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Ryan Seacrest has a new girl friend — and no, it's not model and wellness influencer Shayna Taylor. The host of American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and the like was spotted with a mystery woman during a quick getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in the last week of June.According to insider sources, the successful TV show presenter and producer split up with his on-and-off girlfriend of ... Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are both joined by their significant others Mark Consuelos and Shayna Taylor as they broadcast LIVE from home. By Justin Enriquez For Dailymail.com. Published: 18:54 ... RYAN Seacrest is a single man after his relationship with Shayna Taylor ended “some time ago.” The two were on-and-off and had just gotten back together for a third time before calling it quits. Ryan Seacrest‘s relationship with on-again girlfriend Shayna Taylor has gone through a lot of ups and downs over the years, with the TV host even comparing it to a rollercoaster.But these days ... Ryan Seacrest has split from his on-off girlfriend Shayna Taylor seven years after they first met, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal. 'Ryan and Shayna decided to end their romantic relationship ... A post shared by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on Mar 24, 2020 at 12:40pm PDT 'Happy birthday to a chef, a legend, and an angel @shaynateresetaylor! Here’s a throwback from before our new normal ... Ryan Seacrest has split from his on-again, off-again chef girlfriend Shayna Taylor. Seacrest, 45, released a statement reading, “Ryan and Shayna decided to end their romantic relationship ... Ryan Seacrest is a member of the following lists: American Idol, 1974 births and American television personalities.. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Ryan Seacrest! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Partner to Open Seacrest Studio for Patients Orlando, FL (November 7, 2019) – Today the Ryan Seacrest Foundation announced that Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children will become home to a Seacrest Studio, a state-of-the-art broadcast media center for ... Ryan Seacrest's Dating History: Julianne Hough, Shayna Taylor and More Read article News of the former couple’s breakup came shortly after the Georgia native opened up about his history of ups ...

Are you podcasting with a partner? Be advised...

2020.08.24 02:11 shane2mon Are you podcasting with a partner? Be advised...

Be advised. This is my FIRST reddit post~ Please be kind.
After years of working in TV, Radio and Podcasting...I have had my share of criticism. It’s helped. Some of it~!!
The biggest problem I see (hear) when listening to two guys podcast together, they're talking TO EACH OTHER and NOT the listener~
This is a big deal.
I love to hear banter, but you need to bring the talk back to ME (the listener)!
Howie and Joe can get away with it because we know they're entertainers, but not you (nor me). We need to build rapport with the audience. We need to build our team. Make our corner deep. Fill the stands. Pipe the flute. Feed the chicks…you get the point!
When you're behind the mic, you do that by engaging WITH the listener.
What can you do?
If you guys are interested, I'll post a few tips that I've received along the years. Simple hacks but as Kenny Bania would say, "Gold!"
Thanks for the interest everyone! My tips for podcasting with a partner. 10 nuggets that will hopefully help you.
Situation: John and Jeff have a podcast.
  1. WEIRD. Stop looking at each other. Seriously. The listener can hear that and it can get really weird! Look at me (the listener)! When you are asking a question, look. While they’re answering or pontificating, don’t.
  2. NAMES. Use each other’s names. Most of you do NOT do this enough.
John, what do you think about that?
Well, Jeff, you know…
This will REALLY help establish a strong image of the speaker WITH their character. This is important. Can’t stress how important this is. Again, most of you are NOT DOING THIS ENOUGH! Your name is a CUE. Once you hear your NAME—that should automatically make you straighten up and look out into the hungry ears longing for your wisdom.
  1. NOTES. While the other person is talking, you’re not looking, right? But what you often should do…take notes! With a pen! This keeps you on point. SO MANY GREAT POINTS ARE LOST because although we look at each other we don’t actually listen to each other.
  2. DIRECTIONAL. A trick a great engineer taught me. Directional microphones. One problem a lot of people have is they look at everyone who’s speaking and their head bounces from left to right constantly. Don’t be a bobblehead. TO FORCEFULLY correct this, use a directional mic. The sound quality is excellent when you talk INTO the mic, but once you start to stray, you lose that sound quality. FAST. THAT forces you back onto your mic. That snap-back is a GREAT reminder that you should be talking to your listeners.
  3. SOLO. Go solo a few times. If you’ve never been solo, it can be daunting. But you SOON get over it. If the idea is still too scary, create a corner (segment) in your podcast where you go solo. Still scary? Create a persona and do a corner. One of my most popular segments has been a 90-second slot where I use a redneck voice and give advice. People LOVE it. And when that character doesn’t come on, they actually get peeved! Going solo is your chance to make love to the camera…erm, microphone~
  4. AVATAR. Do you even know WHO you are talking to? If you haven’t really thought about your target audience/avatar, it’s easy. It’s a guy with essentially the same demographics as you. The more you can visualize him, the better. When you talk into the mic, talk to HIM (hethem). If you can imagine a “studio audience” with the same group coming back every time, super. Talk to THEM. Get your avatar(s) to NOD, to SMILE, to LAUGH, to EMPATHIZE. Imagine them reacting.
  5. BOUNCE. Bounce stuff off the mic! What I mean is something like this:
John: The best way to improve your golf game is with a good putter.
Jeff: A good putter? Did you hear that, people?! John thinks a putter is the best way to improve your game! Jack Nicklaus used a $5…
The section in bold is an example of bouncing. After the bounce, you are talking solely to the audience ‘til you bring it back to John.
  1. PREPARED. Read prepared comments FROM the listeners. Prepared—not off the fly if you’re new. Even if it’s your mom’s. Even if it’s a comment YOU wrote!! (in the beginning, that might be necessary). Easy-peasy to talk directly to a listener. Give both hosts the comments, decide who reads which, and read that person’s comment just like Casey Kasem. Erm…Ryan Seacrest.
  2. PRESORTED Take presorted questions. Just like above. Pick them carefully and prep your answers. Works very nicely when JEFF reads a question and then JOHN answers it. Make sure you use the person’s name and again, best if only JOHN answers it. The roles will depend on how the show/podcast is run. When people aren’t prepared, it often becomes a circle…it often lacks organization and that smells bad.
  3. LIVE. I livestream a lot—excellent for interaction. BUT, do NOT do this unless you are able to LASER FOCUS. Do NOT react to every comment. Do NOT mumble through them. It’s best to PICK ONE and look away. Talk to the guy and move on. LIVE chats can be excellent, but they’re also one of the fastest ways to LOSE listeners who are NOT in on the chat. My metrics are: less than 3% of the total listener base will be able to LIVE chat. Don’t alienate the other 97%.
I’m sure there are lots more. If I think of any, I’ll add to this. But please feel free to add more in the comments section.
Hope this helps,
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2020.05.01 22:07 newsfeedmedia Kelly Ripa celebrates 24 years of marriage and jokes about ‘thrupple’ partner Ryan Seacrest

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2020.04.16 14:37 1913intel Weight-Loss Articles at Men's Journal

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2020.04.15 14:37 traveler81 Who is I Forgot That You Existed abt? (Science #2)

Who is I Forgot That You Existed abt? (Science #2)
Dear Readers,
Today in Taylor Swift Pandemic Time Unsolved Mysteries Very Scientific Studies ™ we will investigate the song I Forgot That You Existed (IFTYE).
Experts in Taylor Swift lyrics are divided between three main camps: This song is about Calvin Harris, This Song is About Kanye West, and This song is about BOTH Calvin Harris and Kanye West.
I Forgot That You Existed is an interesting song in several ways. It has the aesthetic of the Lover album, bright and boppy, but with a hint of shade reminiscent of Reputation. Truly though, the song is way more about personal growth and healing than dissing someone else.
There are deep challenges in analyzing this song. Predominantly, it deals with Taylor's inner monologue and feelings rather than verifiable life events and symbolism we could connect with other songs. There is also no known song where Calvin is the star character, so while we do know some things about her feelings on their relationship, it is nowhere close to what we have for other relationships like Joe, Jake, Harry, etc.
Personally, I have gone back and forth on Kanye vs Calvin vs both for this song. I can’t decide. I’m not convinced it’s even possible to figure it out considering how vague the song is.
And here's what we have to accept going in as scientists: not all highly scientific studies such as this one will yield a clear finding. We must be prepared for the answer to be "It cannot be determined." As Harper Lee said in To Kill a Mockingbird "Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."
We may not find an answer to this question, we might be licked before we begin, but nevertheless we will move forward with real courage and curiosity and see where the data takes us.
Note: There is a not insignificant contingent of people here who believe this song is about Karlie Kloss. I did a deep dive into the Karlie/Taylor relationship to see if there would be merit in adding her to the study, but found that a lot of the lyrics did not fit at all for Karlie and decided not to move forward with this line of inquiry as it seemed fruitless. I will include this mini-study below.
Note 2: Taylor was upset during the summer of 2016 that Scooter Braun was orchestrating bullying of her online. I entertained the idea that this song could be about Scooter Braun, but discarded it being specifically or solely about him because they lyrics make it clear that Taylor was once friends with this person and cared about them. This does not apply to Scooter, although he could be included in the Kanye narrative, a collective “you”.


  • Timeline: We will create a timeline of Taylor's relationships with both Calvin and Kanye along with albums and releases to ground ourselves and understand the context of these stories
  • Data Collection: We will collect as much relevant data as possible about these two relationships and any broader relevant facts
  • Investigation: We will match the data with the song lyrics for both Calvin and Kanye to see which interpretation of the song is best supported by data and we will rate how convincing the evidence is
  • Results & Discussion: We will use the findings to determine whether the song is about Calvin, Kanye, both, or inconclusive
  • Peer review (aka comments)


Kanye Calvin Timelines


Calvin Harris
  • Taylor dated Calvin for over a year from spring 2015 to summer 2016, longer than any other relationship she’d had at that point by a wide margin
  • On April 29, 2016 Calvin went on Ryan Seacrest and said he would never collaborate with Taylor Swift, even though she secretly wrote his hit song This is What You Came For
  • Taylor and Calvin break up around June 1, 2016
  • Reports are that they were more friends than lovers at the end; Calvin said they were different people and it just wasn’t working out.
  • Sources say Calvin broke up with Taylor, although Getaway Car suggests she had a role in ending it, as a traitor.
  • Their split was initially amicable for 2 weeks, until photos appeared of Taylor and Tom, at which point Calvin purged his social media of Taylor and tweeted “Oh boy it’s about to go down” with skull emojis.
  • Calvin responded to a fan comment saying that Taylor controlled the media in this situation and he "had no idea what was going on, which made it a lot worse"
  • On July 13 after things had died down, it came out and was confirmed by Taylor’s team that she co-wrote the song “This is What You Came For.” Calvin said via twitter he was hurt that Taylor and her team tried to make him look bad, followed by more tweets about Taylor:
    • "I figure if you're happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do.”
    • "I know you're off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I'm not that guy, sorry. I won't allow it. “
    • "Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life because you've earned a great one"God bless everyone have a beautiful day (sic)".
    • "And she sings on a little bit of it too. Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual (sic).”
  • Snake emoji’s begin popping up lightly on Taylor Swift’s instagram
  • Calvin says he regrets the way he handled himself in the situation and articulated why he was hurt by Taylor’s actions.
  • In September a video is posted of Taylor singing "This is What You Came For" and Calvin likes it. It is assumed the feud is over.
  • In September 2016 Calvin released “My Way” which many feel is a dis track about Taylor, although he claims it’s about the grocery store Safeway. In the song he claims that either Taylor Swift or the grocery store Safeway was the one thing in his way.
  • Calvin does not have a known starring role in any song on Reputation
    • He has parts in Getaway Car, a verse in I did something bad, and 2 lines in gorgeous
    • Their relationship was always doomed (From the first Old Fashioned we were cursed) because he “poisoned the well” (Getaway car)
    • Taylor refers to herself as a traitor in Getaway Car for jumping from Calvin to Tom (Us traitors never win). It was reported that Tom was wooing her while she was still with Calvin.
    • Calvin is referenced in Gorgeous as an older boyfriend in a club doing I don’t know what while Tay is ogling Joe.
  • In Miss Americana, Taylor said about her grammy win for best album in February 2016 “I was at the top of a mountain…. I didn’t have a partner I had climbed it with that I could high five. I didn’t have anyone I could talk to that could relate… you know...I had my mom. Shouldn’t I have someone I can call right now?” She was dating Calvin at the time.
    • Calvin is never referenced in Miss Americana, other than indirectly by pointedly not being mentioned as someone she could call to celebrate a grammy win
  • Calvin is not mentioned in Taylor's September 2019 Rolling Stone article, whereas the 2016 Kanye situation is featured heavily
  • Calvin is sometimes described as a jerk, an online bully, a douchebag, womanizer etc even before Taylor started dating him
  • There is no evidence that Calvin was a good boyfriend or highly invested in the relationship with Taylor. His statements after the fact support him not being super into it.
  • Taylor was dating Joe within 4 months of her breakup from Calvin. Joe was on her mind a lot during the Cruel Summer of 2016 shortly after the Calvin breakup, and even the night they met when Taylor was still dating Calvin.
  • In July 2016 the song Ole came out, written by Calvin. While there is debate as to whether the song is about Taylor and Tom, it’s hard to draw any conclusions or find any important message in the song.
  • Lena Dunham says in an interview Calvin is her least favorite of all Taylor’s boyfriends
Kanye West
  • Kanye infamously interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech at the VMAs in 2009 to say Beyonce should have won
  • The crowd boo’d Kanye but Taylor thought they were booing her. “For someone who’s built their whole belief system on getting people to clap for you, the whole crowd booing is a pretty formative experience. That was a catalyst for a lot of psychological paths I went down, many of them not good” - Miss Americana
  • At the 2010 VMAs Taylor performed the song “Innocent” ostensibly about Kanye West (although some think it was originally written about John Mayer)
  • Rolling Stone 2019:
All I ever wanted my whole career after that thing happened in 2009 was for him to respect me. When someone doesn’t respect you so loudly and says you literally don’t deserve to be here — I just so badly wanted that respect from him, and I hate that about myself, that I was like, “This guy who’s antagonizing me, I just want his approval.” But that’s where I was. And so we’d go to dinner and stuff. And I was so happy, because he would say really nice things about my music. It just felt like I was healing some childhood rejection or something from when I was 19. But the 2015 VMAs come around. He’s getting the Vanguard Award. He called me up beforehand — I didn’t illegally record it, so I can’t play it for you. But he called me up, maybe a week or so before the event, and we had maybe over an hourlong conversation, and he’s like, “I really, really would like for you to present this Vanguard Award to me, this would mean so much to me,” and went into all the reasons why it means so much, because he can be so sweet. He can be the sweetest. And I was so stoked that he asked me that. And so I wrote this speech up, and then we get to the VMAs and I make this speech and he screams, “MTV got Taylor Swift up here to present me this award for ratings!” [His exact words: “You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award ’cause it got them more ratings?”] And I’m standing in the audience with my arm around his wife, and this chill ran through my body. I realized he is so two-faced. That he wants to be nice to me behind the scenes, but then he wants to look cool, get up in front of everyone and talk shit. And I was so upset. He wanted me to come talk to him after the event in his dressing room. I wouldn’t go. So then he sent this big, big thing of flowers the next day to apologize. And I was like, “You know what? I really don’t want us to be on bad terms again. So whatever, I’m just going to move past this.”
  • In January 2016, Kanye called Taylor to ask her thoughts on a song he was releasing that referenced her. Taylor did not hear the whole song but tried to be supportive. Unbeknownst to Taylor, the phone call was recorded.
  • On April 1, 2016 “Famous” is released with the lyrics “I feel like Taylor and me might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” Taylor’s rep put out a statement saying she did not approve it and was not aware of the lyric “I made that bitch famous”
  • In June of 2106 in a GQ article, Kim Kardashian says that Taylor did approve the lyric, that Kanye was generous for even calling to ask, and that many people heard the call where Taylor approves it. Taylor’s rep puts out another statement saying that a phone call took place, but Taylor did not approve the song in the phone call.
  • On July 1, 2016 the “Famous” video was released including a nude Taylor Swift Mannequin
  • On July 17, 2016 Kim Kardashian puts out a Snapchat of parts of the recorded phone call, showing Taylor being complimentary towards Kanye and painting Taylor as a liar regarding her approving the song. Taylor responds on Twitter reiterating that she did not hear the lyrics, did not approve them, and that conversation is not shown in the snapchat video because it doesn’t exist.
  • On July 17th, Kim Kardashian also posts a tweet with a bunch of snake emojis.
  • There was insane backlash against Taylor Swift after the snapchat video in regular media and social media; #Taylorswiftisoverparty trended on Twitter
  • Snakes begin to flood Taylor's social media. Instagram created a feature so she could filter out the snakes. (As well as for other celebrities, but she is the first to use it.)
  • A video of Kanye performing Famous shows the entire hyped up crowd screaming the line “I made that bitch famous” and then “fuck taylor swift” over and over
  • The Netflix Documentary Miss Americana has a segment on Kanye and the fallout from 2016
    • “When you’re living for the approval of strangers and that is where you derive all of your joy and fulfillment, one bad thing can cause everything to crumble”
    • “When people decided I was wicked and evil and conniving and not a good person, that was the one I couldn’t bounce back from.”
    • “I felt so alone, I was like a wounded animal, lashing out”
    • “Nobody physically saw me for a year, and I thought that’s what they wanted. The backlash hurt so much because that was all I had. “
  • Rolling Stone 2019
You once sang about a star who “took the money and your dignity, and got the hell out.” In 2016, you wrote in your journal, “This summer is the apocalypse.” How close did you come to quitting altogether? I definitely thought about that a lot. I thought about how words are my only way of making sense of the world and expressing myself — and now any words I say or write are being twisted against me. People love a hate frenzy. It’s like piranhas. People had so much fun hating me, and they didn’t really need very many reasons to do it. I felt like the situation was pretty hopeless. I wrote a lot of really aggressively bitter poems constantly. I wrote a lot of think pieces that I knew I’d never publish, about what it’s like to feel like you’re in a shame spiral. And I couldn’t figure out how to learn from it. Because I wasn’t sure exactly what I did that was so wrong. That was really hard for me, because I cannot stand it when people can’t take criticism. So I try to self-examine, and even though that’s really hard and hurts a lot sometimes, I really try to understand where people are coming from when they don’t like me. And I completely get why people wouldn’t like me. Because, you know, I’ve had my insecurities say those things — and things 1,000 times worse.”
  • Reputation Album
    • LWYMMD, a song largely about Kanye, refers to the death of the old Taylor
    • Call It What You Want has the lyrics “My castle crumbled overnight, I brought a knife to a gunfight” which seems to be a reference to Kanye turning her world upside down
    • Kanye has a verse in “I did something bad”
    • In This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Taylor says “Friends don't try to trick you Get you on the phone and mind-twist you” and several other obvious references to Kanye
    • A set on the reputation tour depicts a tilted stage and snakes (including one huge blow up sn ake), all references to Kanye and the phone call/snake incident
  • Rolling Stone 2019:
The backlash was swift and it hasn’t altogether subsided
  • Taylor on Kanye and Drake from Rolling Stone: “And then he literally did the same thing to Drake. He gravely affected the trajectory of Drake’s family and their lives. It’s the same thing. Getting close to you, earning your trust, detonating you.
    • Drake wrote the song “In My Feelings”
  • Rolling Stone 2019
When did you get to the place that’s described on the opening track of Lover, “I Forgot That You Existed”? It was sometime on the Reputation tour, which was the most transformative emotional experience of my career. That tour put me in the healthiest, most balanced place I’ve ever been. After that tour, bad stuff can happen to me, but it doesn’t level me anymore.
(This question in Rolling Stone was at the end of the Kanye segment of the article)
  • In June of 2019, Taylor accuses Scooter Braun of incessant, manipulative bullying and blames him for orchestrating the Kanye incident and the “revenge porn” video with a naked mannequin of her.
Other data points
  • Taylor frequently writes about intense emotions both positive and negative
  • Clean depicts a similar subject matter, where she realized hadn’t even thought about the subject for a few weeks despite both being in the same place
  • IFTYE is the first song on Lover
  • IFTYE was written (or at least experienced) sometime during the Reputation tour (Rolling Stone 2019)
  • Lover is very autobiographical (Rolling Stone 2019)
  • Google trends shows searches for “taylor swift kanye west” double “taylor swift calvin harris” during the feuds of June and July 2016


Here we will match up evidence that supports the lyrics for both Calvin and Kanye, and then decide how convincing the evidence is.
Strength of Conviction (SoC) is how well the evidence supports the lyrics, where 1 is no support and 10 is very strong support.
It pains me that I cannot put bullets or line breaks in Reddit tables to make it more readable. Please treat every bolded word as a bullet point.
Lyric, etc Supporting Data for Calvin SoC Calvin Supporting Data for Kanye SoC Kanye
How many days did I spend Thinkin' 'bout how you did me wrong, wrong, wrong? Free rent, livin' in my mind Taylor spent A LOT of time ruminating on this situation. Both Calvin and Kanye did her wrong during the exact same time period, June-July 2016. She realistically spent at least 3 months and maybe up to a year thinking about the relationship and feud with Calvin. Min: 90 days, Max: 364 days 5 She spent almost a decade on and off thinking about KanyeMin: 500, Max: 1000+? Kanye did her wrong at least 3 major times in 2009, 2015, and 2016 and it affected her mental health. She suffered crazy backlash and bullying from the 2016 incident. The Reputation songs, era, and tour imagery strongly references the Kanye incident along with songs and lyrics about Kanye 10
Lived in the shade you were throwin' 'Til all of my sunshine was gone, gone, gone This person publicly said some nasty things about her that made her sad and depressed for some time. Calvin said he would never work with Taylor even though he had, and then released a series of negative tweets about Taylor after she confirmed she wrote his song. He later said he handled the situation poorly. Calvin released a song thought to be about Taylor, saying she was the one thing standing is his way, but he claims it was about the grocery store Safeway 4 KimYe continually painted Taylor out as a liar. Taylor said the backlash over Kimye was the one thing she couldn’t bounce back from “I felt like the situation was pretty hopeless. I wrote a lot of really aggressively bitter poems constantly. “ In Call it what you want Taylor says “My Castle crumbled overnight” 10
And I couldn't get away from you She cannot shake this person or the consequences of this person in her life Taylor did get away from Calvin and wrote a song about it. The media cycle about Calvin wasn’t very long. Calvin only has half of the google search interest of Kanye during the respective feuds 2 Kanye pops up over and over in her life, wreaking havoc in 2009, 2015, and 2016 in ways she couldn’t predict or control. In between 2009 and 2015 she badly wants and tries to secure his approval and friendship. The backlash from the 2016 incident was long lived and she says in 2019 it still hasn’t fully died out. 10
In my feelings more than Drake, so yeah This is a reference to Drake who wrote the song "In My feelings" but she's also saying she has had a very strong emotional reaction to the situation Nothing ties this to Calvin 1 Taylor says Kanye did the same thing to Drake that he did to her - he gravely affected the trajectory of Drake's family and their lives. "It’s the same thing. Getting close to you, earning your trust, detonating you. " 10
Your name on my lips, tongue tied This person is on her mind and she wants to say something but feels she is not able to tell her side of the story Nothing ties this specifically to Calvin 1 Taylor said in Rolling Stone "I thought about how words are my only way of making sense of the world and expressing myself — and now any words I say or write are being twisted against me." 7
But then something happened one magical night, I forgot that you existed Taylor often writes about intense feelings, but here we have an absence of feeling, the opposite of an intense feeling. She forgot about this person, and when she remembers she forgot about him, it’s a relief, it’s magical. Taylor says in Rolling Stone she experienced this moment during the Reputation Tour. Would she have forgotten that Calvin was a bad boyfriend who wasn’t really all that into her? That he dropped her name from their song? That he said a couple mean things on twitter before apologizing? None of these things resonates very strongly, considering she had long moved on with Joe and the magical forgetting moment happened in 2018, 2+ years after the Calvin feud. 3 The Kanye incident and the ensuing backlash /bullying turned her life upside down and rocked her emotionally. Forgetting about all of that would have been magical. Taylor had not been vindicated when this song was released, so it would be extra meaningful considering that she forgot about all of it knowing she was right but before her name was cleared 10
And I thought that it would kill me, but it didn't The thing this person did was so bad she didn’t think she’d recover She moved on real quick from Calvin and never mentioned him again except a few references in reputation 2 She said the backlash over Kimye was the one thing she couldn’t bounce back from and thought about quitting singing. "The backlash hurt so much because that was all I had" In Look What You Made Me Do the old Taylor dies 10
And it was so nice So peaceful and quiet There’s no evidence she had Calvin on her mind 2 years after the fact, that her mind would need quieting from him, but she did date him for a while 2 Kanye has been in her head for a decade, so finally getting peace and quiet would be something noteworthy 5
It isn't love, it isn't hate It's just indifference This lyric suggest she felt both love and hate at times for the subject of the song, and now she feels neither After dating Calvin for a year, it’s not a stretch that she could love him She could have hated him after the name dropping incident or the twitter rants or for just being a shit boyfriend 5 She didn’t love Kanye in a personal way, but she did spend years wanting to be friends with him and trying to win his approval and respect. She was a big fan of his music. In Look What You Made Me Do she clearly states that she doesn’t like him in a way that lets you know it's more like a seething hatred than dislike 5
I forgot that you Got out some popcorn As soon as my rep starting going down, down, downLaughed on the schoolyard As soon as I tripped up and hit the ground, ground, ground This lyric suggests that the subject took some time to revel in Taylor’s downfall, and perhaps they did it in an immature way Calvin never responded publicly to the demise of Taylor’s reputation after the Kanye incident He did tweet in June that she should leave him alone and concentrate on her relationship with Tom, but that was before all the shit really went down 3 This seems like it would apply most strongly to the media and twitter who “love a hate frenzy” related to the Kanye incident. Kanye himself had fans jumping around at a concert shouting “fuck taylor swift fuck taylor swift” during a performance of Famous. Kim gave several interviews calling Taylor a liar 8
And I would've stuck around for ya Would've fought the whole town, so yeah This lyric suggest a relationship with the person that she would have continued if they weren’t an epic asshole, and also that they might have some behavior that needs defending Is Taylor saying that if namedropgate didn’t happen, she would have stayed with Calvin? Seems doubtful. She met Joe while dating him. Calvin had a reputation for being a bully on social media and a sometimes jerk even before dating Taylor, so perhaps thats what she would have defended him from 5 Taylor did stick around for Kanye, forgiving him in both 2009 and 2015 and was on a mission to be friends with him. Kanye is known for his bad behavior and Taylor has publicly said very complimentary things about him 6
Would've been right there front row Even if nobody came to your show Taylor prides herself on being a good friend, she would have stuck by this person’s side if they hadn't betrayed her. Calvin is a DJ who puts on shows, although there aren’t rows…. It’s a metaphor, it can still work. Not sure she would have stuck around since their relationship seemed to already have problems 6 Kanye West does a lot of concerts with rows. Were they close enough that she would have stuck by his side through anything? That’s dubious, but I’m sure she’d still go to his concerts if he wasn't a horrible person and they were still friends. 4
I forgot that you Sent me a clear message When Calvin “dropped her name” it was a clear message that he didn’t value her or want her to have credit for the song she wrote with him. He also never seemed to be very into the relationship, which could also be a clear message 4 Kanye’s song “famous” and the leaked phone call were clear messages that he was never her friend and would happily ruin her reputation with lies. It could also be a reference to the media backlash, a clear message that they would revel in her downfall. 7
Taught me some hard lessons I just forget what they were It's all just a blur After the highly publicized relationships with Calvin and Tom, Taylor realized she needed to have her relationship with Joe be private and not up for discussion. That's a good lesson, but not one she forgot. 6 Taylor said as a result of the Kanye debacle she had to change her entire belief system (getting her joy from people liking her and thinking she was a good girl) which is indeed a hard lesson. It's believable that so much has happened on this front that it is a blur 10
IFTYE is the first song on Lover As the first song on Lover, IFTYE effectively closes out the Reputation Era. It’s not an accident that this is the first song. It’s hard to see how this would be meaningful regarding Calvin since he was not a driving force in tearing down Taylor’s Reputation 1 The imagery of the reputation is heavy on snakes and Kanye. The first video of Lover, ME!, also has a snake change to a butterfly, signaling that the Reputation Era is over, and Taylor is over it. Taylor is nothing if not symbolic. Having IFTYE first on Lover would symbolizes the end of the Kanye/Reputation era and the beginning of a new phase of Tay's life 6

Mini Investigation: Could IFTYE be about Karlie Kloss?

How many days did I spend Thinkin' 'bout how you did me wrong, wrong, wrong?Maybe their friendship had deteriorated at this point, but it couldn’t have been that bad with Karlie since she attended the Reputation Tour and took a pic backstage with Taylor.
Lived in the shade you were throwin 'Til all of my sunshine was gone, gone, goneThe only known (and dubious) shade from Karlie that could fit in the timeline was captioning an instagram post about basketball “Swish Swish” and then quickly changing the caption. This was early 2018 and the Reputation Tour (a positive experience for Taylor) started in May, so Taylor wouldn’t have lived in that (doubtful) shade for long.
And I couldn't get away from youTaylor did get away from her, she essentially moved to England and they stopped being good friends
But then something happened one magical night, I forgot that you existedThere’s just nothing that we know of that has the emotional resonance required for this song as Taylor describes in Rolling Stone. Their friendship appeared to die out over a couple of years rather than from one horrible moment associated with her reputation going down.
And I thought that it would kill me, but it didn'tShe doesn’t talk about Karlie at all, there’s no evidence Taylor felt something that happened with Karlie would kill her. (Compared to Kanye, the obvious incident that rocked her life)
I forgot that you Got out some popcorn As soon as my rep starting going down, down, downLaughed on the schoolyard As soon as I tripped up and hit the ground, ground, groundThere’s no evidence that Karlie reveled in Taylor’s downfall, she was seen attending Taylor’s birthday party in December 2016.
And I would've stuck around for ya Would've fought the whole town, so yeahThis lyric suggests that the subject needs defending, which Karlie did not.
Taught me some hard lessons I just forget what they were It's all just a blurWhat would the hard lesson have been? Your best friend who has a manager whom you hate might eventually stab you in the back by relaying information about you to him so watch out for that next time you make a friend on twitter? It doesn’t make sense.
There are too many places where the lyrics don't hold up at all to make the case that IFTYE is about Karlie Kloss.


  • Calvin: 50/150 = 33%
  • Kanye: 118/150 = 79%
This song is about Kanye West and the 2016 Incident where he and Kim Kardashian called her a liar launching the media/hater backlash that upended her entire life, and it's not even close. The “You” in this song is specifically Kanye West but probably also extends to the media circus, bullies, twitter posters etc surrounding the incident. (I will refer to this as Kanye+ in the discussion)
The evidence that this song is wholly or in part about Calvin Harris is so weak the theory can not be substantiated.


There is no question in my mind that this song is about Kanye+, and I am shocked by how definitive this is considering where I started, thinking it would be too close to call, that the song was too vague to yield enough evidence either way. It turns out that it is vague on specific details, but not vague at all when it comes to the emotional journey Taylor took to get to the moment described in the song and the matching emotional fingerprint of Kanye+.
And it makes sense when you look at the big picture of Taylors life for the past 10 years. Taylor moved on from Calvin quickly and was in what would be a happy and healthy relationship in only several months. She ultimately embarrassed Calvin by letting people know SHE was the one who wrote his hit song. Calvin plays the role of, what we call in science, a chump in Reputation - he gets left in Getaway Car, he gets owned in I Did Something Bad, he was toyed with in Don’t Blame Me, and his girlfriend was insanely attracted to another man she met while they were dating in Gorgeous. He may have been a bad boyfriend who wasn’t very into Taylor and tweeted rude stuff, but he already lost. She never mentions him again. She may have learned from this relationship that she needed her love life to be more private, but he did not have a lasting impact on her such that 2 years later she felt some relief from FINALLy forgetting about him. He was long forgotten.
Kanye+ is different. Kanye caused Chaos in her life starting in 2009 when she was 19 years old. The 2009 VMA incident negatively affected her mental health and she put a lot of effort into trying to win his approval and friendship. In 2015 he pretended to be her friend but exploited her for press attention again at the VMAs. The incident in 2016 was an apocalypse, causing her to go into hiding for a year. Her mental health suffered during this time and she said the situation felt hopeless and something she couldn’t bounce back from. She ruminated constantly on the situation, wrote bitter poems and essays she never published. Reputation contains a seething hate song about Kanye+ in Look What You Made Me Do. The Reputation tour set featured a tilted stage and many snakes, including a giant blow up one that looms large on the stage, suggesting that Kanye’s actions loomed large in her life.
Taylor opens up and talks at length about the Kanye+ incident in Miss Americana and a Rolling Stone interview, both in 2019, about how deeply it affected her and changed her life as something that was horrible in the moment but also had been building for years. The Author of the Rolling Stone interview asks her at the end of the Kanye segment “When did I forgot that you existed happen?” and she said it was during the Reputation tour, 2+ years after the incident.
The downfall of Taylor's reputation and the album Reputation were largely instigated by Kanye’s actions. As the first song on Lover, I Forgot that You Existed wipes the slate clean. Reputation is over and Kanye+'s influence in her life is over. At the time this song was written Taylor had not yet been vindicated and we know the backlash hadn't fully subsided (from Rolling Stone), so the peace and quiet she found came entirely from within through her own growth and healing and not from external validation. That is certainly something to feel about and celebrate. Taylor has found a new version of herself, shed the last remnants of the old, and moves on as a Lover.


Thanks to everyone for your comments, upvotes, and awards on the first Science post. I thought it was so long that no one would read it, but that was not the case. <3
Thanks to everyone who made it this far. This investigation was so much more meaty that I anticipated and wound up being far longer than expected.
Thank you to Taylor Swift for sharing her art and her life with us. It is only a great storyteller who can leave us wanting to connect with and understand the story more deeply, so much so that we'd spend hours analyzing these songs long after the fact.
All Taylor Swift Unsolved Mystery Very Scientific Studies are created with gratitude and respect for a brilliant, talented, kind (and vindicated) Queen.


So yeah.
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2020.01.31 16:03 reapergrimm444 Kill Fucking Hollywood Now!!

To start, I would like to say that when a source contacted me with this information about individuals that I neither know nor give a damn about, I was in shock. These individuals are high profile celebrities, who we all know as idols and icons to their millions of fans. The first of them that I was disheartened to receive news about was Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host. Learning about his dark past in Hollywood was nothing but distasteful, yet alone the most evil thing I’ve heard in my life. He is a murder. The man that found him was Merv Griffin. Merv was a closeted gay bigot who seduces and raped gay men in Hollywood for years. Merv found Ryan as a young man, and turned him into one of “them”. I will iterate later in this passage on the term “them” and who or what that includes. Merv supposedly had contracted HIV during his TV show days, which may have prompted an erratic reaction from Ryan when he told him on his death bed. Ryan suffocated Merv in his home in Los Angeles. Photos from the funeral show a frightened looking Ryan in attendance with his then partner. They found Ryan right after he committed the murder. They meaning the Grays. The same extraterrestrial life forms that have been connected to these high profile individuals and many common folk for a millennia or longer. The same life forms that walked Aaliyah Haughton onto a plane in August 2001 , and took her innocent life to preserve the life of Singer and Songwriter Beyoncé . One thing I can tell you for sure is that the Grays are still with her, Ryan and many other celebrities like the ones who are new and rising stars. That is how they communicate with people. They find people that way to bring them into stardom, getting them high on cocaine and other drugs. Chris has been doing this for years. Disease, drug addiction and murder just happens to be some of those dark secrets that floats around this community. The unspoken curse...these extraterrestrial beings have been depicted in the media and film industry for decades now. How these beings are connected to the human brain is still a mystery, but Scientology seems to be the study of this particular theory. Big name individuals like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have been at the epicenter of this focus for years, but Scientology has another name, the notorious “Illuminati” or Free Masons. Beyonce and Jay Z are definitely connected to these beings, which allowed them to attain the status symbol, gaining power and an immense net worth. If you watch some of her interviews, you will see symptoms of focus loss, loss of consciousness and in some of them, you can actually see her talking to herself. These two are responsible for the untimely death of the late singer Aaliyah Haughton. During the time Aaliyah was alive, Jay Z was sexually involved with both Beyoncé and Aaliyah. His connection to Aaliyah and his infidelity led her down a path of drug addiction and a career path change to filmmaking, as to clear the road for Beyoncé to rise to fame in the music industry. Beyoncé was also on performance enhancement drugs like cocaine. The Grey’s were talking to Aaliyah, which is why she told individuals about the impending tragedy in 2001 that would kill her and her video crew. Jay Z and Mary J Blige were well aware that Aaliyah would die. If you are wondering how these individuals could be given power over individuals like Aaliyah and foresight into the future these the beings they speak to telepathically, marijuana and drugs like cocaine and Adderall allows them to have this ability. Nipsey Hussle was definitely connected to them also. The man that killed him was an intimate partner from his youth, who Nip had poked, if you get the saying. Nipsey Hussle told people he was Christ before his passings. There is a deep connection between religion and these ex terrestrial beings but that’s for you as individuals to ponder upon. These beings are very capable of seeing things in hindsight and foresight. There is a recent uncovering of their ability to win individuals the lottery. There are many celebrities who have used drugs to gain fortune through these beings by reciting numbers to jackpots. Solange, Beyoncé, Megan thee Stallion, Jay Z, Da Baby, 21 Savage, Trey Songz are just a few to be named. The holy wars have all been initiated over possession and control of resources like money and oil. Whole time, it’s Hollywood that needs to be blown into rubble. Los Angeles is definitely where many individuals connected to these beings reside, where they are safe and isolated from the general public to protect their identities. When people say they hear voices in their heads, they may actually be talking to these beings. There is a connection between human beings and the Grays that exceeds modern knowledge. It is even too complicated for these brainiacs to explain through people, like Stephen Hawkings. He was brilliant of course, but his knowledge base did not all just come from his brain alone. The medication and paraplegia allowed the beings he was connected to access to his brain completely, allowing them to nearly speak through him. If the Greys are here, it’s definitely time to find their asses. Hollywood needs to burn to the ground for cursing this land to die and decay while it sets atop and flourishes safely.
This excerpt is a mashup of thoughts but more organized and thoughtful texts will come soon. Duce
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2019.11.05 23:58 The_Escalation 2019 ABC Holiday Schedule

All times EASTERN
AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS – “3008” – It’s a Thanksgiving celebration on “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” including a woman who is grossed out by having to prepare a turkey for dinner and a little boy who is thankful for dinosaurs; plus, selfies gone wrong and people getting scared. (7:00-8:00 p.m.)
KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS – “Turkey in Space” – In a special Thanksgiving-themed episode, Tiffany shares her favorite Turkey Day traditions and films an infomercial for “Gobble Gobble Wrapping Paper” with kids who frantically gift wrap everything from Thanksgiving leftovers to a live turkey. Later, Tiffany and an 8-year-old girl pitch movie ideas to her big shot Hollywood director friend Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”). (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
THE CONNERS – “Slappy Holidays” – Chaos ensues when Dan finally gets the entire family together for Thanksgiving dinner. Mixed feelings about the Lunch Box continue to build tension in the house, and Harris makes an unexpected move. Guest starring is Eliza Bennett as Odessa. (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
THE GOLDBERGS – “Angst-Giving” – Even though Beverly’s patience with Pop Pop is put to the test due to his endless Thanksgiving demands, she is able to put aside her own feelings to help heal the long-standing rift between Murray and Pop Pop. Meanwhile, Barry and Erica are ready to return home for the holiday, but Uncle Marvin accidentally drives them to Pittsburgh. Marvin attempts to make it right not knowing if they will make it to Jenkintown in time to celebrate the holiday. Judd Hirsch and Dan Fogler return to guest star as Pop Pop and Uncle Marvin, respectively. (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
SCHOOLED – “Friendsgiving” – CB celebrates Thanksgiving by having all of William Penn rally around him after a cooking incident at his house, while the alumni faculty football game brings out the competitive sides of Wilma and Coach Mellor. (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
MODERN FAMILY – “The Last Thanksgiving” – Cameron and Mitchell’s friends mistakenly assume they have split up and have definitely chosen a side, and Haley attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a thank you for Claire and Phil’s support with the twins. Meanwhile, Jay invites Phil and Dylan out to fly his model plane, and Phil thinks this is his chance to reclaim his dignity after their first outing 10 years ago went so wrong. (9:00-9:31 p.m.)
SINGLE PARENTS – “Every Thursday Should Be Like This” – When Will gets busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Douglas’ home, he asks Angie to hang out with Tracy Freeze (guest star Jama Williamson). Angie reluctantly does so, only to realize that Tracy is actually wonderful, except for a secret she’s keeping from Will. Meanwhile, Miggy shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with the kids’ teacher, Ms. Pronstroller (Sarah Yarkin), as his date, and he enlists Douglas’ assistance in helping them form an in-person connection, given all of their previous communication has been via texts, DMs and memes. (9:31-10:00 p.m.)
STUMPTOWN – “November Surprise” – Dex goes undercover after she is hired by a local politician to dig up dirt on his political opponent. Meanwhile, Grey and Liz’s romance continues, and Dex celebrates Friendsgiving with the group. (10:00-11:00 p.m.)
A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING – In the 1973 special, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown wants to do something special for the gang. However, the dinner he arranges is a disaster when the caterers, Snoopy and Woodstock, prepare toast and popcorn as the main dish. Humiliated, it will take all of Marcie’s persuasive powers to salvage the holiday for Charlie Brown. A special bonus cartoon from Charles M. Schulz, “This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers,” will air with the Peanuts classic, in which history comes to animated screen life in a captivating and informative program about the Mayflower voyagers. The special will air with Spanish audio via SAP. In “This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers,” the year is 1620. After 65 grueling, sea-tossed days, the Pilgrims are in view of America’s shores – and Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew are with them as they experience firsthand the lifestyle of the early settlers and celebrate the first Thanksgiving. (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY: MAGICAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION – “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration” kicks off the holiday season on ABC. Join celebrity hosts as they present the two-hour prime-time special on Thanksgiving night from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. This magical celebration will feature musical performances with some of today’s top artists among a flurry of Disney holiday entertainment. During the prime-time special, viewers will also be treated to several Disney Parks sneak peeks, including a behind-the-scenes look into future attractions coming to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. Hosts and performers to be confirmed at a later date. (8:00-10:00 p.m.)
SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN’ TO TOWN – In the perennial favorite created in 1970 by Rankin-Bass Productions (“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman”), Fred Astaire narrates this timeless tale of Kris Kringle (Mickey Rooney), a young boy with an immense desire to do good things for others. The vocal cast features Mickey Rooney as Kris Kringle; Keenan Wynn as Winter; Paul Frees as Burgermeister Meisterburger, Grimsby, the soldiers and the townsmen; Joan Gardner as Tanta Kringle; Robie Lester as Jessica and Andrea Sacino; Dina Lynn, Gary White and Greg Thomas as the children. (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT – Season Premiere – “701/704” – ‘Tis the season for ABC’s immensely popular decorating competition series, “The Great Christmas Light Fight,” which continues to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with celebrity judges—lifestyle expert Carter Oosterhouse and famed interior designer Taniya Nayak. Season seven of the holiday hit will once again showcase the most extravagant and utterly spectacular Christmas displays America has to offer! In each one-hour episode, four families with dazzling household displays will compete to win $50,000 and the coveted Light Fight trophy. (8:00-10:00 p.m.)
CMA COUNTRY CHRISTMAS – Trisha Yearwood will host and perform on the 10th annual “CMA Country Christmas.” The two-hour music celebration features a night filled with Christmas classics and festive one-of-a-kind collaborations by Yearwood, Kristin Chenoweth, for KING & COUNTRY, Chris Janson, Tori Kelly, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Runaway June, CeCe Winans, Brett Young and Chris Young. “CMA Country Christmas” is a production of the Country Music Association. Robert Deaton is the executive producer. (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS – Celebrate the joy of the holidays with the classic animated Christmas-themed PEANUTS special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” created by the late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. In the digitally remastered 1965 special, Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism that he sees everywhere during the Christmas season. Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant and Charlie Brown accepts, but it proves to be a frustrating struggle. When an attempt to restore the proper spirit with a forlorn little fir Christmas tree fails, Charlie Brown needs Linus’ help to learn what the real meaning of Christmas is. In addition, another PEANUTS special based on the works of Charles Schulz, “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales,” will also air with the Emmy®-winning classic. (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
SAME TIME, NEXT CHRISTMAS – In this original holiday film, Olivia Anderson (played by Lea Michele) is a successful young woman who met her childhood sweetheart during her family’s annual Christmas visit to Hawaii. After being separated by distance and years, the two reunite at the same Hawaiian resort years later, and the old chemistry between them flares up anew—but circumstances conspire to keep them apart. “Same Time, Next Christmas” stars Lea Michele as Olivia Anderson, Charles Michael Davis as Jeff Williams, Bryan Greenberg as Gregg Harris, George Newbern as Woody Anderson, Nia Vardalos as Faye Anderson, Phil Morris as Alec Williams and Dannah Lockett as Madelyn Williams. (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT – “703/706” – “The Great Christmas Light Fight” showcases the most extravagant and utterly spectacular Christmas displays America has to offer! (8:00-10:00 p.m.)
THE CONNERS – “Smoking Penguins and Santa on Santa action” – Dan is disappointed when everyone but Becky forgets about his birthday. Meanwhile, Darlene is faced with another issue, and Dan excludes Jackie from the family Christmas Santa photo for mistreating Louise. Guest starring is Katey Sagal as Louise, Jay R. Ferguson as Ben and James Pickens Jr. as Chuck. (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
BLESS THIS MESS – “Goose Glazing Time” – Mike and Rio are thrilled about having their first Christmas alone together as a married couple, but a wrench is thrown into their romanticized holiday plans as they are interrupted by crisis after crisis. Meanwhile, Kay invites Beau home for Christmas so that they can give Jacob a proper holiday. (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
MIXED-ISH – “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” – Alicia and Paul strive to maintain their winter solstice traditions from the commune, but their parents want to have a more traditional Christmas with the kids. Meanwhile, Alicia’s dad, Lynwood (guest star Richard Lawson), competes with Harrison to be the kids’ favorite grandad. (9:00-9:30 p.m.)
BLACK-ISH – “Father Christmas” – Pops doesn’t do Christmas, so when he shows up to the house full of holiday cheer with Lynette (Loretta Devine), Dre is thrown off. Pops wants to make up for lost time and go all out this Christmas. The whole family gets into the holiday spirit until someone from Lynette’s past shows up. Anthony Anderson directed the episode. (9:30-10:00 p.m.)
THE GOLDBERGS – “It’s a Wonderful Life” – Hoping to outdo the Kremp family, Beverly decides the Goldbergs must do an even better family holiday card, but Geoff is surprised he is not invited to be in the photo. Meanwhile, a pranking war with Barry and JTP quickly spirals out of control. (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
MODERN FAMILY – “The Last Christmas” – Cameron is hoping to keep everyone happy for their annual Christmas dinner, but Mitchell is suspicious he is hiding an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Claire tries to dodge Jay’s job offer to work at his dog bed company and Luke has to deal with the consequences of kissing Manny’s ex-girlfriend, Sherri. (9:00-9:31 p.m.)
SINGLE PARENTS – “Good Holidays to You” – When Graham writes a letter to Santa asking for either a white Christmas or to meet his father, Angie goes on a mission to find snow in Southern California with the help of Will and Sophie. Meanwhile, after Rory, Emma and Amy find out that Poppy and Douglas are romantically involved, the kids use this knowledge to their advantage to guilt their parents into buying them more Christmas presents. (9:31-10:00 p.m.)
OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE – In “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” Olaf (voice of Josh Gad) teams up with Sven on a merry mission. It’s the first holiday season since the gates reopened and Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) and Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel) host a celebration for all of Arendelle. When the townspeople unexpectedly leave early to enjoy their individual holiday customs, the sisters realize they have no family traditions of their own. So, Olaf sets out to comb the kingdom to bring home the best traditions, and save Anna and Elsa’s “first Christmas in forever.” “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” features the original cast of Arendelle characters, including Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad (“Marshall,” “Book of Mormon”); Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell (“Frozen,” “Bad Moms”); Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel (Broadway’s “Wicked,” “Rent” and “If/Then”; Fox’s “Glee”); and Kristoff, voiced by Jonathan Groff (Broadway’s “Hamilton,” Netflix’s “Mindhunter”). (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
TOY STORY THAT TIME FORGOT – Pixar Animation Studios’ special for television, “Toy Story That Time Forgot,” features your favorite characters from the “Toy Story” films. During a post-Christmas play date, the “Toy Story” gang finds themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie the triceratops if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room in this “Toy Story That Time Forgot.” The cast includes Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Kevin McKidd (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as Reptillus Maximus, Wallace Shawn as Rex, Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head and Joan Cusack as Jessie. (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: HOLIDAY EDITION – Season Premiere – “Cake and Bread Week” – On your marks, get set, bake! The most festive and friendliest competition on television returns with hosts Emma Bunton (Spice Girls) and Anthony “Spice” Adams, and judges Paul Hollywood (“The Great British Baking Show”) and three-time James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Sherry Yard. The heat is on when 10 bakers enter the tent in the two-hour season five premiere of “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition.” Based on the hit U.K. series “The Great British Baking Show,” “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition” features bakers from across the country battling through 24 total challenges with six challenges throughout each two-hour themed episode, all in the hopes of being crowned “America’s Best Amateur Baker.” (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE – “The Bromance Before Christmas” – Katie looks forward to sharing her favorite childhood Christmas tradition with Taylor, but a surprise visit from her mom, Kathryn (Wendie Malick), threatens her holiday cheer. Meanwhile, Greg is blindsided by Katie’s good intentions; and to make matters worse, Oliver and Anna-Kat break a family heirloom. (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
FRESH OFF THE BOAT – “Jessica Town” – Jessica is thriving in the merriment of Christmas, the time of year she takes full control of the household and everything is perfect until Louis does the unthinkable—tries to help, turning her Christmas dream into a holiday nightmare. Meanwhile, Eddie, Emery and Evan find themselves on the naughty list for breaking an expensive gift, which might just require the assistance of elves, or Grandma Huang, to fix. (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
THE SOUND OF MUSIC – ABC will air the Rodgers & Hammerstein cinematic treasure “The Sound of Music.” Celebrate the Oscar®-winning classic with popular favorites “Edelweiss,” ”My Favorite Things,” “Climb Every Mountain,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” “The Lonely Goatherd” and “The Sound of Music.” (7:00-11:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT – Season Finale – “702/705” – “The Great Christmas Light Fight” showcases the most extravagant and utterly spectacular Christmas displays America has to offer! (8:00-10:00 p.m.)
SHREK THE HALLS – DreamWorks Animation’s “Shrek the Halls,” a half-hour of entertainment starring America’s favorite ogre and his friends, features the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas. Just when Shrek thought he could finally sit back, relax and enjoy his happily ever after with his new family, the most joyous of all holidays arrives. It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is filled with holiday cheer—except for Shrek. He isn’t exactly the picture of yuletide joy, but for the sake of Fiona and the kids, he tries to get into the spirit of things as only an ogre can. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their own ideas about what Christmas is all about, so when Donkey, Puss In Boots, Gingerbread Man and the whole gang try to join in on the fun, Shrek’s plans for a cozy family celebration end up spiraling into one truly unforgettable Christmas. (9:30-10:00 p.m.)
DISNEY PREP & LANDING – Walt Disney Animation Studios brings you a half-hour holiday special tale of an elite unit of elves known as Prep & Landing. After working tirelessly on Prep & Landing for 227 years, an elf named Wayne is upset when he doesn’t receive an expected promotion to be the Director of Naughty List Intelligence. Instead, Magee, the North Pole Christmas Eve Command Center Coordinator (NPCECCC for short), partners Wayne with Lanny, an idealistic rookie who has an undying enthusiasm for Christmas. During their Christmas Eve mission, Wayne and Lanny encounter unexpected challenges that push them to their limits. Will the elves be able to guide Dasher, Dancer and the rest of the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh through a raging snowstorm to ensure a merry Christmas for all? (8:00-8:30 p.m.)
DISNEY PREP & LANDING 2: NAUGHTY VS. NICE – The yuletide adventures of Christmas elves Lanny and Wayne continue. With the Big 2-5 fast approaching, Wayne and Lanny must race to recover classified North Pole technology that has fallen into the hands of a computer-hacking Naughty Kid! Desperate to prevent Christmas from descending into chaos, Wayne seeks out the foremost Naughty Kid expert to aid in the mission, a bombastic member of the Coal Elf Brigade who also happens to be his estranged brother, Noel. (8:30-9:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: HOLIDAY EDITION – “Spice and Dessert Week” – Eight bakers return to the tent this week. First up, “Spice Week” with the bakers challenged to create sweet and savory creations using spices. From cinnamon to saffron, the bakers put their best spice flavor combinations together. “Dessert Week” has the bakers creating delicious delicacies like cakes and cookies, including one of Paul Hollywood’s toughest challenges yet! (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
I WANT A DOG FOR CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE BROWN – “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown” centers on ReRun, the lovable but ever-skeptical younger brother of Linus and Lucy. It’s Christmas vacation and, as usual, ReRun’s big sister is stressing him out, so he decides to turn to his best friend, Snoopy, for amusement and holiday cheer. However, his faithful but unpredictable beagle companion has plans of his own, giving ReRun reason to ask Snoopy to invite his canine brother, Spike, for a visit. The cast of “I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown!” includes Jimmy Bennett as ReRun, Adam Taylor Gordon as Charlie Brown, Ashley Rose Orr as Lucy Van Pelt, Corey Padnos as Linus Van Pelt, Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Sally, Nick Price as Schroeder, Jake Miner as Pig Pen/Franklin, Kaitlyn Maggio as the little girl and Bill Melendez as Snoopy. (7:00-8:00 p.m.)
KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS – On a special holiday episode, Tiffany chats with the kids about their favorite holiday traditions. Later, Tiffany plays Santa’s helper to find out who is on the "Nice List,” and celebrates an 8-year-old magician who proves that big tricks can come in small packages. (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
THE YEAR: 2019 – ABC NEWS – “The Year: 2019” (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
DISNEY PARKS MAGICAL CHRISTMAS DAY PARADE – “Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Parade” continues Disney’s annual Christmas morning celebration tradition, on ABC. Join celebrity hosts for the two-hour Christmas day special as they follow the famous Christmas Day Parade down Main Street U.S.A., featuring performances by some of today’s top artists across Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. Also during the Christmas Day Parade, viewers will be treated to several Disney Parks sneak peeks, including a behind-the-scenes look into future attractions coming to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. Hosts and performers to be confirmed at a later date. (10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.)
HAPPY NEW YEAR, CHARLIE BROWN – ABC and the PEANUTS gang will ring in the new year with the animated PEANUTS special “Happy New Year, Charlie Brown,” created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, along with “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown.” In “Happy New Year, Charlie Brown,” the PEANUTS gang is ringing in 1986, and Marcie and Peppermint Patty are throwing a big New Year’s Eve bash. Charlie Brown plans to celebrate the holiday by curling up with a big book that weighs nearly as much as he does, Tolstoy’s “War and Peace.” The book’s weight doesn’t stop him from lugging it to Lucy’s pre-party dance class, where he cuts a mean rug with a rollicking Patty. With just 1131 pages to go, Charlie Brown takes another break, this time for the party, and summons the courage to invite his true love, the little red-haired girl. She doesn’t respond, but hapless Chuck shows up anyway—with Tolstoy in tow. Then, he settles down with the book—on a porch swing in a snowstorm—and in so doing, misses the evening’s big surprise. In “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown,” disaster strikes as Peppermint Patty heads to her first major ice-skating competition with coach Snoopy and faithful companion, Marcie, by her side. As always, the unassuming Woodstock flies in to save the day (8:00-9:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: HOLIDAY EDITION – “Pastry and Cookie Week” – The bakers are back and this week they are challenged to create deliciously flaky and flavorful pastries, as well as holiday cookies perfect for any Christmas celebration. (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: HOLIDAY EDITION – Season Finale – “Semi-Final and Final” – The final five bakers remain. With six challenges ahead for these contestants to wow the judges, the pressure is greater than ever before. In the end, only one can be named “America’s Best Amateur Baker.” Find out who wins on the season finale of “The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition.” (9:00-11:00 p.m.)
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2019.01.18 23:30 PemsRoses DWTS News & Gossip n°6

Hi everyone ! I'm back with another post of DWTS News & Gossip. As I said two weeks ago, I didn't post last week because there wasn't many news but I'm back this week so let's do it !
- Last week was Lindsay's birthday : Happy 25th Birthday to her I hope she had a great time in Jamaica
- Speaking of Lindsay, she had her masterclass yesterday I believe in Utah and it's look her sister Rylee, Makeila, Brighyn, Cody and Rylee's friend Ella Horan and Kate Judd attended the class. I hope they will release some videos of it soon.
- Speaking of Rylee looks like her Cody's romance is still going strong haha. I don't know if you saw Lindsay's IG story earlier today but it was funny to see how the girls were reacting lol.
- Okay I think I'm done with the Arnolds lol, now on to some news tour : Milo is out, Joe is in. Bobby and Juan Pablo were also there for tour performance at Radio City in NYC. The show was sold out so yay for them ! And Sharna flossed with Bobby on the stage. SN : Bobby isn't doing any dances on tour because he was sick during the rehearsals so they couldn't include his dances. But I think he is done now with the tour.
- Speaking of the Bteam, they had matching tattoos earlier this week that said "Mirror Ball". Now I'm going to comment on that : I don't mind doing a matching tattoo with your partner on the show if you formed a nice bond and all but "Mirror Ball" ? It's just like they want to rub it in everyone face that they won I would have prefer something more profound or a joke between the two of them. They are being extra and while it was like fun and all at first, it's becoming tasteless and desesperate. Everyone get it they won and I think everyone is totallly fine with it now (if not they should) but stop trying to make this "People's Champ" thing happen it won't just be happy about what you accomplished and move on.
- BTW, it seems like Bobby is out here trying to make himself a contender for being the next Bachelor now.
- Jenna will appear on Say Yes to the Dress : she was filming for it in NYC but there is already a post about it. I really wonder what her dress will look like because Jenna has an interesting style : sometimes I like but most of the time I don't get. She seems to enjoy layers and ruffle-ish sleeves so I wonder if her wedding dress will reflect that.
- Now let's speak about potential celebs for the next season : UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi broke the Internet this week with her new floor routine inspired by Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and many others. The routine is so fun to watch and her story really inspiring. She used to be an elite gymnast but after the American Cup in 2013, she had a severe injury that stopped her elite career. However it seems like she found her true path in the college competition because last year she already created a buzz with ther MJ inspired routine. Ryan Seacrest put her in relation with Deena who is one of the producers I think or the casting director. Not gonna lie I was more hoping to see a male gymnast for her change but she seems like she could be a great contestant dance wise and personality wise. I would love to see her with Brandon because he would provide great choreos.
- Another celeb that was approached by TPTB in the past is Perez Hilton, seems like he saw the producers three time in the past but never made it in the official celeb lineup.
- There is bunch of DWTS alum that were cast for Celebrity Big Brother this season again (because the casting director is the same person) : Tamar Braxton, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Lolo Jones and Johnattan Bennett are on the show.
- Last but not least, it was also Maks' birthday yesterday : Yay his last year in the 30s. I hope he had a great time in the Big Apple.
Here it is ! As always feel free to share your thoughts, news and gossip in the comments ;)
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2019.01.14 02:50 BruhYouGay Attempting to find a woman as an Asian male is like trying to find a job if you're homeless or a convicted felon. Being hapa and trying to do the same can be even more difficult

Asian men are at the bottom of the sexual hierarchy in Amerikkka. This has been discussed ad naseum on here. No amount of anecdotal success of some faceless supposedly Asian and hapa men online can downplay the fact that emasculation of Asian men has been an Amerikkkan tradition for nearly 200 years.
Discrimination against Asian men is acceptable in all arenas of American life. But it is especially pronounced in dating, sex and relationships. Statistically there are more Asian women living with white significant others than Asian men living with Asian female partners. It is more than just 40% of Asian women who refuse to be with Asian men. And other races of women aren't exactly dying to be seen in public with a male of obvious Asian descent. Statistically, out of all races of men, Asian men are the most likely to be single.
Being both Asian and male is a stigma that is too negative to look past in the eyes of most women raised in Amerikkka. It's like trying to find a job when you have no address or are a convicted felon. The vast majority of employers will not consider hiring someone who is a felon or has no address because they're homeless. But in some ways, I even think this is a bad anology because studies have proven a white convicted felon is just as likely to land a job as a black man with a clean record. And being a hapa male who can pass for other races but is later disclosed to be hapa is like a top job applicant who is later found out to be a convicted felon in a background check and not given a call back. Just like convicted felons seeking jobs, Asian men need to be creative in seeking women and usually can't find the same success as black, white or Latino men using the same methods as they do.
But who I am kidding, at least Asian men can still say Asian women are their women. Hapa men have no women to call their own like men of all other races. Hapas are the ones who really need to get creative. And looks and all that shit doesn't matter. Status matters more than looks to too many women and that reduction in status of being considered Asian and male by the one drop rule is a dealbreaker for an overwhelming number of women. Its hard when too many hapas have no authentic confidence due to the erosion of self worth because of a lifetime of racism, microaggressions and outright rejection. It's especially hard if you don't have a strong supportive social group which hapas notoriously lack. Hapas in many places can't just hang out with other hapas. Especially since hapa women have more social value than hapa men and can easily assimilate just like Asian women. But too many hapa males find themselves on the outskirts trying to blend in with people who really don't like them because society is really that racist; even the most well intentioned people are not exempt. Yeah, you might be nice to the Hapa "weirdo" as you see him because you're a nice person, but would you want to spend time with him, have sex with him and most of all be seen with a man who society doesn't consider to be a real man because of his Asianness?
Whenever I see an Asian man with an even remotely attractive non-Asian woman and they are clearly a couple, it's like a young black man seeing another fellow young black man driving an extremely expensive car like a Bentley or a Lamborghini. That is, its a rare sight and a mindfuck seeing a person of color succeed in a way that white society specifically designs that person to fail just for being born a certain race and gender.
But no, I don't worship AMWF because in a way, even Asian males have it better than hapa males who have no authentic collective identity, history and culture. Whenever I see white men in interracial relationships, it's always garden variety white-white guys, not urban Jon B white guys with corner barbershop tape ups, chinstrap beards and brand new Nikes, not country boy white guys, but regular Ryan Seacrest ass white men. Because that is a real white guy according to mainstream culture, a man symbolizing the absence of culture while representing Amerikkkan culture in it most ubiquitous form at the same time; the posterboy for causal white supremacy. Hapa males, we're just weirdos, not considered really authentic in a way shape or form. Women like us for our novelty value and stereotypical good looks when we have them. But standard issue white, black and Latino men will always have default value.
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2018.06.19 07:48 TNAmarkFromIndia WOW - Women Of Wrestling signs TV deal with AXS, Lucha Underground co-creator Mark Burnett and MGM Studios will be producing, Tapings begin in Los Angeles in late 2018

There’s no lack of choices when it comes to televised wrestling, or places for wrestlers who haven’t made it or choose not to work for WWE to earn a living.
While that’s changing for women’s wrestlers and their fans, there still aren’t quite as many options. An announcement today from New Japan’s United States broadcast partner brings more exposure to one of those. And it brings together some very big names from the worlds of sports and entertainment together to push their women’s wrestling venture.
Here’s the press release about AXS TV’s agreement to start broadcasting Women of Wrestling (WOW) events, which includes quotes from AXS founder, NBA owner and billionaire investor Mark Cuban and WOW and Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeannie Buss:


The Dominant All-Women’s Professional Wrestling League, From The Founder of the Original GLOW, Sets 2019 Event Distribution
Los Angeles, CA - June 18, 2018 – Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Mark Burnett, President of MGM Television and Digital Group and David McLane, the impresario behind the ’80s hit TV series GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling), have tapped AXS TV to bring the emerging hit series “WOW-Women Of Wrestling” (WOW) to a wider U.S. TV audience.
AXS TV, which is a partnership between Mark Cuban, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest and talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA), will provide the television production and cable, satellite and telco distribution for WOW events. The WOW Superhero events are action-packed all-female pro wrestling bouts presented with the theatrical flair of a major concert. The matches pit skilled, compelling wrestlers against each other, as their unique personalities generate intense feelings from WOW’s large and dedicated fan base.
“I knew of Jeanie’s passion for elevating women’s wrestling for several years, so when Mark Burnett told me what MGM Studios has planned for WOW, I decided to get involved,” AXS TV Chairman and CEO Mark Cuban said. “AXS TV’s long-term success inside the squared circle and broadcasting New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) makes airing WOW a natural fit.”
Indeed, with the box office success of Wonder Woman, the hit streaming series GLOW (inspired by McLane’s original franchise) and the marketplace embracing the empowerment of women, all indicators point to WOW becoming the success that Buss envisions.
“Fortunately, I grew up knowing that the key to building a winner starts with teamwork,” WOW owner Jeanie Buss said. “I’m so thankful that Mark Burnett and his MGM Studios, and now Mark Cuban’s AXS TV, are all part of our WOW team. AXS TV will provide a valuable platform to boost audience awareness of our WOW Superheroes, help grow our digital ecosystem and provide the best in women’s wrestling to the millions of fans who want to see powerful, confident women do battle in the ring.”
AXS TV will start recording WOW events in Los Angeles later this year, for broadcast beginning in early 2019. Information on the date, venue and ticket sales will be announced soon.
WOW has been around for a while, with its most recent incarnation being distributed online starting in 2015. The partnership with MGM Studios was announced last spring and brought its president, successful television producer (and Lucha Underground co-creator) Mark Burnett, to the table.
What makes WOW different from WWE’s women’s division or IMPACT’s Knockouts is the GLOW influence David McLane has kept in the product. “WOW Superheroes” sticks with the model fans of the original 80s series, or the Netflix dramedy based on it, will recognize - over-the-top characters in soap-inspired conflict. The difference between the 20th and 21st century versions of McLane’s shows are that the characters are often played by women with independent wrestling backgrounds, and often under the names they use elsewhere - such as when NXT’s Candice LeRae was with the promotion.
All of that makes it a particularly interesting pairing for AXS’ other wrestling show, New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is more straight competition-based. But with power players like Burnett and Cuban involved, it will get a chance to find its footing.
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2018.02.02 12:03 Raspberrywannabe I don’t know how to title this

Hi. I’m not sure how to begin this or if this is the right subreddit but It’s two AM and if I don’t post this I’m going to keep on marinating in my own self hatred. So here it goes.
I want to die.
I keep thinking that it would be better if I just went for it. Every day where there’s a lull in whatever I’m doing or if something is going negatively, I end up back at my suicidal tipping point.
I don’t really have anything interesting to say about myself. I’m an artist, definitely not a popular one. I’m studying anthropology. I used to be a photography major. My gpa isn’t great but I try hard.
I hate partying and I have horrible, crippling anxiety. I do have a small group of friends.
Occasionally I talk to my dad or godmother on the phone. I never see them because they live so far away- my mom is dead. Has been for a year on February 9th.
I’ve only been in one relationship that was entirely on line and long distance.
I was emotionally and verbally abused by an alcoholic parent my entire life. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD and a panic disorder.
I have friends but they all have partners and are happier around them (duh) than they would be me.
I have big dreams. I want to write a series of books, both individual novels and part of a bigger story. I want to keep working on my art and maybe sell commissions. I actually got my commission prices set up today but chickened our before I could post them. My art doesn’t ever get attention, so who’d want to buy a commission anyways?
Mainly I want to travel- maybe be a foreign exchange student. I want to see Europe and Asia and be able to get my younger brother a piece of the Berlin Wall. I want to draw Amsterdam and visit the Finnish laplands. I really want to see Tromsø and Reykjavik in particular.
But still, I want to die. I feel not even unloveable but unlikeable. I hate myself. In every single possible way I absolutely hate myself.
Tonight isn’t a particularly bad night for me. It’s a normal night. It just hit me though that I had to tell someone, because I not only looked up how high I’d need to be to die from jumping, but which bridge closest to me is high enough. There’s one about a 20 minute walk away but honestly I’m in my pjs and I have my retainer in AND my heating blanket is on. I don’t really want to move from my spot. I’m taking this whole thing as a sign that I should stay here. I hate everything about myself from the way I look to the way I think, feel, operate, and react. I think I’m worthless and That when I die people either wont be sad, or they’ll feel sad for a moment. Like the way that you feel when you see a car accident on the highway; sad or worried for a moment, then back to Ryan Seacrest’s Top 10. They’ll move on. No one would miss me really; there’s not much to remember.
I carry a lot of guilt over my mom’s death. Reasonably and logically I couldn’t have saved her, but I’ve always been the one to believe in the impossible. I could have saved her. Sometimes I dream about it. It weighs on me all the time. I hadn’t talked to her in months by the time she passed last year, and we’d seen each other maybe four times in the past three years. But I think about her everyday now. Everything I do, every moment of silence I think about her. I feel haunted.
I’m craving pizza. That’s irrelevant but I thought I’d add it in. I have no way of getting pizza at this moment in time.
I’m 20. There’s another fact. I’m not sure what I’m doing right now other than listing facts about myself but in an odd way it’s helping. It’s taking my mind off I think. Hopefully I’ll fall asleep after this and tomorrow will be better.
I love those YouTube ‘In Love With A Ghost’ music videos. I’m listening to one now.
I want to buy an entirely new wardrobe but I can’t afford it. I hate the fact that I had to look up a subreddit for suicide tonight. I’m not sure how to go about getting help since I last stopped medication about two years ago.
I believe in magic. Kinda. I believe in fate and coincidence and poetic shit. I hate those Milk and Honey poetry books and I think it’s because I don’t relate to them. Also because they’re fucking dumb I mean have you ever looked at one. I too can type random shit out on a blank page and change the formatting around. A R T
I adore lavender lattes. Also French yogurt with lemon curd. And really hearty stews. I recently went on vacation and I ate sushi everyday because I’ve loved it since I was a kid.
I write fan fiction. My pieces aren’t particularly popular but it’s a fun medium. Please don’t take this post as an example of my writing, I’m tired and sad and trying to exhaust myself.
I still want to die but I don’t think tonight will be the night. Maybe tomorrow or something. Who knows or cares. Im too tired to do anything else than sleep.
Thanks for letting me drop this all here. If you’re reading this, thanks. Also sit up straight or you’ll get neck pain.
Yeah. Thanks for listening to my ted talk
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2016.01.08 00:23 mephislee Asian Guys Dating White Girls

This article is not intended to be a race baiting post. It will come across as harsh, but my intentions are to help.There is no politically correct pandering in this post. Just the straight up truth based on observation and experience. There are a ton of generalization in here and that fine because its the only way to make this the most comprehensive and helpful guide of Asian men who want to date in the US.
Small penis, good at math, poor lover in bed/asexual, below average physique, non-masculine...most of us know the stereotypes of Asian men. I spent three amazing years as an exchange student in Asia when I was in college and over 5 years running a business(in the U.S) where I recruited and trained over 70 Asian sales reps courtesy of some connections I made while in Asia. Most of them were men and due to the nature of my business, the topic of dating and women was brought up often. While I trained them to become successful at sales, I also coached a few of them on dating Western women. 90% of my sales team were straight from Asia. Its no secret that Asian men (East Asian) and Black women are the least desirable ethnically in the dating world. Yes, this sounds harsh, but the stats don't lie.
I've met many Asian guys who have amazing success with women, but the majority of them sadly, don't have any success. The problem is that Asian men cockblock themselves. Really hard. Some Asian men are only into Asian women- if that you, more power to you. This article will still help you, though.
Others ( a solid majority) are into Western women. Specifically, White women. Unfortunately, the average white woman does not watch porn with an lead Asian male. She does not look at an Asian man and get the tingles. Prince Charming is a White Man. Women are more concerned than men about what their friends think about the men they are dating and the men they hook up with. Most women will deny this- that's fine because here's my first test to any woman who says anything along the lines of "Asian men are just like any other, it depends on the guy, etc."
I ask:
Can you quickly name 5 famous white guys you find attractive? Easy. Can you quickly name 5 famous black guys you find attractive? Pretty easy. Can you quickly name 5 famous latino guys you find attractive? Not too hard. Can you quickly name 5 famous asian guys you find attractive? Um... there's that guy on The Walking Dead.
Lets face it. Things are pretty shit for most Asian guys in the dating world.
Before I get started on what Asian men can do to date more Western, preferable White women, here are the pros and cons of Asian Men dating in the United States:
1) Asian men buy into what the media and entertainment industry say about them. 2) Asian culture in general does not encourage dating from an early age- even in Asian-American households. As a result, the majority of Asian men grow up lacking basic dating skills. 3) Educated Asian men are in predominantly male-dominated careers such as math and engineering. There isn't much access to women in these fields. 4) Asian men have less sexual experience than their western counterparts, mainly because sex is a serious taboo in almost all Asian cultures. 5) There is a stigma towards divorcees and women who have had many partners in most Asian cultures- particularly IN Asia.This attitude and mindset subtly infiltrates the dating habits of Asian men in the US. In Asia, most Asian women married to White men are divorcees. A virgin, attractive Asian woman is a prize in Asia. A divorcee is automatically assumed to have some sort of defect. When you have that attitude towards women- you're going to find it very challenging to date or get laid in the States. 6) Collectivism Mindset. Collectivism is the practice of giving a group priority over each individual in it. Asian cultures are largely collectivist, which simply means they think and behave as one unit-even when they come to the United States. While this mindset is useful for business and cultural success, it is downright deadly for dating outside of ones race.
Examples of Asian Collectivism are: *Avoidance of direct confrontation-a tendency to avoid the word "no". "No" destroys the harmony of a group. *Working well in groups which will protect you in exchange for loyalty and compliance. As opposed to showing initiative or doing tasks independently.Hence, you are more likely to see Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean entrepreneurs dominating a certain niches by relying on each other.
*The importance of marriage and a family in determining your self esteem. Over 30 and not married? In most cases, you're a loser in Asian cultures. The pressure to marry and have children is simply to establish a socially acceptable lifestyle and not rock the harmonious collectivist boat. Conversely, Western cultures are individualistic- personality and uniqueness are highly encouraged. Travel to Asia and apart from a few areas that cater to expatriates, you will not find White American men overwhelmingly working in one niche(with the exception to “Internet Marketing Lifestyle Entrepreneurs”) or living in one area. The only think they have in common is hooking up with divorced Asian women :)
An Individualist culture promotes breaking free of the crowd, being different and encourages the idea that success is possible when you think differently. 7) White women prefer their own race over others. As I stated earlier, Prince Charming is white.
The dominant culture in the United States is the White culture. Biologically, a woman is attracted to the male in the species whom is most likely to be a provider and whose can ensure the survival of her children.
White men, overwhelmingly are the hero's on TV screens, they are the wealthiest men in this country, they are the leaders and they write the law. Look at the facebook page of any Asian-American woman. Does she have more Asian males friends or more White male friends?
Its 2016. More young white women than ever, are willing to give Asian men a chance, despite their preference for white men. 1) Asian men age better. This is a fact. An Asian men with the right genetics can date women in their early 20s well into his 40's. 2) Asian men try harder in bed. White women whom I've spoken to tell me that to combat the negative stereotype of Asian men being bad lovers, Asian men tend to try and compensate sexually by trying harder to please a woman. 3) African American women and Latinas will be more open to dating you. My Asian wingmen who date on OkCupid and Tinder all agree that they get the most love from black women. Black women are the most ignored in the dating pool- by all races of men. Any Asian man willing to be open minded, willing to look past the stereotypes and conditioning, will have some pretty amazing experiences with Black and Latina women. 4) Asian men are highly educated. Enough said. Asian culture highly values education. 5) Asian men have the advantage of a non-mainstream culture. You have the ability to bring women into your world. Most guys can only take women on predictable dates, but you can do much more- the food, culture and experiences you cab expose a woman to are different and exciting. Own your culture and be proud of it. The cons are stacked solidly against the pros, but fortunately there are a few changes that can be made that will make you overwhelmingly more successful than the average Asian man in the dating game.
There are 7 things Asian men need to get in order before they can have a shot at dating Western women.
1) Let go of your cultural conditioning:
If you came to this country as an immigrant/FOB, this especially applies to you. You were most likely raised in a country where it was considered rude to directly approach a woman and ask her out. Having a reputation for dating lots of women was seriously looked down on. Dating one woman and eventually marrying her was the acceptable social norm. If you want to get laid in the United States of America and not pay for it, let go of all your cultural conditioning.
2) Hang out with confident non-Asian men:
Five Asian men walk into a bar in Minneapolis looking to have a few drinks and possibly get laid. Q:How many of them get laid? A: None of them. You're not doing yourself any favors by hanging out with only Asians. Expand your social circle- you'll meet more interesting people, have cool experiences and you'll be more likely to date the all-american girl you desire.
Here's a tip that only experienced and seasoned wingmen will get: Asian guy+Black guy wingman combo = Winning. (Insert Rush HouJackie Chan/Chris Tucker joke)
An Asian man with a black wingman is a seldom seen sight and two of my close friends use this combination to devastation effect in bars and clubs. Stereotypically, both are unfortunately considered extremes in everything- from material wealth to penis size. But an asian man and a black man who have their shit together will get more curiosity and attraction than possibly any other wingman combo in a bar. For those who doubt this, lets pick a different pair of men and a city like Portland, Oregon. Two black men-regardless of their game, swagger or socio-economic status(unless they are famous) walking into a majority white and hipster bar or brewery will have a hard time leaving with two women because they will be afraid of being perceived a sluts. I didn't write the rules. I've seen it happen multiple times. Two White men with equal good looks, charm, game and swagger? Way more likely to walk out of there with two White women. Conclusion: Build a diverse social circle and if you have a wingman, pick one who is a different race than you. Don't hangout men who cock block you.
Not my precious accent! Yes. In fact, beyond the scope of dating, the only Asian men I have met who have thick accents and are successful in this country are business owners and the incredibly brilliant and talented in their field. As for dating, I have never in 12 years of business, dating coaching and having numerous Asian wingmen met an Asian man who was very successful in dating white women who had a thick accent.
I trained over 160 Asian men a 5 year period to sell to Americans- in the United States, so listen guys, the moment you open you mouth and that thick accent pours out, you are immediately filed away in the Asian Man Stereotype folder in a womans brain. Everything is triggered- Geek, Small Penis, Fob (fresh off the boat), non-masculine. Learning how to speak in a Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic American accent. If you look it up, you'll usually get examples of old-time actors like Carey Grant and Audrey Hepburn- which is NOT how you want to sound. Turn on you TV and listen to how Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest speak. That's Mid-Atlantic American English.
4) Upgrade Your Style:
This goes back to another stereotype. Although there are many Asian men, who dress well, not enough of them dress edgy. You are already stereotyped as non masculine- dressing in a non masculine or nerdy way definitely does not help. Whats the solution? I suggest adding abit of EDGE to your style. Maybe you like rocking t-shirts. Cool. Throw a nice blazer(link) over it Utilize a few or all of the changes listed below: a) A current stylish haircut: Depends on your look and facial structure, but you can't go wrong with an sharp undercut in 2016 b) Tattoos: Not a necessity, but definitely edgy.
c) Add a few inches to your height: Compared to Caucasian men, who form the majority of males in the West, Asian men are short. You can't grow any taller, but thankfully there are comfortable stylish options that can help you add up to 3inches to your height. Calden Shoesheight increasing shows are the best.
d) Piercings: This goes without saying. Piercings are straight up edgy.
5) Hit the gym
For asian men, this is the one thing that will make you stand out from all other men. It juxtaposes your physique with your perceived stereotype of being nerdy and emasculated.
6) Get Your Life Together:
Women don't care about your Aerospace Engineering degree. They care about your lifestyle. Do you live the way YOU want to live? Is you life exciting and free? If you're broke- get your finances in order. If you're unhappy or have serious self esteem issues- fix them If you life revolves around your job- get some hobbies. Learn Salsa, learn a martial art, learn a new language. If you live in Ponca City, Oklahoma- move. If your family is guilt tripping you into living a certain way, when you don't want to, give them the finger. When you dedicate yourself to creating the life you want, you end up loving yourself more. You become one of the rare men of high value- which is what every woman wants.
7) Learn how to attract women: As much as it sucks, Asian men are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating in the good ol' USA. Your game with women simply has to be better than those of the average good looking white guy. This means that you have to literally LEARN the skill of dating quality women. You don't have to become a PUA monkey, but you do have to educate yourself, read a few good books and most importantly, take CONSISTENT action to meet women. Especially the type of women you want to date
Asian men who have a preference for white women do have control of many factors.
I write at www.quitporngetgirls.com
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2011.11.17 17:56 The_reflection Tonight, 9pm at Ground Kontrol, come to Portland's only Video Game Quiz Show hosted by yours truly.

Bright lights! Brainiacs! Question after question! Ground Kontrol's Video Game Quiz Show is not just another pub quiz, it's a full-on big screen game show - complete with lightning rounds, buzzers and fabulous prizes!
Hello Reddit, My name is Ryan Reid, but you may know me as Seacrest. Proud PDXYAR pirate, and semi-well know Portland jerk. Tonight I take the reigns of Ground Kontrol's famous Video Game Quiz Show along with partners Alex "I know everything" Massa and Andrew "Where's the beer?" Chaney. Come on out to test your nerd brain for free, enjoy some of the best bar cuisine (try the DK desert dog), play some awesome arcade games and DRINK DRINK DRINK!
How do you play? A 9pm, we kick off a round of "pub quiz" style trivia. Teams of 5 can participate in these rounds to rack up as many points as possible. The top 3 teams then choose 1 player each to represent them in the final "Jeopardy" style round!
Game play challenges randomly hidden during the final round offer teammates a chance to tag in and help earn points!
Not only is it fun to play, it's a blast to watch, too. So whether or not you know the difference between a Koopa and a Goomba, come on down!
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