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Gabriel Aubry: What Halle Berry's ex is up to now Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images By Johnni Macke / Sept. 30, 2019 12:41 pm EDT / Updated: Sept. 30, 2019 1:48 pm EDT He is not dating anyone currently. Lucas had at least 5 relationship in the past. Lucas Grabeel has not been previously engaged. He is the son of Jean and Stephen Grabeel. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Lucas keeps his personal and love life private. Gabriel Thomson’s Girlfriend. Gabriel Thomson is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Gabriel had at least 1 relationship in the past. Gabriel Thomson has not been previously engaged. He comes from a creative family with his father being an actor turned drama teacher and his mother being a choreographer. Who is Lucas Grabeel dating? Lucas Grabeel is currently single, according to our records.. The American Movie Actor was born in Springfield, MO on November 23, 1984. He became famous for his role as Ryan Evans in the High School Musical movies. Who is Ana Gabriel dating? Ana Gabriel is currently single, according to our records.. The Mexican Pop Singer was born in Mexico on December 10, 1955. Latin pop singer who has released over twenty albums since 1985 and who sang hits like “Ay Amor” and “Es Demasiado Tarde.” On 23-11-1984 Lucas Grabeel was born in Springfield, Missouri. He made his 0,8 million dollar fortune with High School Musical, Switched at Birth & Family Guy. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Lucas Grabeel is possibly single. Relationships. Lucas Grabeel has been in relationships with Sara Paxton (2006 - 2009), Emily Morris (2005), Hannah Heart (2002) and Pamela Saunders (II).. About. Lucas Grabeel is a 35 year old American Actor. Born Lucas Stephen Grabeel on 23rd November, 1984 in Springfield, Maryland, USA and educated at ... On 14-5-1972 Gabriel Mann (nickname: Gabe) was born in Middlebury, Vermont, United States. He made his 2 million dollar fortune with The Bourne Supremacy, Revenge. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Taurus and he is now 48 years of age. Lucas Grabeel's Age: 35 years old, Height: 5' 8' (1.73 m), Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius. His father is Stephen Grabeel, whereas, his mother is Jean Harman. He was rumored to be daing Emily Morris during the year 2016. Who is his girlfriend? What is his marital status? His net worth is $800,000 as of 2020. Find out his partner, dating life, age, profession, childhood, education in detail with his ... Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Gabriel Aubry is possibly single. Relationships. Gabriel Aubry has been in relationships with Kim Kardashian West (2010) and Halle Berry (2005 - 2010).. About. Gabriel Aubry is a 44 year old Canadian Model. Born Gabriel Eugène Aubry on 30th August, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he is famous for dated Halle Berry, Top Icons Men (Ranked ...

[July 18th 5pm UTC] The Hills and I

2020.07.13 03:14 Kuvnyos [July 18th 5pm UTC] The Hills and I

DM: daedalline
Adventure: Hey, so I read up on this one place that existed around here called “Crooked Hills”. Apparently it used to be filled with all this awesome and interesting stuff. Well, something apparently happened and now people don’t go there as often. Something to do with fiends and crystals. It’s fine… I want to go and see how the place is doing, like really investigate! Hopefully we’ll find some cool stuff along the way as well!
Proposed Route: Straight East-Southeast, maybe cutting into some forests.
Date/Time: July 18th 1pm EST/ 5pm UTC
Time Convertor:
Levels: Any, but I’ll probably favour lower ones
Members: Looking for
Name Level Class
Ioanna 3 Kensei Monk
Gabreel 3 Paladin
Nox 3 Clownlock
Cathrine 3 Disturbingly Fabulous Bard (DFB)
Tibix 3 Little Dragon

Responses should be formatted as below:
Character Name: Cairn Orain
Level: 8
Class: Nuke Bard
Race: Gross Elf
Number of Adventures: # 2 /20
Time Available: 5+ Hours
Game Priority: Only
Skills: Make everything absolutely lethal. Excellent at Haiku’s. Bless the Potato. The Waxman!
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2020.07.07 18:48 IcyFury Zachary Bailey Molina, Triptolemus, Certified Member of the Brunch Bunch

"First rule of the brunch bunch: you can talk about the brunch bunch."
Zach has been interviewed by school administrators before. He is quite used to the different combos: principal-teacher, counselor-vice principal, child services officer-principal-teacher. He has seen them all. There ain't nothing that can't surprise Zachary… except for the horse-in-the-chair dude and the rolling-eyes guy, and the goat-legs guy, and- Okay, there are a lot of things that can surprise Zach.
When the interview begins. he puts his hands together and leans back in his chair. They seem to have quite a few questions for him, but at least he can tell that they're not out to turn him round over a campfire like the last person who asked for an interview.
general information additional information
name: Zachary Bailey Molina nickname: Zach, Wyatt, Wheat Boy
date of birth: 01 June 20XX age: 15
nationality: American (Mexican descent) hometown: Topeka, Kansas
gender identity: cis-male gender expression: masculine
sexual orientation: not sure preferred pronouns: he / they
  • notable details: ADHD (attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder), Dyslexia, (slight) Lisp, Myopia (nearsightedness)
relation name/s
divine parent Triptolemus, Greek God of Milling and Farming
mortal parent Gabriella Angelica Molina (deceased)
maternal aunt Eliza Lucia Molina
  • animal companion; Loop is quite the friend. (Latin name: Pantherophis guttatus) Zach encountered this one on a trip to Georgia, hidden away in the storage bins of a farmers' market stall. Their matching wide eyes met, and Zach decided that he had no choice but to take the reptile under his wing-- well, into his sleeve. Loop, as per his name, has this habit of looping herself around all sorts of things, from Zach's fingers to the wheels of his skateboard (when not in use, of course). She proves to be a resilient creature and bears absolutely no resemblance at all to the pythons of Triptolemus, in spite of Zach what may try to get you to believe.
faceclaim voiceclaim height weight hair eyes skin
Froy Gutierrez light and adorable 5'8" he skinny brown, unruly blue olive complexion
  • description: If the first thought you get from seeing the guy with a smattering of freckles, rocking polo shirts, and a vaguely blank expression that slowly drifts off to the side is 'He has no idea where he is, doesn't he?', then you are probably right. There is no one style of outfits to this lad, though much of what he owns come from thrift store diving. He dresses in what is comfortable for him, and if he ends up looking pretty handsome, then so be it. His hair is probably a hopeless cause, though.
  • accessories: dangly necklace, thin-frame prescription glasses
equipment: includes but is not limited to—
  • rake; This fine piece of Celestial bronze is not the conventional weapon, but Zach is not a conventional demigod. His usual course of action, pre-combat situations, is to lay this bad boy out in just the right place for people to step on. If he actually has to fight (or pitch some hay), slamming the blunt tip on the ground transforms the rake into a pitchfork of the same size.
  • skateboard; Zach is hardly a professional, but he is very passionate about skateboarding. It's arguably one of the only modes of non-mechanical transportation that is both fast and stylish. The skateboard also has a neat strap for him to carry around too. It's a shame he doesn't have a helmet, though. He lost that thing months ago.
power set; grains i'm singing in the grain 
Zach is not aware that his abilities have an oddly specific sphere of influence, but he's nonetheless grateful to have them.
power one; grain omniscience you got cold wheat? 
Zach is smart, exceptionally smart when it comes to botany. He has this way with plants that is usually seen with farmers and scientists years into their trade. From simply touching a grain, and/or its parental plant, he can extract a great deal of information including but not limited to a) the type and breed of grain (colloquial and scientific name), b) its point of sowing/farming, c) its nutritional value (such as vitamin content and closeness to expiry), and d) the presence of pesticides, growth hormones, and other chemicals over the course of the plant's life cycle. This particular brand of knowledge is the reason why his aunt always brings him to the groceries. This works with any and every type of grain, both true and pseudo, and even those processed and cooked such as cereal. He would try it out on oatmeal, but that stuff's just too hot.
power two; grain manipulation i'm walking on sun-rice, woooooah 
Zach's affinity with the grain grows beyond simple Wikipedia articles. He's actually shown the capability of fostering growth and movement within these plants, effectively controlling them in line with his will. All grain plants can be affected -- maybe even cereal plants too, but factories are too big for him to try. The drawback is that he has to have physical contact with the plant, but he doesn't mind getting close and personal.
power three; grain summoning you can't just rye down on the job 
One of Zach's personal superheroes is the great Food Boy (from The Adventures of Food Boy featuring Lucas Gabreel), a young man with the power to conjure almost any type of food from his very hands. It's just his luck that one of his abilities functions in the same way. Of course, he can only summon grains and grain-related food products as is allowed by the United States trademarking laws of the 2010s. As of now, he can only summon true and pseudo-grains in their raw form. He aims to reach the level of summoning them cooked or even as cereal (Lucky Charms may or may not be included).
  • skillset; includes but is not limited to -- Zach is quite fond of cooking, but he excels with baking the types of food someone would find in -- he has to spell this out -- a boulangerie and a patisserie. He's had some experience working on a farm, and has picked up much in the art of plant cultivation, as well as the overall farmhand life. (He is notably excellent at taking care of household reptiles.) Zach does have his hobbies, though, and skateboarding often takes the prize, but he won't say no to a round of bingo and other assorted boardgames. Zach also likes to sing on the occasion, but he believes that his talent (or lack thereof) should be best left in the shower.
Zach is a friendly face. His friends never have to feel like strangers around him, the type to get people to open up by opening up himself. There is always a light in his eyes. Admittedly, that may or may not come from ambient light reflecting off of the the vaguely blank expression that tends to drop off to the side. He has a habit of not making eye contact and looking ever so slightly to the side. A good snap under his nose usually brings Zack back into focus. He's listening; he just has trouble maintaining eye contact.
He has to admit, he does get a bit secretive. While Zach often opens up about himself, he rarely spills the metaphorical beans. Finer details, such as old addresses and names of family members are locked under zip and tie. No teleprompters will get the name of his first pet out of those lips, and neither will the monsters find him. When he wants to stay hidden, Zach knows how to stay hidden.
Some may say that Zach has a rather gentle soul, or a bit of an old-fashioned one. He takes after his mom in that way, quite fond of boardgames, and card games, and people games (like charades). He watches a lot of TV shows from the '80s and 90's, which slips into his pool of references. This gives him a rather soft spot for nostalgia and old people, and nostalgic old people.
Zach is very conscious of the environment and his animal friends. He'll try to avoid eating meat if he can, but he can never say no to a good old-fashioned BLT, or a plate of fajitas. He seems to be especially fond of bacon and beef jerky. Zach supposed that he's just a fan for stuff he can munch on (that doesn't come spewing out of his hands. Seriously, does that mean he's getting energy from his own energy?) He can get a bit aloof, though, and it may take some literal wording for him to get the point, unless it's grain puns. He always gets a -rye- out of them.
Zach's mother and aunt made their way into the United States early on in their lives. It was just the two of them, two sisters holding out against a whole new world. They travelled here and there, going through a series of odd jobs, before they finally found a place to stay long-term in Kansas. Zach's mother found a job and a home in a local bakery but had to work a few extra odd jobs to put her younger sister through college. Gabriella caught onto Triptolemus' radar on the tail end of those four years of learning, but not the end. Gabriella was forced to choose between her newborn son and the education of her sister. Suffice to say, Eliza just barely graduated.
The first few years of Zach's life seemed to be full of life and a lot of love. His mother went to great lengths to raise him to be a good boy, one who loved the life he was given but wanted to dream and reach for more. He did find things to do for himself. He often spent summers at the farmhouses of some of his friends, helping out as an assistant. His aunt was always a distant figure. Eliza was able to pay back her sister's efforts in supporting Zach's own formative years, but she parted ways from them very early on.
Life did take a dip when his mother started visiting the hospital. Once at first, then twice, and it was almost as if she was there permanently. Her health deteriorated by the day, something Zach never quite understood eating at her from the inside. He tried to be the light for her instead, and they spent much of their remaining time sharing old memories and other things of the past. Soon, it was just him and Tia Eliza.
She didn't make that much of an effort to take care of him. Zach sort of had to figure it out by the second time his mother got admitted. He was pretty independent for a thirteen-year old. It was during that time he started to learn about his powers. (He really wanted some oatmeal.) Zach always kept things to himself, though, as his aunt seemed to be the superstitious type and would probably ship him off to the government (he was thinking Area 51) if she found out he was like a comic book hero. His mother most likely knew, based on the very explicitly worded letter she left him in her passing, detailing rather explicitly what he was. She had to spell things out for him often.
When Eliza started getting admitted as well, for reasons other than cancer, that's when Zach got thoughts of leaving. He'd convinced himself that it would be easier on them both if he just up and left, be one less mouth to feed. He didn't really turn back, not after leaving a note (which he doubts she'll read) and packing his things, including his mother's odd-one-out prize rake from some competition. He eventually got caught on the radar of Camp Half-Blood, and there he went.
When the wheelchair-horse guy said Zach should explore what the camp has to offer, Zach assumes this means a tour. There is no tour guide, though, only a map that keeps talking about 'The Woods at Camp Half-Blood'. Zach doesn't get it. The woods are over there, and he's not sure if he's supposed to go in there just yet.
So, Zach walks straight from the Big House, conveniently into the cabin green with his face buried in a map. He's never been good at reading those, but this one seems to be made just for people like him.
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