel FT .23x $310 -
Karambit Vanilla $320 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web BS .60x $275 9/30
Butterfly Knife Rust Coat BS .65x $250 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .05x $240 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .04x $240 -
Survival Knife Vanilla $230 -
Huntsman Knife Fade FN .007x 98.3% $220 -
Paracord Knife Case Hardened FT .23x $210 -
Karambit Stained FT .26x $210 -
Bowie Knife Marble Fade FN .007x $195 -
Flip Knife Doppler FN P4 .01x $197 -
M9 Bayonet Blue Steel .26x $185 9/30
Huntsman Knife Doppler FN P2 .03x $185 -
Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN .04x $163 -
Flip Knife Lore FT .26x $167 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FT .22x $165 10/1
M9 Bayonet Night FT .30x $143 -
Falchion Knife Ultraviolet BS .51x $65 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Moto Gloves Spearmint MW .12x $3000 -
Sport Gloves Vice FT .25x $1180 -
Driver Gloves King Snake FT .25x $550 -
Sport Gloves Omega FT .21x $450 -
Specialist Gloves Fade FT .26x $400 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Desert Eagle Blaze MW .07x $275 -
SG553 Integrale MW .08x $110 -
ST AK-47 Vulcan WW .40x $70 -
AK-47 Fuel Injector MW .10x $70 -
ST Scar-20 Crimson Web MW .12x W/ LDLC Holo $120 -


[H] B/O Screens Notes Trade Lock
51 Dota2 Arcanas $18 ea - "Good" arcanas -
$10000+ Cash (methods listed below) Skins, keys, gloves, etc. Stiletto Blue Steel .433298824x PI 999 for $65 - Various services may incur fees (I do not pay them). -


(please note that certain methods may incur fees that I do not pay). I offer and accept payments through
I am interested in buying for cash, usually cashouts and knife/glove/skin sales.
If you're interested in cash trades, I won't go first unless you have some form of rep greater than mine.
If an item is on trade hold and you want to guarantee its purchase, you can
  1. Pay 5% of the value to reserve it and pay the other 95% once its tradeable or
  2. Pay a full (sometimes slightly discounted) price on the item.
Otherwise I will trade the item normally, as if the offer did not exist.
CSGORep Cashrep
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2020.09.26 20:34 Emanresubmudyllaer Verum Weekly: Summary of Stream Games of the Week (September 24th, 2020)

Hail Travelers,
Welcome to Verum Weekly. A weekly post to summarize all the game sessions that happen in the week prior. Hope y'all like it.

Broken Bonds Ep. 8 (RoyalCaster)
After some serious gambling from our party, The Show falls and our party is victorious. With Valloween in their grasp, Lazarus shows himself. The Satyr quivers as the dwarf grabs at her throat and begins to crush it. Lazarus reaches into Valloween’s pocket and takes something out. Valloween quickly slaps it out of his hands landing in front of Li'lu. The sprite recognizes it as a family symbol of Vinicci, the same symbol on Gallant’s sword. The party tries to calm Lazarus down as they want to ask Valloween how she is connected to the Viniccis but he uses the command rod to halt the party.
The party decides that they don't really like what Lazarus is doing so, in a quick succession of moves, they manage to grab the control rod from him to break their collars and empower Valloween by putting away the Shapeshifter's Rod. With her powers back, Valloween controls the shadowy tendrils from her well, and consumes Lazarus. Valloween doesn't immediately attack the party as they just saved her and Li’lu decides to ask about Gallants’ brother. Valloween informs them that she has him in the lower prison cells. She will give up the kid, as he is of no use to her, if the party leaves her estate. The party agrees and Valloween gives Valor to the party. Bryan still worries if their oath with Lazarus of getting what he desires was satisfied so Bryan asks about the sigil. Valloween informs them that Lazarus wasn't after that sigil but the research of the experiments that Valloween was conducting. Apparently the dwarves were turning on each other for money, by kidnapping each other's children, and Lazarus was siphoning wealth to fund her research.
The party convinces Valloween to let them in on what she was doing that got Lazarus so vicious for and she reveals that through her research, Valloween has made a Shard of Oblivion. She asks the party what they see and Ea’r and Bryan look into the shard to find that it is somehow alive and moving. They hand it off to Remag for safe keeping and Valloween tasks the party to take the shard to a shrine of The Seven because she thinks it has something to do with them.
The party travels along the mountain and arrive to a shrine of The Seven. While walking closer to the Shrine, the shard begins to vibrate as Remag nears. Remag decides to pull out the shard and take a step closer to the shrine. The violet shard shatters into 7 pieces forming a 7 pointed star. The shrine then presents a pedestal where someone might place their hand to which Remag does so. A violet light flashes and the 7 sided star expands all around Remag and he finds himself in an infinite shadow with a ray of Violet light. Power surges from his arm into his right eye refracting his pupil into a 7 pointed star. Remag stands next to the other 6 violet eyes and the feeling of purpose fills him as the torch has been passed. The 7 pointed star reveals the past seven behind them and ahead is the golden tapestry torn and taught with the center filled with a sense of wrongness leaving being nothing. Remag understands that time is fleeting, that the end is upon the world but he also sees a tiny light, a thread of hope that he shares with everyone else. Remag catch glimpses of the party that the other violet eyes are in. Voices being to sing, whispering instruction, telling him that the Herald beckons, his bonds are broken, and now the true battle begins. Without him the star is not complete, and without his companions he can’t do this alone, only together can hope survive.
As Remag bears the runes of the master the Seven impart their wisdom, knowledge of the runes fills his head. Remag now knows his true goals. They must now travel to the holy cities of Orde and walk a path through what the inquisition left to find the ancient relics that lie within them because those relic lies a secret that will tip the scales of the great war. The party is now free from the Iron and destiny is in their own hands.

Shadow of Tyre Ep. 12 (RoyalCaster)
To clear things up, this session takes place before Moe and Soul of Tyre go to EldarShar'kai.
Once the party makes it back to camp, they start talking to the other parties. Ahst enacts her prank by transforming into dog Raost, and tells Seren that there is a deer man walking around the camp trying to convince people that he is Raost. Eventually Seren is confronted with the issue of trying to decide which one is the real Raost, she figures this out by using the sending stone she gave Raost, and seeing which one responds; being the Deer Raost. The Tops tell the party they had found Song of the Seven and wanted to share it with the Song Blade wielders. Seren sends for Belanovan and immediately Braktor warns the group to never use this song. They then store the song into Toot's Box.
The party decides that while they are there, they might as well show Belanovan the tapestry Raost touched that transformed him. As a devout follower of the Matron of Fate, Belanovan is able to find a hidden star patterns revealing fate. Ahst then shows the tapestry of songblade wielders to the others and Eustace and Seren recognize the third songblade wielder is Guy from the fight in the dream with the Cataclysmic Parable. Within that tapestry there is a star map that leads to a place of power, and it says
“Within us, the infinite walks, the twin snakes hold sway, seek thee the hall of mirrors.”
Essentially, the tapestry discloses that this place is in the shifting city. After taking a closer look at the red moon tapestry, Belanovan finds a power word hidden within the tapestry: Jhasa Oriana. Ahst convinces Belanovan to let her be the one to tell Moe. Belanovan asks the group if they know of the shifting city, Braktor thinks he can connect some dots and eventually establishes that it's the city of Eassemere. Ahst gives Moe the word and he discovers that the word can teleport people to the planet Ori.
Raost decides to summon Delani, a merchant of Eassemere. After Raost scares him off, they use Toot’s sending to contact Raost’s refraction and asks her to be let in the city. She declines. However Derk, another person in Eassemere, wants them in the city, because the refraction Inuchiyo and someone else are arguing, and he likes the conflict this party has started. He teleports to them to get an idea of who he’s going to be bringing to his city. As he is a racist, Derk insults every single person he sees as none of them are human, and he only talks to Mad Morc, who is half-human. He then recognized the Violet in the eyes of both Mad Morc and Toot, and informs them that
“The 7th eye is open, the star is complete, the Herald surges, and whispers the traitors blade is revealed so to are the relics of the seven to be sought those of who’s bonds have been broken seek them, but they will need your aid, seek the scrolls of nidicar hidden within the wizard’s labyrinth, and to bring them to him so he can translate the scrolls”.
The party convinces Derk to take them to Eassemere, but before they leave for the city, Raost grabs Seren’s shoulder as if to go in for a kiss, but just says “ I’m still your loyal wolf, you know that right?” and pats her head, and tries to leave, but Seren grabs his coat and goes for the kiss. Ahst decides to meet with Inu to ask how many people she can take with her to the shattered gate. Inu informs her that 3 guardians are needed to teleport large groups of people.
Raost also decides to ask Madd Morc to train him and change his fighting style to tunnel fighter. Eustace and Seren sleep, Toot and Ahst fill their stomach and the session ends.

Erin's Day Out Oneshot
Erin is blasting off into space by the vessel of Aladine. After reaching orbit, Erin looks out of the window to see Verum and the Leviathans. As the vessel drifts through space, it passes a gate in the water plane and it goes into hyperdrive. The spaceship then flies through magical stardust which empowers Erin. Eventually, Erin looks out to find a planetary creature that is similar to Queirg. The ship offers to land there but Erin wills it to pass by and the ship obliges. Time passes and the ship goes through another gate that seems to have opals and it is in the colors of the rainbow. This time the ship goes into light-speed which knocks Erin out. The vessel injects something into Erin's legs to keep him alive. He eventually wakes up in another nebula to find a glowing asteroid. Erin presses the button to grab it and it seems to have increased the fuel. At the homestretch, a leviathan-type creature enters the ships sight. The vessel immediately shuts off as if it is trying to hide from it. Erin does nothing and the creature passes by unaware of the ship. Finally, the vessel reaches Band and lands near a library.

Shattered Crowns S2 Ep. 14
The party prepares to set of to the bowels of Queirg to find the missing pieces for their vessel. However, before they leave, Iron Pipe (Big Pipe's new name) uses Faulty's (Robotic Pet) training mode to give him a new ability. Faulty shows what he can give and Iron Pipe chooses to get magnification in optics allowing to him to clearly see things two miles away. As that is finished, the party goes back into the boat and head to the lower end. However, as they traverse, there are signs that they are being followed but it seems to be interrupted as signs of a caster battle has occurred. The party increase their pace, jump into the boat, and heads to the bowels.
At the entrance of the bowels, there is a giant hole showing that they have to commit to entering the bowel as it would take considerable effort to climb back up. They jump down to find intestinal walls that shine with an eternal red light. While walking through the tubes, they notice rotting flesh and something that moves behind the walls of flesh. Ikkar looks at the flesh trying to identify the problem. He realizes that the rot isn't magical but natural; it's cancer. They eventually walk up and find an area darkening the flesh. Ikkar pokes a hole into it to find a multitude of parasitic beings. The party walks away as the beings move around the flesh. Scrumpo finds a hole that leads to another part of intestines and Iron Pipe uses Arcane Eye to scout ahead.
The eyes scouts through intestine and stomach acid to find an assortment of items. First he finds a corpse infused by the flesh with a shattered weapon around it. Iron Pipe looks at the weapon and sees that that weapon is from the Feywild. He then finds a mirror that is one of the pieces they need for the ship. He drops the coordinates of where it is and continues scouting. In another area, Iron Pipe finds barrels that seems to not part be part of Queirg as it is a different tech level. As he walks past, Iron Pipe finds a pile of treasure and moving bags. In the lower areas of the bowels, Iron Pipe finds a Viaken ship and on it, a symbol of Viderick. Lastly, Iron Pipe finds a destroyed spaceship and a giant mana crystal with another part for the ship inside of it. However, the Arcane Eye is restrained and a powerful cancerous being comes out. The monster reverses the eye powers and cuts it off.
The cancerous being teleports in front of the party. It introduces itself as Bronchial, The Cancerous Lord and False Saint. Scrumpo asks why Bronchial is here and it responds that it looks over the parasitic beings as it is its children. Bronchial plans to infect Queirg and uses its flesh to create another world. Scrumpo warns that there is another being that is also infecting Queirg. Bronchial is interested and Scrumpo offers a trade of knowledge for free passage. Guy interjects by saying that they just want parts for their ship and Bronchial is delighted by that actions as it opens the wound to the surface allowing Bronchial to infect more. Iron Pipe then explains how there is another cancer that is even stronger than him. Guy explains that that other corruption is violet energy. At the saying of Violet, Bronchial laughs as he will now keep his word and teleports the party to the mana crystal.
Bronchial will take a necklace from a nearby cyst and wear its on its neck. The party sees that the symbol is a green triangle (one of the symbols on Amber's belt). Bronchial explains that it will help them so that it can upkeep its promise to a cardinal. Bronchial explains that it is allied with two other beings that wait in their respective domains until they are called. The others are already contacted by the green triangle and prepare for what is to come. Scrumpo asks which cardinal he promised to and the False Saint answers that a cardinal with arms of black and white wolves (Tane from Shadow of Tyre) gave it purpose at its weakest state. Instead of killing Bronchial, the cardinal put him into flesh so that Bronchial could get more powerful. Scrumpo mentions that they met a similar guy when they fought in the dream. Realizing that they are allies for long than they have thought, Scrumpo persuades Bronchial to kill the Archkeeper and the academy while keeping the innocent lives of Queirg safe. Bronchial will ask what parts they need and the party will answer. Bronchial will teleport the parts for the spaceship to them. It also gives Scrumpo a flesh sac so that they won't die if they meet the other beings of the green triangle. Bronchial will then leave the party and to start to use the giant mana crystal to make more children.
The party discuss discreetly that they should come back to Queirg to make sure that Bronchial doesn't go too chaotic. They look at the destroyed spaceship nearby to find the last part, the devil's stolen power. Iron Pipe grabs the crystal and his power suit confirms that they have everything and they should come back to the ship. The party goes back to Bronchial to talk about the treasure room, Feywild weapon, and symbol of Viderick. Bronchial tells the party that the treasure room is cursed but will give the Feywild weapon and symbol of Viderick to them. Bronchial also goes to Huck and, because he was nice to it, make a flesh version of his hat and gives to him. Lastly, Bronchial teleports the party out of the bowels and they head back to the ship.

Secrets in the Stone Ep. 8 (av5hadow)
Under pressure from her refractions, Ulm worries about the violet presence the clowns released. She asks the party to reconsider the Lantern Lighter’s (LL) request. Taffy informs the party that the investigation will take up a lot of their time and advises that they should focus on one task. Dusty suggests to take the first investigation step to see how long it would take, and the party returns to the regent
LL gives the location of where his Lords disappear, saying that the new Violet disturbance has increased travel time to 3 days. The party asks if there’s a faster method of travel, and LL mentions the portal in the castle. However, using the portal would expose Lieve to the Violet as it takes time to close it. LL asks them about their main mission, and this time, the party reveals that they are under a time crunch to look for “items” from various locations. LL offers the portal to their cause as long as he knows where the location is. They mention the Library of Kacaell, which LL happens to know of back during his days as the Scarab Lord’s servant. However, the Library has defenses which would prevent teleportation without proper clearance. LL takes a chance and casts Sending to Minthis Ad’daire, asking for clearance. “You are welcome to try”. Tirsis says that they should test the portal to the Library, and if the way is clear, they should return and investigate the coast. All but Claw agree, and they teleport to the Library
Once they arrive, a pulse of magic dispelled the portal. With only one way forward, the party investigates the local ruins. The nearby obelisk has its elven writings scratched off, and thus its trap disabled. As Elwood and Claw scratches off 100gp worth of gold flakes off of a statue, the rest investigates the missing chunk of an enormous stone door that leads into the Library. It appears that something forced it way inside, and a violet light appears through the hole. The party enters
They discover the remains of Kabraxus Five (KB) with a large rod embedded in him. There is a scythe and a hat near him. Dusty believes KB died from his soul being taken. On KB is a letter and a journal. In the journey’s last entry, the writer says he must keep “it” out of the Library and also mentions Kalla’Jin. The entry’s date implies KB died in the past 18 days. They also find a holy symbol of Raquel, which is a pocket watch that looks similar to the same one Babylon gave to Gorrul.Ulm noticed the Elvin symbols on the shaft and the amber sphere on the open end of the rod. The Elvin symbol is a formula, and a master craftsman made the sphere. Dusty identifies the scythe as the Scythe of the Found. On the shaft is a poem, and Elwood takes it. The party investigates the hat which is made with fine cloth and gems. On the inside is the symbol of the Black Pantheon. The symbol contains an extra piece which hints to a locked deity. Suddenly, the hat spins, and then a lady comes out
She introduces herself as the Hatter Mad (HM), a former servant of the pre-reckoning Feywild. She thanks the party, and now she says that she can finish her task that the Seven gave to her. When the party tells her that she is in service of the 7 as well, she asks for the 7’s whereabouts. Taffy tells HM that the Seven has been mostly dead for years. HM breaks down, mumbling about her task. However, her spirit shoots back up when the party informs HM about Ulm’s relation to the 7. She tells the party that her hat can take them anywhere she knows of or any location connected to a ley line. This means that every single stream game can be connected. She then joins the party as an ally.
The party moves on to explore the rest of the ruins. While the rest enters a section full of tables, chairs, and four spiral staircases that leads to the floor below, Claw discovers a door with a yellow square. He returns to the party and leads them to the door. Meanwhile, Ulm finds a blue book which happens to be a Tome of Abjuration, a book on basic abjuration and joins her companions at the door. All of them feel some sort of significance from the yellow party, but that’s about it. Nothing magical. They go down one set of stairs. They immediately feel heat upon while descending the stairs. Once they are at the bottom, several creatures look in their direction, detecting intruders in their territory. Ulm urges HM and Taffy to go back upstairs for safety.

Heart of Tyre Ep. 10 (av5hadow)
The party returns to camp. To clear timelines up, at this point of time, the Soul of Tyre group is about to leave with their translator, and Erin is not available. Seren calls for a group meeting. Seren wants to get the party to promise to kill her if something takes over her again. It’ll be the very last resort. She also wants to talk to Braktor to get in contact with her refraction, “E”, thinking that her refraction got infected. She also knows that the party wants to ask Braktor about Band and Azengolt. Derok summons Braktor (Ozzie and Ahst too) via YAPP.
Before they ask about the planets, Seren asks Braktor to bring them to the Night Guard, the faction E is a part of. Braktor calls for Vizier Lozenkor, asking him to teleport the group to Dolton. The Vizier informs the Tops that they are wanted in Dolton for the Wild Magic Sewer Incident back in Bleak. He then lectures the group, stating that the group should be focused on the labyrinth, and he also says that they do not need to go in person and that he can send messengers. After the lecture, he leaves the tent. Braktor gives cryptic advice to Seren on dealing with the Depthar in her head. While Braktor appraising the weapon, Derok asks about the angels and Band. Braktor says the planet is “lost,” but some of the regular folks might be okay. Morc asks Braktor and Ozzie if they can identify the nodachi that he got from Hoto 10 sessions ago. Braktor finally identifies the blade, the Koikuen or Memory’s Edge
In the Maptools chat, Ahst gives Ives amber arrows. Ahst tells Ives about amber’s properties of severing connections. Ives calls over Seren, shows her the arrows, relays the amber’s properties. She wants to coat one of her spare masks with amber
Derok goes to Ahst, asking if she studied the Song of the Seven. She says she’s not allowed and looks at Braktor who says that they should wait for the third Guy. The party then leaves the tent. The party checks on the smith on the progress of their orders. “It has been one day.” However, he does have the three cocaine arrows done and give them to Ives. Seren asks Braktor to make an amber-lined mask and gives him 20 amber arrows and a spare mask. He says that he can do it. On the topic of rocks, Braktor informs them of two rocks on Band. Voidka is essentially extremely radioactive. Negatia is able to absorb all magical power from a spellcaster. Derock buys a Potion of invulnerability for 3000gp from Igor in a very quick transaction
Meanwhile at the trees of revelation, Ozzie and Morc finish praying for their gods. Ozzie prays to Lorn to protect the Tops. Morc prays to Iass to help Seren. Ozzie tells Morc to be strong for his party, and the two of the hug. Ozzie leaves. As Morc leaves, he receives a vision from Iass. Morc knows that the seventh eye has been opened, and the Herald is making moves. He goes back to the market where Seren, Derok, and Braktor are. Braktor just gave Seren an Amber-lined mask. The present Tops agree that they need to gather the seven eyes. Braktor says that when the eyes gather, it will be the start of the final push. All of them do agree that they should be informed of the situation at the very least, but the unsolved problem now is to both identify and find them
Morc asks how to release souls from soul crystals. Braktor says that there is a way, but they will need to bring them back to the camp. Braktor also informs them that the Depthar are weak to songs. Meanwhile, Ahst and Neve distract a shopkeeper to let Ives steal a spyglass. Ives places a pouch that contains 400gp and an IOU. After the deed, Ives writes a message and folds it into an origami crane. He then leaves it on the shrine of Vavren
Seren gives the Vizier a letter and asks him to deliver it to the Night Guard. She also describes E’s appearance as she doesn’t know E’s name. She then goes to Roast and makes out with him as it would be her last time doing so with a tongue. When Seren goes to the portal, (through Arcadum) she realises that she won’t be able to cast spells with vocal components without her tongue. Someone recommends a muzzle, and Igor who overhears this the conversation provides her with a muzzle. Neve asks the Vizier to send a message to the third changeling she and Ahst saw. Morc asks Vizier to send messages to the Violet Eyes. The party then enters the portal. Vizier contemplates the fact that all the groups left the camp and hums himself a bop. A nearby guard joins him.

Soul of Tyre Ep. 9 (SootheBe11)
Last time in Soul of Tyre the gang got wedded, opened the door to archives and sent Erin off into space to Band.
The session starts with all of the party members, Moe, the High Ael, Ano, and Mateslayer staring at the empty spot where the huge mecha (thought to be the statue of Aladine) blasted off. The High Ael starts to question Belanovan about what had happened, and in an attempt to tell them half-truths, Braktor ends up making it worse leading the Shar'kai to think that the party has blasphemed against them. Luckily, Moe states he has the ability to see the soul of another and can contact Eren through Gruff; the Shar’kai agrees and they all go back into the main hall where the reception is being held.
While walking back, they spot Gruff at the altar of Aladine, praying to Crowley for guidance in how to get stronger since he has been feeling complacent. The hand of Aladine starts to seep with blood forming into Crowley. Crowley speaking to Gruff, tells him that in order for Gruff to seek guidance, then Gruff must conduct a pointless battle producing a pointless death. Crowley then looks around in the room and speaking boastfully to all the Shar’kai proclaim that their God is dead, and he is the one who killed him. All of the Shar’kai gasp and become infuriated as Crowley disappears.
Ozzie, feeling the atmosphere in the room, attempts to battle Gruff to the death, however the High Ael has ordered all of the party to be restrained and Mateslayer does so with a simple power word. As the whole Soul of Tyre group goes unconscious, Moe is the only character not to be affected because he is Mateslayer’s husband. The Shar’kai discuss the events that led to multiple blasphemies conducted by the party, leading to a discussion about what has occurred and what they will do next. Moe interjects, saying that he can help in knowing more about what happened due to the ability of his cyclopean eye. The High Ael agrees and lets Moe, look into Gruff.
As Moe looks at Gruff, he falls to ground as his body astrally projects into the astral sea towards the planet of Band with a white thread showing his path back to his body. Meanwhile in Band, Eren has just landed and is looking around at his surroundings, going back into the vessel to look more into what had happened. While he is doing so, Moe appears before him, and starts to question where he is and how did he get there. As they both talk, Moe realizes the symbol of Band upon the vessel as a loud beeping noise start to emanate and a celestial being appears in front of them, that being is Valden the record keeper.
As Valden speaks, Moe and Eren learns that it has been 4,488 days since a vessel has landed on Band; Aladine is lesser angel to Hades the archangel and is missing for 28,448 days, Hades is a lord, an archangel, and “readcted”; Sheen, the vengeful scorn, is in Olstwitz, and is functional. They also learn that the vessel Eren used is in bad condition which may lead to death of the person using it again. To repair the vessel, Beator must be found, however that person is found to be in close proximity to Sheen. The two message Sheen to go to where they are, however Sheen replies that they must go to him. They then ask Valden for any teleportation devices to Kalkatesh, but it would take 11 days east to get to Duldaran. As Moe asks about what Band has to do with the Red Star, Valden becomes nullified, spouting out “error” and becomes nonfunctional. Eren then chooses to go to Olstwitz to find Sheen, using the broken vessel to travel for 3 days east while Moe heads off back to his body.
Moe returns to the astral sea, following the white thread, but encounters a huge vessel that has been torn apart, with frozen people, and ice formed inside of it. As Moe, looks around, his Cyclopian eye catches a violet light, and he sees the people dying, but more importantly a presence stares at him back. Feeling this, Moe darts out of the ship and heads towards Kalkatesh feeling as if he is alright, but before he could return to his body, a time merchant Dork has taken him to his shop.
Dork has given Moe the option to change the future, to shift fate, and Moe chose the fate in which the Soul of Tyre group would not get killed in exchange for a failure in a clash when the Shadow of Tyre goes into the labyrinth and fights an enemy. Moe floats back into his body, and tells the Shar’kai of what Eren is attempting to do, weirdly enough, the Shar’kai agree and are very easily persuaded. The Soul of Tyre group are then awakened, and are released, taking their leave to the labyrinth once again.

Strange Roads Ep. 17, FINALE (SootheBe11)
Last time on Strange Roads, the gang found a violet Ricardo attempting to do a ritual to some kind. A battle ensues, Wode gives them strength, and Nox has grappled him into the dream realm.
As Nox takes the Violet Ricardo into the dream realm and closes the portal, Arcidamus, Zacharias, Mirage, and Koordrin attempt to help her by the power of friendship. More specifically, Zacharias cast dispel darkness to block the Herald’s gaze and Mirage clashes against the Herald. Mirage wins the clash with the help of Wode, diverting the Herald’s gaze, Oun then comes forth, opening a portal into the dream.
In the dream, Nox regains her strength gaining her previous level (level 8). As the portal opens, a shadow encroaches toward Ricardo attempting to crush him, however Ricardo pushes back, resisting the pressure. Then a white shadow appears, joining the black, encircling Nox, entering into her eyes. Nox’s eyes become white and black, with her scales becoming that of a monochromatic pattern, her shield and sword glow with the same energy, she has ascended to her full strength, Nox guardian of the Dream. Her comrades aid Nox, specifically 3 rerolls (from Oun, Wode, and the Mistress of Fate), a +5 to any roll (due to Koordrin’s presence), and a 1d6 to any roll (from the Gambler Black’s power).
Nox clashes with Ricardo, attacking each other until one of them falls. Clash after clash, the two strike, each one gaining advantage over the other at some point. When finally the sixth clash comes and Ricardo attempts to finish it in one strike. As Nox starts to lose her footing and Ricardo strikes his sword against her, she utilizes the strength that all her allies have given her, Nox slices through Ricardo’s rapier, shattering it. The last clash begins, with Ricardo pulling out a violet sword from his chest, but Nox blocks his sword and thrusts her own sword into him. A storm of violet erupt from Ricardo and both return to the mortal realm.
The party, astounded by Nox’s entry and her natural 20s, looks at Ricardo who is wounded on the ground. Koordrin rips the chains of Mirage’s spirit free from Ricardo and Mirage’s voice return. As Ricardo is weakened, Mirage proceeds to torture him, ripping his flesh to bone and dismembering his limbs. As the party regroup, remembering where they have come from and why they were walking on these STRANGE ROADS, Mirage gains the belt of her sister’s voices, Koordrin finds a stone engraved with a note giving it to Mirage and cuts off a piece of Ricardo’s scarf, and Nox grabs the violet book and the forbidden fighting techniques that the monastery holds. Zacharias inspects the room where Ricardo has come from, and found a strange scroll that is filled with musical notes.
Mirage enters after Zaccharias and both study the ritual more. It is the ritual for contorting the song of Creation, utilizing three voices that can be reflected off of one another, a filter to sing them through, and an unclear oath. They also discover the continent of Rynd, a continent of bards far to the west, where all know of the ancient songs. As Mirage looks upon the scroll, she realizes the she can do one of three things: reverse the ritual and learn the song of creation, destroy the ritual, complete the ritual utilizing her sisters voices, or steal from the song of creation giving her sisters life again. Mirage chose the first, and she has projected towards the Astral Sea to where Inu resides.
Inu questions Mirage about her position, about her strength in what she has done, and if she is ready to take part in the bigger picture. Mirage agrees, and she has been given the choice to choose one of the four chords: Freedom (I), Truth(V), Desire(VI), or Sacrifice(IV) which will turn her to a living song. Freedom takes the aspect of life that lets it go uncontrollably, creating life where it might not thrive, and the unpredictability of life’s circumstances that life can appear in. Truth says that some life is meant to die, it is the law of the jungle, the strong kills the weak, and determines which life continues and which does not. Desire shows that all things are found within life, for without it, life is stagnant and pointless. Sacrifice reveals life is a tragedy but within oneself, they can find the strength to go on. Mirage chose freedom.
A bright light encompasses Mirage in the mortal realm, as she transforms her clothes into an intricate golden dress with silver linings floating phantasmally off her body, her head covered in a veil, with her hair is held up by a barrette as her nightmare powers dissipate, and instead, she gains the power of the chord of Freedom.
The gang goes back to Valloween, gathering THE BOIS, and Arcidamus learns of his tasks from a scroll that Valloween held. What Arcidamus sees on the scroll is not a scroll but a peace of the tapestry of fate. He sees a 7 pointed star comprised of the tapestry’s threads, and eyes opening at each end. In the center of the star he sees the mass of violet energy and the Herald, moving through time, the celestial bodies, etching his way towards Kalkatesh.The threads begin to wrap Arcidamus, showing him that one must walk this path to seek the pieces of the prism for only then can the edge be revealed. The twilight station must be visited, the vessels must be gathered, the keys must be placed within their shelf, and only then will the astral traveler reveal the way. Arcidamus then sees other symbols, a red star, an orange star, a yellow cube, a green triangle, a blue cross, and an indigo scar. Then it fades out reflecting against each other, being put together to a prism. Arcidamus' vision fades and the Matron calls to him to walk the path to seek the missing star, the Orange star. As he looks towards the group and towards the camera he says “Shit”.
Nox curious about the violet book that she has gotten, then looks into it, her eyes begin to dilate and her scales glowing a more violet hugh. Then a voice whispers to Nox, “I see you”, Koordrin knocks the book out of Nox’s hand, and she returns to normal. As the party argues about to do with the book, Zacharias notices the number two in Roman numerals on the binding of the book with his violet eye. Nox then proceeds to wrap the violet book in twine and throw it into the bag of cursed items along with the violet crown.
The party then heads back to the Jaquire’s caravan, where they set off for the last stretch of their journey. As the caravan approaches Steton, Jaquire goes to each of the party members, giving them a blue scarf that shows a symbol of elves and the elven symbol of help so that whenever they need aid they just need to show it. Zacharias is the first to bid his farewell seeking a quiet place in steten to rest from his adventure, so that one day when his time is called because of his eye, he is ready. Koordrin is next, stating that he is to find his wife not only because a Tortle told him to, but for that +2 AC baby, then when he finds her he will then follow the path of Cassius. As Nox’s mission comes to a close, a new one begins for she has seen what was in the violet tome. Nox saw her sisters fallen to violet ash, the blue ribbon of the Alice flown away, and the feywild loss. Nox must gather her scattered sisters, and in her dreams Oun has shown her visions of Tomen and Li’lu who has found the weeping rabbit, for perhaps she can walk the path of the Alice. Mirage, now filled with purpose as one of the Chords, travels towards the island of Tyre where she may help the three groups in fighting the wizard’s labyrinth. Arcidamus is the last to leave, now feeling the call of fate, he travels towards the Badlands where he seeks the old remains of the elven archives as to perhaps find clues to find the Orange star.

Death and Debts Ep. 7
The party fights the gray acolytes they found in the sewers. In the midst of the fight, they are ambushed from behind by a mercenary that can control spirits. They kill the gray acolytes but try to convince to mercenary to surrender as they don't want to kill her. The mercenary refuses and knocks out Umi and Zara. Vaeri sees this and delivers the lethal blow to the mercenary ending combat. As she falls to the ground, a silver mirror drops out of her. Revlis and Umi look at the mirror and sees that it is hallowed but not by Wode or Oun. They pass it around until it reaches to Terryn. As she looks into the mirror, her eyes dilate and visions flow into her mind. Terryn appears on a path of shattered glass; before her stands a citadel of reflections and symbols of a two-headed serpent. She walks through until she reaches a gate to find shadows of other changelings. Terryn turns around to find a white serpent who says "Welcome home, child" and they have much to discuss. Terryn asks where she is and finds another white serpent behind but both are connected. The two serpent heads discuss and guides her to a fountain of liquid glass. One snake head touches the fountain and it becomes a giant mirror. Terryn gazes into a mirror and falls through it.
Terryn teleports to the vast Astral Sea and Tomen stands besides her. The god tells Terryn that he is her brother. Tomen explains that he is the only male that came from the Hags as he was the first. He the shifts topics by telling Terryn that their kin might finally have a home since she is here. However, that has to wait as the enemy moves across the sky and the seventh eye is open. Tomen urges Terryn to meet with her sisters to create the Trigram so that the lost Isles of the Vega can be revealed. Terryn asks if he is related to Wode and Tomen responds that both were made from the dream. Lastly, Tomen shows Terryn the sisters she must seek in the Arcane Labyrinth.
While Revlis holds the mirror wondering where Terryn went, the changeling comes out of the mirror on to of her. Terryn runs around overwhelmed by what she saw and passes out. The party then loots the mercenary to find some documents and in there was a letter. It says how the mercenary is one of the last people that can open a gate and she is very important to somebody plans. Madeleine goes into another room to find potent tonics of Haste, Invulnerability, Flight, and Giant Strength. The party divides the tonics amongst each other. The then decide what they will do next week.

Thanks for reading.
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2020.09.26 17:23 confused_girl21 Feeling numb

About 5 months ago my ex of two years broke up with me on the phone, while my whole family had coronavirus. We had traveled Europe together just 4 months before that. I was so in love with him, we basically lived together in college (we are in our early 20s). He told me he still loved me and needed time to work on himself since he realizes he has a problem and does not know how to be single at all. He also told me he was deeply depressed and hates himself and needs to learn to love himself. I think the real reason was because he had cheated on me months ago and could not deal with the consequences of my trust issues and his guilt. Less than 1 month later, he has a new girlfriend. They seem so in love and happy. It’s like he erased me from his mind completely.
The other day I lashed out on him, texted him for the first time since the breakup. I told him I hated him immensely and wish I had never met him. That I pity him because he is so deeply disturbed. Which I know isn’t really true but I just felt so angry. He told me how great his life is now and how he is seeing psychiatric services and lost weight, etc. I just feel so confused why he is willing to do that for someone else and not me.
And to top this off, within the same weekend, my ex boyfriend of 2 years from high school (who broke up with me 3 years ago) texted me for the first time since our breakup. I met up with him and he gave me this long genuine apology about how horrible he treated me and how I was the best girl he has had in his life. He even alluded to wanting to get back together. Normally I feel like this would draw some sort of emotion in me, since he was my first love and serious relationship, but I just feel very numb to it.
After all the anger and sadness, I just feel nothing. It feels like neither of these relationships actually happened. Like all my memories are a giant blur, or a fever dream. I just feel like the boys I have dated always started out treated me wonderfully and ended up treating me like shit. I know I am so young but I don’t know how many times I can keep doing this dating thing. Sorry this is just a rant, lol
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2020.09.26 17:15 removalbot 09-26 15:15 - 'Whose weapons are better - Americans' or Russians'?' (self.europe) by /u/MIGelDiablOelCorazon removed from /r/europe within 9-19min



Russian weapons are generally simpler in design and more mobile. For too long the West believed that the Soviets made simple weapons because they were too unsophisticated to make complex ones. Now the West realizes that the simplicity bespeaks a high state of engineering skill.

#1 Small firearms

One of the earliest Soviet Army issue handguns was the Tokarev or "TT" automatic pistol. (Note that in this context the term "automatic" refers to the loading process, not the firing process. Users of so-called "automatic" pistols must still pull the trigger for every shot fired.) Outwardly the Tokarev was utilitarian and unattractive—in other words, fitting very much into the Soviet military aesthetic. Like most Soviet weapons it was dead simple
Russia's service handguns are simple, rugged and reliable, made to be built—and used—in wartime. While they may lack the amenities found in many modern American pistols, such as the U.S. Army's new M17 Modular Handgun System, an emphasis on functionality means they will get the job done under extreme conditions. So newer Russian PL-15 “Lebedev” or “Udav” handgun are better than M17.

#2 Russian weapons are meant to work – they are workhorses and cheap

A third-world country can outfit 10 soldiers using Russian gear for the cost of equipping 1 man with American weaponry. And the Russian jets are better than the western jets at the time of war because they are more rugged, easy to repair, and cheaper to manufacture, and therefore, the Russian could just keep making more jets as the jets are lost.
The Nationalinterest claims, the Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E is the by far the best operational fighter aircraft Russia has produced to date. An advanced derivative of the original Soviet-era Su-27, the new Flanker variant is high flying, fast and carries an enormous payload. That, combined with its advanced suite of avionics, makes the Su-35 an extremely dangerous foe to any U.S. fighter, with the exception of the stealthy Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. And the price of Su-35 is much more less than expensive F-22.
As an air-superiority fighter, the Su-35’s major advantages are its combination of high altitude capability and blistering speed—which allow the fighter to impart the maximum possible amount of launch energy to its arsenal of long-range air-to-air missiles. During an air battle, the Su-35 would launch its missiles from high supersonic speeds around Mach 1.5 at altitudes greater than 45,000 ft. It also has three-dimensional thrust vectoring—which gives it exceptional maneuverability, advanced avionics and a powerful jamming capability.
Su-35 fighter is better than the American F-15. The Su-35 boasts an infrared search and track system (IRST), which allows it to determine the general position of aircraft within a fifty kilometer radius—potentially quite useful for detecting stealth aircraft at shorter ranges. The F-15 doesn’t have an IRST.
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force is keen to acquire the new jet and there have been reports that North Korea would also like to buy some number of Su-35s. As the Su-35 begins enter service in numbers, additional customers are likely to start lining up to buy the new fighter.
Russia's Su-57 stealth fighter is a more versatile and a better ground-attacker than America's own F-22 is, one of Russia's top warplane-designers insisted. The Nationalinterest claims, F-22 lacks the capability to strike ground targets compared to the Su-57.

# 3 Lets nuke them

In the entire history of the human race, there has never been a weapon as destructive as the Russian SS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). To understand the true power of this doomsday weapon, try comparing it to the nuclear warhead the United States used to obliterate Hiroshima.
The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive yield of ‘only’ 15 kilo tonnes (KT) or 15,000 tonnes of TNT equivalent, and yet it killed 70,000 people. In comparison, a single SS-18 carries up to 10 separate nuclear warheads of around 750 KT each. Some missiles are armed with one humongous 20,000 KT warhead.
But that was Soviet period of Russia. What now?
Russia possesses heavy land-based, liquid-fuelled ICBMs. The R-36M2 Voevoda (NATO reporting name: SS-18 Mod 5, Satan). It can carry up to ten warheads with a capacity of up to 750 KT each.
The New Start Treaty, signed on April 8, 2010, by Presidents Obama and Medvedev, reduces each country’s number of nuclear warheads to 1,550. The number of deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and heavy strategic bombers is limited to seven hundred. According to data published by the U.S. Department of State on April 1, both parties are at or near the stated figures. The United States possesses 741 deployed launchers equipped with 1,481 nuclear warheads, while Russia possesses 521 launchers equipped with 1,735 nuclear warheads. The difference is insignificant, and does not affect the strategic balance. Russia has fewer launchers at the moment, but this disparity is due to the fact that ICBMs that carry MIRVs (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles) have a wider range of application—one ICBM can carry up to ten warheads.

#1 [[link]7

Whose weapons are better - Americans' or Russians'?
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Author: MIGelDiablOelCorazon
1: www.we*r*themigh*y.c*m/*e*s/rus*ian-*o**at*side*rm****e-built*for-tou*h-*lo**y-wars 2: nati*na***t****5-r**si*n-weap**s-w**-america*shoul**fe*r-12016 3: nationa*in*e*e****/b*zz**ir-*attl*-***s*as-su-57*v*-*m*ricas*stealth-f-22-which-*ett**-360*2 4: **tionalint*r*st.*rg/*ea***e/russias*leth**-s**35-f*ght*r-be*ter-th*-a*erican-f-*5*1*333 5: nation*l*nterest.*r*/*eat*re*t*e*e-rus*ian*nukes*a*e-better-*m***cas-1*926 6: preview.r**d.***z**8nq**aip**.j**?*idth*127*&am*;*ormat*pjpg*amp*a*to=webp&s=*e*86f3b6**b7f11dd87ccd9993d0c0*dc9d*e** 7: ww*.wea*ethemi*hty.*om/news*rus*ian*combat*sidearm*-are-b***t-*o*-*ough*b*o**y-wars**^* 8: nationalinterest*or*/fea*ure*5-r*s*ian-w*apo*s***r-a*erica-*ho*****ear-1*016]*^2 9: n**io*al**t***attle*ru*si*s-su*57-***ame***as-*tealth-*-22**h*ch-b*tter-36012]^** 10: nationali*t*****feature/r*ss***-le*h**-su-35-fighte*-b*tter*t*e-amer*can-f***-**333]^^4 11: n*tio**lint*r**t.*rg*f*ature/t***e-russi*n-*uke*-are-*etter-am*r*cas-15*26]*^5
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2020.09.26 10:34 orange0401 [Store] 34 Knives, 5 Gloves, Skins, Cash (methods listed in post), 61 Arcanas, $10000+ Cash >> MW Spearmints, Falchion Ruby/Sapphire, Butterfly Doppler P3, .007 Bayo Ruby, .25 Vice, M9 Lore FN / MW




Please note that float rankings may be out of date. Keep them in mind as general rankings, and check for yourself if you so wish.
Reddit DM is not a good way to contact me. Instead, add me or send a trade offer through steam.


Screenshots are unreliably hosted on csmoney. If you'd like to see screenshots, message/add me to ask for them.


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Bayonet Ruby FN .007x $2400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore FN .05x $1400 -
M9 Bayonet Lore MW .07x $1090 -
Falchion Knife Sapphire FN .007x $740 -
Falchion Knife Ruby FN .008x $580 -
Butterfly Knife Doppler FN P3 .02x $590 -
Butterfly Knife Slaughter MW .09x $530 -
Karambit Tiger Tooth FN .03x $460 10/2
Skeleton Knife Blue Steel MW .08x $440 -
Karambit Doppler FN P1 .008x $430 -
Bayonet Marble Fade FN .02x $405 -
M9 Bayonet Tiger Tooth FN .04x $350 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web FT .37x $360 -
M9 Bayonet Doppler FN P1 .008x $335 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel MW .10x $330 -
Butterfly Knife Blue Steel FT .23x $310 -
Karambit Vanilla $320 -
Butterfly Knife Crimson Web BS .60x $275 9/30
Butterfly Knife Rust Coat BS .65x $250 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .05x $240 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FN .04x $240 -
Survival Knife Vanilla $230 -
Huntsman Knife Fade FN .007x 98.3% $220 -
Paracord Knife Case Hardened FT .23x $210 -
Karambit Stained FT .26x $210 -
Bowie Knife Marble Fade FN .007x $195 -
Flip Knife Doppler FN P4 .01x $197 -
M9 Bayonet Blue Steel .26x $185 9/30
Huntsman Knife Doppler FN P2 .03x $185 -
Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth FN .04x $163 -
Flip Knife Lore FT .26x $167 -
M9 Bayonet Bright Water FT .22x $165 10/1
M9 Bayonet Night FT .30x $143 -
Falchion Knife Ultraviolet BS .51x $65 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Moto Gloves Spearmint MW .12x $3000 -
Sport Gloves Vice FT .25x $1180 -
Driver Gloves King Snake FT .25x $550 -
Sport Gloves Omega FT .21x $450 -
Specialist Gloves Fade FT .26x $400 -


[H] B/O Notes Trade Lock
Desert Eagle Blaze MW .07x $275 -
SG553 Integrale MW .08x $110 -
ST AK-47 Vulcan WW .40x $70 -
AK-47 Fuel Injector MW .10x $70 -
ST Scar-20 Crimson Web MW .12x W/ LDLC Holo $120 -


[H] B/O Screens Notes Trade Lock
51 Dota2 Arcanas $18 ea - "Good" arcanas -
$10000+ Cash (methods listed below) Skins, keys, gloves, etc. Stiletto Blue Steel .433298824x PI 999 for $65 - Various services may incur fees (I do not pay them). -


(please note that certain methods may incur fees that I do not pay). I offer and accept payments through
I am interested in buying for cash, usually cashouts and knife/glove/skin sales.
If you're interested in cash trades, I won't go first unless you have some form of rep greater than mine.
If an item is on trade hold and you want to guarantee its purchase, you can
  1. Pay 5% of the value to reserve it and pay the other 95% once its tradeable or
  2. Pay a full (sometimes slightly discounted) price on the item.
Otherwise I will trade the item normally, as if the offer did not exist.
CSGORep Cashrep
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2020.09.26 10:17 Moblogik402 Metro pcs in omaha is straight trash

So I became a metro customer after having been ripped off by sprint and their crumbling network. I was with sprint for 16 years at first I was happy then the Marco guy took over and it went to shit over night. No data connections poor call quality and unreliable txt service. Everyone on my contract had jumped ship mid month and not informed me so I sent our normal payment of $659 to sprint then was fed up with their customer service that got worse by the day not to mention I was sent by my boss to go check 5 sprint towers in my area. After doing so I knew why sprint sucked so bad and went back to work and quit my telecommunications career. If a company like that can swindle me for $659 and never give me a refund and have the nerve to splice non compatible components together in a tower and expect it to work and still remain in business I want nothing to do with the industry. I went to metro pcs. Oh my God how amazing it was to have customer service that was fast pleasantand actually helpful on the first call without having to ask for a supervisor 5000 times like you did with Sprint most of the time if I did have to call it was over something that I just needed changed on the account or an issue I had that was my own fault but they were able to resolve it immediately I've been with metro PCS for 2 years now best service I ever had that is... Until the murderer of T-Mobile MetroPCS Sprint boost and Verizon they must have kept some idiots from Sprint and put them in some high positions over there at T-Mobile that's the only way I can comprehend what transpired after this because no way in hell would a T-Mobile employee do something so absolutely idiotic. So I got an update after paying my bill for unlimited everything $60 and I was instantly greeted with an update in this update I had five pieces of bloatware which I will never use and all they do is gather data to sell to third parties this is a Sprint move not something that MetroPCS or T-Mobile were known to do and along with that programming to connect MetroPCS customers to Sprint and Verizon towers as well as towers that they do not own being AT&t and their edge Network so as soon as that update was over as well as over the course of the next month I had absolutely no service couldn't call couldn't text couldn't receive calls or text had no data I was constantly getting messages saying you're connected to this tower but you're not a registered user so you will not have a connection it was in far less words but that's damn near verbatim just added a couple of them to make it easier for everyone to understand so I contacted metro PCS and oh my God I had PTSD flashbacks of f****** Sprint all over again suddenly customer service that was once one that I would have read it up there with the best that the world had ever seen I've gone straight to Sprint golden spray painted turd rolled in hair and pflumm at your face knowing that you're not going to be able to avoid it and you're going to have to deal with this golden turd smacking you dead ass in your face and yet the worst customer service I had ever experienced Sim Sprint absolutely not helpful they couldn't even comprehend the basics of telecommunications or the ways that a cell phone works and what do these geniuses do put my phone to the closest tower the f****** morons didn't realize the closest tower was an AT&t network with the edge service so again my phone told me you are not a registered user for this network and will receive no service and then my phone would not connect to anything but AT&t edge Networkwell trying to get this issue cleared up for 2 weeks the restaurant next door to my house and caught on fire I tried to call 911 no luck you do not have a phone text or data connection f*** you have a nice day I had to run a block down try and remember Spanish to get one of the people down the street to call 911 as the fire was growing and I am the proud owner of numerous cars two of which being the closest to the restaurant that was engulfed in flames is a mint condition 1960 Cadillac 2 door hardtop with only 20,000 original miles all numbers matching we're talking about like a $280,000 car if it went to the Barrett auction and right next to it also equal distance to the ever-growing flames a mint condition 1966 Impala 2 door hardtop SS with 45,000 miles all original all numbers matching again at The Baird auction would pull hundreds of thousands so I ended up using a friend's phone while watching the fire department extinguished the fire and I called metro PCS I asked for supervisor like I had 23 times prior to and never been connected to actually was hung up on his soon as the supervisor go to the phone and I called got in contact with an agent told him what was going on he actually understood what I was saying but unfortunately was not able to do anything to alleviate the situation it sounded more like he was so disgusted with the fact that they have been plagued with these types of calls and no one knew what the issue was until he spoke to me and it seems like he was quite relieved that somebody actually knew what the cause of this issue was and I gave him a solution to the issue contact the network team have them push out another update have them removed the Sprint Verizon and AT&t services from our phones so we do not connect to their towers and once again we will regain our Network and have quality service they will not be played with phone calls and everything will be just as merry as it was before and then he asked me some questions that I was amazed that came across his mind he asked me don't cell phone towers have a limit to how many users can connect to them oh yes yes indeed my friend they sure do and for one to operate flawlessly 20 mm devices connected to the tower is the maximum you can get without the tensile failure and then when it does come back online after being overloaded will never be the same again because you sent multiple components in the tower to go absolutely thermal so when does power backup join back into the network it's going to be dragging its ass until a tech comes out there find for the damaged components and replaces them orange Sprint towers casesall the mismatched non-compatible components that are just horribly spliced into place and expected to work which even baffles me that some of these texts had the nerve to even do what Sprint suggested on doing since it tells you in the instructions for each component that they are not compatible and do not try and spicys in because it will cause a failure in your network but what Sprint do they do that stuff cuz they don't care about customers and now T-Mobile's doing the same thing so now tell me how it makes sense to have three networks all using the same tower so that means if you have a section of your city where there's a 45000 people like say downtown Omaha Nebraska during the middle of the day when it is a heaviest densely populated portion of the city and there's more Sprint towers than any other tower and you have every one of these customers from three networks horribly and massively overloading those Port hours that are already crippled by poor maintenance and poor business sense an antiquated technology that is installed like somebody sent into lazy-eyed dyslexic text that are fundamentally retarded to the point where they are hardly functional to set up those systems so now you have epic failures and the first month I had over 70 people reach out to me about the MetroPCS connection to the network and how horribly it was family and I looked at each one of their phones and found the same thing that I found on my phone it's MetroPCS is update of stupidity ends are horrible idea that merging three networks together on cripple towers was a great idea now now in this time frame I had previously booked 7 customers for work on their homes taking their deposits and had every intention on following through with the jobs that I was contracted for unfortunately due to everybody being in a panic over covid when you don't answer your phone or return a text message over a couple days time people start to freak out like no other neurotically even and then they start requesting refunds but you're not getting those messages and then suddenly you have a police Constable at your door hendon use a penis to court because you're being sued by every one of those customers and every customer that you contracted since then so 6 months of work as now generated three solid months of court dates now I refunded everyone that customer sent them a letter via snail mail since I have no connection I don't have Wi-Fi home because I'm only home for hours out of the day to sleep I'm a single father of seven and their mother passed away four years ago we don't have any other family we are all we have and I am the sole breadwinner of the home so in order for us to stay afloat I have to work 18 to 20 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure that my family don't have to struggle I also had six employees who each had anywhere between two to four children a piece we never had any problems we were all eaten good we were all living in nice places nice vehicles very very well-to-do in our paychecks were always consistently more than enough to what we needed to survive until covid-19 then our checks were still decent we were now budgeting our weekly pays and cutting costs it any chance that we can just to make sure that we were still looking into comfortable fashion until the T-Mobile Sprint Verizon merger and the satanic mr. Potato Head that came up with this brilliant idea to merge all three networks into one who should seriously be tarred feathered run out of the building on a pole and then thrown off of a bridge into a river full of angry and starving crocodiles and schools of piranhas doesn't have diesel fuel kerosene in styrofoam mixed together poured into the river and lit on fire just to make sure did that kind of stupid no longer resides on this planet so month-and-a-half into this entire merger fiasco I am contacted by my company's accountant who says you have to close the business inform all employees that there is no more business no more work and that they will need to find new jobs I asked how much money was left and there was enough left that I was able to cover their pee for the entirety of the two months even though we were only a month and a half into the issue I was able to make sure that at least they got paid for the full two months even though we had absolutely no work thanks to T-Mobile in their stupid idea of merging all three networks without actually looking into the fundamentals of how telecommunications work and so you know I have Masters in telecommunications and a master's in computer technology in network infrastructure I'm one of those guys that constantly is going to school to better my education I also have locksmith in certifications with a safe cracking I've started psychology and sociology classes for human behaviors and I've even gun through enough medical courses that for more classes and I can be registered nurse so I've had my employees it made my family hurt a little bit financially but I wasn't going to make my employees suffer because of the hands of T-Mobile metro PCS and their stupidity and unwillingness to listen to the issues and resolve them in a timely manner I then contacted metro PCS and ask for a full refund for the two months that I had paid on my phone just my phone not my kids phones not the employees phones that I paid for no just my phone $100 refund Asian said no problem and she issued the refund request which she told me to wait 3 days and you should see these hit your account I waited 5 days I did not see them hit my account so I then contacted metro PCS and ask them about this issue and they're answer to me was they were denied because there were no funds in my MetroPCS balance dumbfoundead I said course not every time I pay my bill you guys take the funds out of immediately I was asking for a refund Richmond to put money back into the balance and then refund it back to my card it's not rocket science and they said it was denied by there Treasury department I said well let me speak to them so I can tell him how refunds work they refused I said I talked to his supervisor I was disconnected on 14 times in one day every time I ask for supervisor or to speak to the treasury department or to even to speak to an agent and they got tired of hearing everything within the first three minutes because honestly their net from every customer so they offered me an insulting $10 credit okay what's $10 going to do for somebody that literally lost their business that they worked their ass off for the last eight years to build from nothing and now is subject to having to sell one of their nine classic cars for such a low cost anybody would have slapped me in the face until I was dead who sells a 1969 Plymouth fury with 14000 original miles everything original including the tires for $3,500 not a spot of rust always kept in a temperature-controlled garage since 1969 albeit I guarantee cleaner 69 Plymouth fury anybody has seen since it rolled off the showroom floor in 1969 soclean in fact I would have willingly eat spaghetti off the floor with no silverware and no plate. And the reason I sold it so long is because it was to a friend who told me what's this whole ordeal is through you can buy the car back for what you sold it to him for and that's a good friend that somebody that understands what's going on and is actually suffering through the same thing except he works for the government and no social security office so his job secure even though it's phone sucks or I should say phone service sucks and then I contact MetroPCS because I needed that money just to be able to feed my family for the next month cuz I knew they're not going to take care of this issue I was not able to afford another phone through another service because that was literally what I knew I would need to scrape by for the next month and that's me skipping every single Bill the mortgage on the house everything important as far as what I owe that's just me being able to feed my kids and myself contact metro PCS again they've finally issue me a $10 credit I told him that's an insult you don't go to a restaurant order a t-bone steak get handed $100 bill and then have them spit in your face and give you $10 back after you pay them $100 and never receive your food they understood but they said all we can do is give a $10 credit well that's odd because you guys were able to give far higher credit I once got $140 credit from metro PCS I just an average agent with no problems no hesitation in it was immediate I'm counting refunds from MetroPCS immediately but now oh hell no cuz they spent way too much by in Sprint and Verizon and now what they ain't got no money they can't service their stuff there too busy doing blow off of AIDS infestedhooker's ass and titties on overpriced golf courses while sipping mojitos and a laughing about how they just made a billion dollars f****** over all their customers giant radiator hose size dicks and no Vaseline so I said well can you just start issuing me a bunch of credits until I can get $100 refund because I don't want to go with your service anymore because it sucks and I'd like to be able to get a refund on the money for the services you did not render so I can go to a more reliable company that doesn't start using the Sprint playbook as soon as they take over the failing business like that's a good tactic nope I'm stuck with these pricks so I don't pay my bill that $10 credits there and it turned my phone on for the majority of the month so it'll be off in like 2 or 3 days again haven't been able to work a single freaking day cuz I can't rely on my phone to be able to get a connection at any point in time I can be in one spot leaving my phone on the table and watch my connection flutter from nothing to something to it should be the greatest connection but getting messages that I'm not registered for the tower that I'm connected to so I have no connection and it's like this non-stop I have to literally drive around the city all day long in order to use my phone for 5 minutes trying to contact PayPal to do a chargeback on the payments that I made to metro PCS is impossible because they decided they should send everybody home to work at home kind of like they did when they first opened up in ceresco Nebraska except now they have absolutely no phone service it's all by text message or a message board for email which it states may take up to 90 days while you only have 90 days to file a chargeback through Mastercard or VISA and I always will and wouldn't you know I'm not going to get a response on that for 90 days thank you PayPal for forgetting your roots infected people at home working can answer a f****** phone and deal with customers I used to be a PayPal employee I've been a PayPal member or customer since the day it opened but due to PayPal has horrible business tactics through this cove in ordeal and not to mention there horrible joke open app called venmo that apparently they just don't want you to get your money out of that has just as bad customer service as PayPal so I can give it to MetroPCS at least answer the phones even though they don't do a f****** thing except to add to your frustration and after a month-and-a-half I finally got in contact with the supervisor who had about as much brain power as a potato not even a baked potato just a potato my ten-year-old children are my 10 year-old son understands telecommunications better than anybody I've talked to a MetroPCS or apparently anybody running the business on the corporate end because if they knew that this issue was prevalent among their system even in one city they would have done something about it immediately alas they have done nothing but continue to make it worse and worse cuz now the advertising what they're doing like it's a good idea to draw in customersand thus causing still over loads on their Network haven't fixed the issue and our damn there if not already at the amount of people needed to file a class action lawsuit and drop their stocks down to about a dollar twenty-five and cause the company to go absolutely bankrupt and break apart in sales to other cell phone companies way to go T-Mobile everything you made fun of markowitz print for on Twitter is now your life you dumb son of a b**** so today I woke up after getting a ticket yesterday for not having a car license could take care of for it and it's the best gas sipping car that I have and I wake up today to get a call from the bank saying that if I don't pay these few months in mortgage payments that on the first of the month me and my family will be forced out of the house thank you again MetroPCS for destroying my business my income my career and now my family in my home because once I am out on the streets with no money and nowhere to go the state will come and take my children from me and if they try to take my children for me they will have to kill me so this will make national news because I will make sure that it is well known everywhere why I was killed by police to try and keep my children with me after being horribly screwed over by MetroPCS and their shear resistance on fixing in the shoes that they generated because they apparently still think it's a smart idea if there's a board of chairman they need to oust everybody in the corporate offices from the top to the bottom of every single one of them scrap the entire network team and fire everyone within the company and start over fresh with people that have actual good resumes proven experience history and that can think for themselves and on their feet and also think outside the box and think forward instead of thinking like a cocaine-addicted jackass on the golf course that just got AIDS from sleeping with Charlie Sheen's former prostitutes on company money nonetheless so if anybody else wants to add anything please do if you want to ask anything go for it I have nothing but time on my hands and MetroPCS isn't going to do anything soon so let's just point out every one of their horrible flaws the horror stories of how their customer service went from number 1 to do what the f*** is Satan doing in metropcs's customer service department I think the CEO of T-Mobile should have to go around to every one of the customers houses for T-Mobile and all their subsidiaries and apologize hand them the money that he owes them for their lack of service and then get his ass kicked by every single one of them for letting this absolutely idiotic career suicide move to play out thank you CEO T-Mobile for all your douchebaggery f*** you and have a good day PS I hope your wife gets g********* daily by all the dirtiest steaks in town and sucks out every one of their load just to give you that salty kiss when you get home you f****** weasel cunt
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2020.09.26 06:03 assessment_bot [ Non-Fatal ] [ 09/20/2020 ] ZENITH CH 750, Montrose/ MO

On September 20, 2020, about 1145 central daylight time, a William Prosch Zenith 750 airplane, N210WP, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Montrose, Missouri. The pilot was not injured. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.
According to the pilot, while en route to his destination airport, the engine momentarily lost power. He immediately selected the alternate fuel pump and engine control unit (ECU), and the engine regained power. About 5 minutes later, the engine lost total power, and the pilot attempted to restart the engine. The engine restart was unsuccessful, and the pilot initiated a forced landing to a field. During the forced landing, the airplane's landing gear contacted the high vegetation, and the nose impacted terrain. The airplane nosed over and came to rest inverted. The airplane's left wing leading edge was crushed, and the rudder was bent.
Postaccident examination of the airplane revealed the main fuse block, located behind and under the instrument panel, was discolored and exhibited internal thermal damage. An automotive blade-type fuse, that connected to both primary and secondary fuel pumps and primary and back up ECUs, displayed arching signatures and had failed. According to the engine manufacturer, who responded to the accident site, the primary and secondary ECUs should have been wired directly to the main buss and should not have contained a fuse. After bypassing the failed electrical system, an engine test run was performed. The engine started and operated normally with no mechanical issues noted.
The engine manufacturer has a service bulletin that recommends an ECU wiring upgrade. The upgrade removes the ECU select switch in order to operate on a single computer only. The service bulletin had not been completed on the accident experimental airplane, nor was it required to be completed.
Category Data Category Data Category Data
Event Id: 20200922X85131 Investigation Type: Accident Accident Number: CEN20LA412
Event Date: 09/20/2020 Location: Montrose, MO Country: United States
Latitude: 38.250000 Longitude: -93.890000 Airport Code:
Airport Name: N/A Injury Severity: Non-Fatal Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Aircraft Category: Airplane Registration Number: N210WP Make: ZENITH
Model: CH 750 Amateur Built: Yes Number of Engines:
Engine Type: FAR Description: Part 91: General Aviation Schedule:
Purpose of Flight: Personal Air Carrier: Total Fatal Injuries:
Total Serious Injuries: Total Minor Injuries: Total Uninjured: 1
Weather Condition: VMC Broad Phase of Flight: CRUISE Report Status: Preliminary
Publication Date: 09/24/2020
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